Boycott Japan

Dear Americans: Please stop picking petty things to whine and gossip about. We’re going through the planet’s sixth mass extinction event. YOU are part of it.

Japan’s #Fukushma has taken down the West Coast of North America (you may not know anyone in California who’s seriously ill or died, but you will) and now will feed their Sake to Manhattan and take down Manhattan.

#Fukushima is unconstrained and uncontrollable. It was 1000 times larger than Chernobyl. Every Earthquake, storm, flood, fire causes it to sink towards that planet’s core. 1000 Hiroshima bombs explode EVERY SINGLE DAY. You are getting CAT scans continuously. Six years from now, if you are not sick today, you will be very sick.

Stop ignoring this and research how to protect you and your loved ones!

BOYCOTT RICE AND SAKE FROM EVERYWHERE! The WTO allows relabeling these goods so that you’re in the dark about their #Fukushima origin.

Stay informed! Stay vigilant! Stop being compliant! Stop being ignorant! Stop fawning over the narratives being fed to you by MSM.

Boycott Japan

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