Opioids and the death of compassion

A Massachusetts friend got into a bad car accident and hurt his back. His doc put him on opioids. Without helping him fix his back, his doctor sent him a letter telling him never to come back, leaving him to figure out how to detox, and leaving him to his untreated back pain.

As a stage 3 breast cancer patient who’s had chemo, radiation, and 3 major surgeries plus a subclavian bypass, I assure you I am a victim, not a criminal.

If any of you (probably just Massachusetts, since Massachusetts is famous for being anally retentive on drugs) are in this situation, please know that you are not alone. If there are two of us in this world who feel abandoned by our doctors and the so-called Hippocratic oath, there must be many many more.

I don’t know what to do because I’m positive there’s not a single doctor who has the guts to stand up for us. OTOH, once you’re clean, you can take another approach. Think it through. Get suggestions from other doctors. Don’t give up even though I know it’s a hard hard struggle. Boy do I know. I’m hoping massage and chiropractic will help me until I find someone who can inject me with cortisone or something. I’m desperate as I’m sure everyone in my shoes is.

Kinda makes me wonder whether this opioid addiction crisis is nothing but a corporate money grab, forcing patients to spend money out of their pockets (Medicare doesn’t cover any holistic stuff) just to bear living from day to day.

Why don’t the feds concentrate on the illegal activities and leave the patients alone?

whine whine whine (I do this every day, don’t I? No need to respond)

Opioids and the death of compassion

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