11/03/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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Sixth Mass Extinction News Today (archives)

11/03/18    11/02/18    11/01/18    10/31/18    10/30/18     10/29/18     10/28/18
10/27/18    10/26/18    10/25/18    10/24/18    10/23/18

11/3/18 Earthquakes Nevada Yucca Mt Nuclear Waste Repository

11/3/18 LiveScience: Kansas College Athlete Dies of Lemierre syndrome, Called ‘Forgotten Disease’

11/3/18 Organic Slant: Yet Another Crappy Fukushima Analogy

11/2/18 Leominster DPW: Massachusetts: Drinking water has high levels of chlorine disinfectant byproducts but is not immediate threat

11/2/18 Al Jazeera Migrant caravan struggles each day for food, care and shelter

Global Disease Outbreak Incident Map

11/2/18 NYDailyNews.com: After loss of East Island, Hawaii, now Japanese island vanishes for good under the waves

11/3/18 Independent.co.uk: ‘Irresponsible and incoherent’: British-backed bombing raids destroy UK aid in Yemen

11/3/18 Al Jazeera: UN chief demands Yemen peace, warns of humanitarian ‘precipice’

11/3/18 CBS News: Maryland: 2 dead after Amazon warehouse wall collapse, fire chief says

11/2/18 AL.com: Alabama: Update: Three tornadoes confirmed from Thursday’s storms

11/3/18 Earthquakes California Tres Pinos

11/2/18 FDA approves powerful new opioid despite criticisms

11/3/18 1050 EDT Earthquake California Petrolia 3.0 md 4.23 Mi Depth nc73106061

11/2/18 1142 EDT Earthquake South Carolina Summerville 2.2 md 2.73 Mi Depth se60068128

11/2/18 CBS News: Florida: Thousands without power after severe storms tear through Florida’s Tampa area

11/2/18 Daylight saving time: Sunday 11/4/18 2AM(local) TURN CLOCKS BACK

11/1/18 Organic Slant: Japan Population Peaks In 2011 Coincidence OR Fukushima?

Additional Links

Mass Animal Deaths for 2018

Description of USGS Seismic Scales (or “Magnitude Types”)

Invasive.org: Invasive and Exotic Species of North America

1/14/15 National Geographic : Mass Animal Die-Offs Are on the Rise, Killing Billions and Raising Questions

1/16/15 CBS News: Mass animal deaths on the rise worldwide

1/2015-3/2016 Strange Sounds: Animal mass die-offs, animal news and animal strange behaviors

Human Deaths in 2018

USA Hazmat Incident Map

Global Disease Outbreak Incident Map

Global Forest Fire Incident Map

Sixth Mass Extinction of Life on Planet Earth (Articles)

Center for Biological Diversity: The Extinction Crisis

USA Radiation (netc.com)– EPA monitors are not reliably turned on so take with a grain of salt

11/03/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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