11/28/18 Tracking Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction

11/28/18 LiveScience: We Could Spray Cheap Chemicals in the Air to Slow Climate Change. Should We?

11/28/18 Axios: Record-breaking heat wave and “catastrophic” wildfires hit Australia

11/27/18 Organic Slant: Australian Uranium mines on fire !!

11/28/18 New Jersey House Explosion

11/28/18 Dana Durnford: Re: Joe Rogan on Mark Wahlberg’s 9-11 Comments

11/28/18 Reuters: Two U.S. pipelines rack up violations, threaten industry growth

11/28/18 1:45PM US Radiation Fallout #Fukushima http://www.netc.com
CPM Safety Limit: 0 CPM
CPM Unsafe Limit: 1 CPM (Nuclear isotopes in a chain reaction never leave. They’re in your body forever. You are getting streaming CAT Scans you didn’t ask for)

11/28/18 1058 EST California San Bernardinao 417 CPM
11/27/18 0841 EST California San Bakersfield 484 CPM

11/28/18 AOL.com Man who had heart attack after Hawaii missile alert sues

11/25/18 Technology Review: EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies

11/28/18 Quartz The scientist behind the Crispr babies says another could be on the way

11/28/18 Tracking Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction

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