The “opioid crisis”

Good morning world.

Today I will have a dual-study MRI of my thoracic and lumbar regions.

Todays study will be 2 hours. I can’t remember if an MRI is that long tube where you get claustrophobic or not. I’ll ask for a towel to put over my eyes. It will keep me from screaming, “GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS” and, you know, screwing up the test.

I honestly wish my PCP had thought to do these studies before allowing me on opioids and going through the trauma of being treated like a piece of opioid addicted garbage for the past 3 months. Honestly, I completely disagree that most of the opioid consumers are happy druggies. We don’t live in a happy druggy world. We live in a mentally and physically sick world, filled with regular plumes of radiation from Fukushima every time they have an earthquake, storm, fire, flood, or radiation release.

If people in serious pain are treated like drug abusers for the relief provided by legal opioid medications, I wonder what route they may decide to take. Suicide? Illegal purchases? The Feds are just as brain dead as we are. They haven’t thought about the root cause of this “opioid crisis” and the repercussions of tormenting patients in pain like they’re a threat to everyone’s medical license and leaving them with no support.

The “opioid crisis”

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