I fear for the future of the universe

Someone recently was quoted as saying if Trump doesn’t get impeached there will be civil war in this country.

Guess what’ll happen if Trump DOES get impeached?

Hint: NOTHING will get fixed (either), and the planet will continue to plunge into its sixth mass extinction driven by corporate greed and corruption. All of the toxins in our food, air, and water will continue to attack our mental and physical health.

Mass shootings aren’t because of guns.

Climate Change is not just BIGOIL. It’s chemical plants, pipelines, fracking , natural gas and nuclear meltdowns, WAR, and probably so much more that “scientists” aren’t bothering to tell us. Thanks Bill McKibben, leader of the all-global-warming-will-be-fixed-with-Corporate-renewables that’s fucking with people’s understanding of what true (as measured by the evidence that’s before everyone eyes, and available to anyone who knows how to use their common sense) Climate Change is. He is telling you a tiny part of the story while ignoring 99% of the problem: war and nuclear power followed by hideous, incurable meltdowns followed by endless nuclear waste storage. Nuclear isotopes in fission produce thousands and thousands of byproducts (known, unknown, and classified) that eventually kill everything they touch. Any of 1800 diseases can attack you before the cancer comes. Once you inhale or ingest a nuclear isotope in fission, it’s in your body until your dead body is released back to the ground or burnt, so take care of what you eat. You can never ever ever get rid of nuclear fallout.

Fukushima,will continue to spew 9000 degree nuclear meltdown in china syndrome into the ocean and atmosphere (thousands of tons every day). It’s too bad NO ONE WITH A PUBLIC PLATFORM CARES TO mention the nuclear crisis we’re undergoing and how it’s ripping our oceans and reefs to shreds. They’re too busy whining about plastic straws,

The planetary ecosystem will continue to collapse, and mass flora and fauna die-offs will continue

Airplane, car, and train disasters will increase

Incurable and contagious diseases will continue to rise.

Hurricanes, Typhoons, floods, landslides, and catastrophic fires will continue

Our children’s lives will be filled with suffering as our mode of life transitions from climbing the corporate ladder and bathing in mindless materialism into mere survival.

I think we’ll have a civil war if Trump is impeached. Too many people are sucked into the corporate propaganda, unable to understand that it won’t make an iota of difference to our future. Regardless, though, the entire planet is in red alarm mode and may never heal until the sixth mass extinction cleansing happens, if even then. No one really knows whether the planetary cleansing will clean multiple nuclear meltdowns in china syndrome. It may end up destroying the entire planet for all we know. I fear for the future of the universe.

I fear for the future of the universe

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