11/26/18 SixthMassExtinction Articles

11/26/18 Earthquakes Oklahoma

11/26/18 Fox News: 145 whales die on New Zealand island after being stranded on beach

11/26/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown News & Peer Review Study’s Show Nuke Insiders Insane Idiot Machine

11/26/18 Earthquake Swarm California Mammoth Lakes

11/25/18 New York Daily News: Gas explosion blows out windows of Upper West Side gym; building was already evacuated

11/25/18 Sacramento Bee: Nearly 200 sea turtles are found frozen solid off Cape Cod, rescuers say

11/25/18-11/26/18 Earthquake Swarm Colombia

Superfund sites and at least 15 miles away are not wildlife friendly. If you live near one, don’t let your dogs or young children run free, don’t put food out for animals. The competition for food causes much more aggression, disease, and starvation in the animal kingdom as the ecosystem collapses.

Search for Superfund Sites. Do you live near one?

11/25/18 Dead sea lions, some with gunshot wounds, washing up along shore near Seattle

11/25/18 0834 EST Earthquake Canada Montreal Sainte-Martine 2.2 ml 6.46 Mi Depth

11/26/18 SixthMassExtinction Articles

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