Fukushima = 1000 Hiroshima Bombs EVERY DAY

I’ve been watching Fukushima and Chernobyl wildlife videos this morning. It’s interesting to see production companies end their videos with “and now the wildlife is recovering and thriving”.

Chernobyl was the equivalent of one release of 600 Hiroshima bombs into the environment (the claim is that Chernobyl is contained).

Fukushima is the equivalent of 1000 Hiroshima bombs exploding into the environment EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every day it sinks/leaks/emits radiation into the environment.  1000 Hiroshima bombs/day forcing nuclear fission in china syndrome towards the planet’s core every day for 7 years. Does anyone get the correlation with the increasing earthquakes yet?

So the unwanted CAT scans we’re all getting are streaming through our (America) bodies nonstop, 24/7. And the contaminated food that our dear HRC allowed from Fukushima in 2011 have been eating us all up from the inside for 7 years.  You know the Taiwanese who were protesting importing food from Fukushima?  Americans allowed HRC to do it without a complaint.  And now the government of Japan is opening up sake shops in Manhattan and still the most uninformed country on the planet cheers this silent attack on our country.

Americans turn a blind eye to news like this in favor of who likes whom and who cheated on whom. But you’re being attacked both from the inside and outside and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, don’t believe the salesmen.telling you they have a cure. If there was a cure, Fukushima wouldn’t be killing us.

Those of you who do nothing but preach Democrat or Republican narratives should stop and think about what’s happening to us and how our government is keeping it secret while we’re all getting sicker and dying.

Fukushima = 1000 Hiroshima Bombs EVERY DAY

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