10/25/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

10/25/18 Phys.org: A closer look at antibiotic resistant genes in the air

10/25/18 HuffPost: We Don’t Talk Enough About Depression During Pregnancy And It May Be On The Rise

10/25/18 Anchorage Daily News: Patients are misplaced and suffering in Alaska’s mental health crisis

10/25/18 KY3.com: Missouri Department of Conservation reports deer tests positive for Chronic Wasting Disease in Oregon County

10/25/18 CNN: FDA again adds more drugs to valsartan recall list

10/25/18 Newshub.co.nz: Mariana Trough undersea volcanic eruption went undetected

10/24/18 WPVI-TV Pennsylvania: Investigation: Some of Philadelphia’s recyclables are being burned, not reused

10/25/18 ABC.NET.au: Australia: Great Barrier Reef likely to be hit with another mass bleaching this summer, forecast shows

10/24/18 Yahoo News: That strange, rectangular iceberg looks a lot less rectangular from space

10/25/18 Common Dreams: ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’ as Trump Quietly Approves Massive Oil Drilling Project in Arctic Waters Off Alaska Coast

10/25/18 1854 Earthquake Greece Mouzaki *6.8 mww* 8.70 Mi Depth us1000hhb1

10/24/18 NYTimes: Bernie Sanders: We Must Stop Helping Saudi Arabia in Yemen

10/25/18 2WGRZ-TV Buffalo: 18 US volcanoes considered a ‘very high threat;’ Hawaii’s Kilauea is the most dangerous

10/25/18 Belleville News-Democrat: Brussels: Dead fin whale pulled ashore on Belgian beach, cause probed

10/25/18 ABC7Chicago.com: Dozens more breakfast products test positive for trace amounts of glyphosate (Roundup)

10/24/18 Fox News: Researcher stabs colleague at Antarctica base after apparent emotional breakdown: report

10/25/18 Dana Durnford:  Category 6 Super Typhoon Yutu Influenced By Nuclear Meltdowns – Wind Gust 225 MPH +

10/25/18 0644 EDT Earthquake Tennessee Graysville 1.7 md 10.69 Mi Depth se60067428

10/25/18 Fox 8 Cleveland: Michigan: Ford recalls 1.3 million Focuses (2012-2018) for engine problem

10/25/18 Dana Durnford:  Taiwan’s Electoral Commission Hates Taiwanese !! Proof Is November Referendum On Evil Nuclear Power

10/25/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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