10/31/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

Sixth Mass Extinction News Today (archives)

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10/31/18 DailyMail.com: Glaciers at the North AND South Poles are shrinking at an ‘unprecedented’ pace, warn scientists

10/31/18 CommonDreams: ‘We Have Less Time Than We Thought’: Alarming New Study Shows Oceans Have Retained Far More Heat Than Previously Believed

10/31/18 Fox News: Earth enters sixth extinction event in half-a-billion years

10/31/18 NDTV : New Zealand: Climber, Who Dug Herself Out Of Avalanche, “Broken” As Her 2 Guides Dead

10/31/18 Fox News: Georgia under scrutiny for alleged voter suppression: Without one person one vote, we have no democracy.

10/31/18 ABC News: Weather alerts issued in 10 states ahead of massive storm

10/31/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Marine Sailing Expedition Day 15 2018 Pictures Videos

10/31/18 BBC News: French babies born with missing limbs prompt inquiry

Global Disease Outbreak Incident Map

USA Hazmat Incident Map

10/30/18 Venice Is Flooding Because of Climate Change, But Corruption Is Keeping It Under Water

10/31/18 HuffPost: North Dakota Election Fraud: Sioux Tribe Sues North Dakota Over Voter ID Requirements

10/31/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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