10/23/18 US Radiation (netc.com)

Before Fukushima, the evacuation level for radiation fallout was 50 CPM.  With increasing supercell storms, floods, earthquakes, fires, and the Wigner Effect in which nuclear radiation consumes EVERYTHING on the planet, Fukushima no doubt has more friends around the world who are in meltdown and doing their part to destroy all life and turn the entire planet to radioactive dust.

Here are some high samples of EPA radiation today.  Note that most of the EPA monitoring is not visible to the public.  These are crumbs that the EPA has thrown us.

Note that once a geiger counter detects an isotope (the tracers are usually cesium and iodine) it signifies the presence of fission and its thousands and thousands of byproducts, known, unknown, and classified.  These isotopes NEVER go away.  The fission continues to increase until the end of time (so one reading in one spot marks the ongoing chain reaction that is present ALL THE TIME.  If the isotope is in your body, 1800 diseases can develop.  If you survive that, cancer will eventually take you out, years down the line).


10/23/18 US Radiation (netc.com)

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