10/30/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

Sixth Mass Extinction News Today (archives)

10/30/18    10/29/18    10/28/18
10/27/18    10/26/18    10/25/18     10/24/18     10/23/18


10/29/18 Reuters: Ecopetrol seeks license to starts fracking tests in Colombia

Colombia USGS Satellite View (FYI)

10/30/18 Mashable: Giant Antarctic iceberg snaps into the ocean after forming ominous crack

10/30/18 The Independent: Nato says Norway exercises will go ahead despite Russian missile tests off the coast

10/30/18 Houston Chronicle: Mountain birds on ‘escalator to extinction’ as planet warms

10/30/18 Reuters: Death toll rises to 11 as storms hammer Italy

10/30/18 1359 EDT Earthquake Washington Anacortes 2.4 md 3.98 Mi Depth uw61500202

10/30/18 0345 EDT Earthquake Washington University Place 2.9 ml 34.18 Mi Depth uw61434702

10/30/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima #kojo-moe The Doomsday Machine & The Nuclear Monster Show E20 2018

10/30/18 1055 EDT Earthquake Kansas Ashland 2.8 mb_lg 3.11 Mi Depth us1000hj16

10/30/18 DailyMail.com: Powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake shakes New Zealand during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal visit

10/30/18 CBS News: Passengers flying same Lion Air jet night before crash described “roller coaster” ride

10/29/18 2213 EDT Earthquake New Zealand *6.1 mww* 141.24 Mi Depth us1000hiup

10/30/18 0805 EDT Earthquake California Nuevo 1.2 ml 8.76 Mi Depth ci37408458

10/30/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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