10/29/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

Sixth Mass Extinction News Today (archives)

10/30/18    10/29/18    10/28/18
10/27/18    10/26/18     10/25/18     10/24/18     10/23/18

10/29/18 LiveScience.com: ‘Unprecedented’ Number of Dead Whales Have Washed Up in Scotland and Ireland

10/29/18 BBC News: Why Cape Town’s trains are on fire in South Africa

10/28/18 Organic Slant: Hellary 10 28 2018 | Organic Slant

10/29/18 Reuters: WHO says air pollution kills 600,000 children every year

10/29/18 Global Disease Outbreak Incident Map

10/29/18 Mass Animal Deaths for 2018

10/29/18 MassLive.com: Reported waterspout sighted off Massachusetts coast

9/27/18 inhabitat: Judge stops bear hunt and returns Yellowstone grizzlies to the endangered list

10/14/18 The Independent: Britain: Brown hares could face extinction after mysterious deaths identified as myxomatosis

10/23/18 AP News: Trump taps ex-Monsanto executive to lead wildlife agency

10/29/18 The Tyee: Tree Teachings: How Fossil Fuels and Climate Change Are Altering the Global Forest

10/28/18 nzherald.co.nz: Loud seas a headache for dolphins, whales

10/28/18 Indpendent.co.uk: Reclassifying remaining 4,000 tigers in world could help save them from extinction, research says

10/29/18 Update from Gab

10/29/18 Dana Durnford: TEPCO Deletes Hashtag Kojo-moe Not Fake Picture of Reactor 4 ! The Nuclear Monster Show E19 2018

10/29/18 CNN: Lion Air plane crash: Six bodies found in sea off Jakarta, Indonesia

10/29/18 0254 EDT Earthquake Drake Passage *6.3 mww* 6.21 Mi Depth us1000hied



10/29/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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