10/24/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today


10/24/18 Two women’s bodies found duct-taped together in New York’s Hudson River: report

10/24/18 CNN Politics: Ft. Bragg, North Carolina: US military plane accidentally drops Humvee 7 miles from base

10/24/18 2025 EDT Earthquake California San Pedro 2.4 ml 6.52 Mi Depth ci37403794

Any time an article defends a product by saying it passes govt standards, you should know that govt standards are set to never trigger. When environmental radiation levels increased past evacuation levels, the government just increased the evacuation limit. That’s why the government standards should never be trusted now. They don’t correlate at all with what’s safe and what’s not.

10/24/18 1728 EDT California Lone Pine 3.6 ml 6.59 Mi Depth ci37403594

10/24/18 Washington Examiner: Second caravan forms in Guatemala

10/24/18 MassLive: Massachusetts: Endangered sea turtles are getting stranded earlier this year because of cold temps

10/24/18 DailyMail.com: NASA spots a SECOND ‘monolith’ iceberg: Stunning video footage reveals smaller structure in a ‘field’ of rare tabular bergs

10/24/18 KING5 Seattle: Remnants of Hurricane Willa to help fuel powerful East Coast nor’easter

10/24/18 MLive: Michigan: Here’s why Univ. of Michigan-Flint prof calls Flint water crisis a historic environmental injustice

10/24/18 MSN/The Guardian: Record numbers of West Nile virus cases reported in parts of US

10/24/18 The Weather Channel: Category 5 Super Typhoon Yutu Is Lashing U.S. Territories of Saipan, Tinian in the Northern Mariana Islands

10/24/18 Dana Durnford: The Nuclear Monsters Show E18 Oct 24th 2018 & Fukushima Reactor Meltdowns

10/24/18 Earthquake Washington Ault Field 1.2 ml 30.39 Mi Depth uw61440411

10/24/18 NASA: Flight Over a Rectangular Iceberg in the Antarctic

10/23/18 NBC Connecticut: Exceptional Tornado Outbreak in New England

10/24/18 ABC7NY: 7 kids dead, 11 sick in viral outbreak at New Jersey rehabilitation center

10/24/18 Earthquake Alaska Hooper Bay 4.9 ml 1.62 Mi Depth ak20289691

10/24/18 Reuters: Italian watchdog fines Apple, Samsung over software updates

10/24/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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