11/02/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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Sixth Mass Extinction News Today (archives)

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Today’s Articles

11/2/18 Providence Journal : Rhode Island’s trees are under siege

11/2/18 Fox News: Arkansas: Spike in Animal Abuse Cases Leaves Shelter Full

11/2/18 Tampa Bey Times: Florida: Red Tide is back, chasing people from restaurants along Intracoastal Waterway

11/2/18 Yahoo News: Minority groups far more vulnerable to deadly US wildfires, study finds

11/2/18 San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area on high alert with another red-flag Fire warning

11/2/18 KTLA-5: California: Brush Fire Ignites Near Mount Baldy

11/2/18 dailypress.com/The Weather Channel: Dangerous Hurricane Florence heading toward East Coast

11/2/18 Vancouver Sun: Sea stars still wasting away in B.C. waters

11/02/18 Telegraph.co.uk: Japanese coast guard in search for missing island near disputed Russia border

11/02/18 Dana Durnford: Marine Scientists up to 1,000 DEAD !! Cuvier’s Beaked Whales in the North Atlantic Ocean

11/01/18 ABC7NY.com: New Jersey: 10th child dies in viral outbreak at New Jersey rehab center

11/01/18 WMUR: 9-year-old boy dies months after being diagnosed with hantavirus from mouse droppings

11/2/18 Channel300.com Madison: Wisconsin: Rare virus unseen in state for 37 years confirmed in Dane County, health officials say

11/02/18 KXXV News Channel 25, Texas: FDA recalls another heart medication for possible cancer risk

10/15/18 Independent.co.uk : Calls for Idaho wildlife official Blake Fischer to resign after baboon hunting picture surfaces

11/2/18 Earthquakes California Tres Pinos

9/25/18 Reiters: WTF! Colorado wildlife refuge at old nuclear plant Rocky Flats is open – for now

10/31/18 Minnpost: Minnesota: Hemp is being touted as the Midwest’s next big cash crop. What would that mean for the environment?

10/6/15 MintPressNews: How Hemp Can Clean Up Radiation From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

10/30/18 Mother Nature Network: Haiti is now almost completely deforested

USGS Satellite View of Haiti

11/1/18 The Telegraph: India: Ganges River to get dedicated armed police force to halt pollution of holy Indian river

10/31/18 Phys.org: Gulf of Mexico: New study found deep sea chemical dispersants (Corexit) ineffective in Deepwater Horizon oil spill

11/2/18 WBAL-TV: Michigan: Toyota recalls more than 1 million vehicles to fix air bag problem

11/2/18 Claims Journal: Criminal Probe Launched in Massachusetts Gas Blasts (Think earthquakes)

1/1/17 Dana Durnford: Fukushima ELE : A Extinction Level Event – Predictions For 2017

10/31/18 My Plainview: Germany: Cry me a river: Low water levels causing chaos in Germany


Additional Links

Mass Animal Deaths for 2018

Description of USGS Seismic Scales (or “Magnitude Types”)

Invasive.org: Invasive and Exotic Species of North America

1/14/15 National Geographic : Mass Animal Die-Offs Are on the Rise, Killing Billions and Raising Questions

1/16/15 CBS News: Mass animal deaths on the rise worldwide

1/2015-3/2016 Strange Sounds: Animal mass die-offs, animal news and animal strange behaviors

Human Deaths in 2018

USA Hazmat Incident Map

Global Disease Outbreak Incident Map

Global Forest Fire Incident Map

Sixth Mass Extinction of Life on Planet Earth (Articles)

Center for Biological Diversity: The Extinction Crisis

USA Radiation (netc.com)– EPA monitors are not reliably turned on so take with a grain of salt

11/02/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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