Massage, Chiropractic, Chronic Back Pain, and Compassion (if you have money)

Tomorrow is my last day of opioid taper, so hubby forced me to have a massage and chiropractic appointment today to prepare.

My BP, which was running in the 165/105 range all week came down to 122/88.

I hadn’t seen my chiropractor in about 1 or 2 years, and Hubby forced these appointments, pretty much at my protests.

Massage gives you hands-on compassion. Did you ever wonder why your doctor never touches you, but is may legally diagnose and treat your problems? They make a list of symptoms YOU rattle off and then start prescribing in the most hands-off manner possible. Why? Because you’re not a person, you’re a label.

This chiropractor is someone I trust deeply. Find someone you trust and maybe there will be more healing in that than anything else you do. Who knows.

Medicare negotiates a $44 chiropractic charge for medicare patients. For massage, you’re on your own, and it’s very expensive.

So, for $124 I had a treatment that none of the “real” doctors could manage. Hands-on of my pain and soothing and compassion for my mental health (and subsequent lowering of my BP)

$124 a week for massage and chiropractic every week for a month will cost me $496.

The two things that can help EVERY person with chronic acute back pain are priced out of reach financially for the average worker. Throwing someone in agony who doesn’t have the resources to fork out $496 every month onto the street is nothing to a system that professes to give a shit about us.

My massage therapist and I agreed. We life in a heartless, cruel world, tailored for the rich.

Massage, Chiropractic, Chronic Back Pain, and Compassion (if you have money)

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