10/23/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

10/23/18 Recall Alert: The Flushmate II 501-B Toilet Flushing System Could Explode

10/23/18 Perth Now: The Pantex nuclear weapons facility in Texas was just locked down … it took a while for them to explain whypantex

Here’s an earthquake that happened in a similar timeframe
Pantex Earthquake 10/20/18 0904 EDT
10/23/18 The Mercury News: California: Massive fire guts Oakland townhomes under construction

10/23/18 : EPA proposes scaling back cleanup of Portland Harbor, Washington

10/23/18 Fox 13 News: Florida: Tampa Bay area sees spike in Hepatitis A cases

10/22/18 The Verge: NASA lost a rover and other space artifacts due to sloppy management, report says

10/23/18 CBS News: Hurricane Willa to become Nor’easter, hit US East Coast this weekend

10/23/18 Dallas News: ‘Frack Master’ of Texas oil fame, pleads guilty to massive fraud, faces up to 12 years in prison

10/23/18 Channel NewsAsia: BMW recalls more than 1 million cars over exhaust system fire risk

10/23/18 WebMD: 4 Million Pounds of Food Part of Massive Recall

10/23/18 KTLA-TV: Austin, Texas Could Run Out of Water if Residents Don’t Curb Use Amid Historic Flooding in Texas, Officials Warn

10/23/18: WABC-TV: 6 kids dead, 12 sick in viral outbreak at New Jersey rehabilitation center

10/23/18 MSN/CNN: How Hurricane Willa could bring an array of misery across the US

10/23/18 MSN/HuffPost: Remote Hawaiian Island Wiped Off The Map

10/23/18 CBS News: Texas: Austin urged to boil water as health officials warn of bacteria

10/23/18 13:43 EDT Explosion Washington Goldendale 1.7 ml -.81 Mi Depth uw61440286

10/22/18 WPTV West Palm Beach: Florida: Dead fish and red tide causes St. Lucie County beaches to close

St. Lucie, Florida USGS Satellite View

10/23/18 CBSNewYork : New Jersey: Historic Buildings In Dover, N.J. Destroyed By ‘Devastating’ Fire

10/23/18 BBC News: Adder extinction fear over ‘image problem’ in the UK

10/23/18 WTNH.com: Connecticut: Fire crews on scene of explosion in New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut USGS Satellite View

10/23/18 Cracked.com: Places Where You Can Pay For The Privilege Of Dying: Get Irradiated On A Tour Of The Fukushima Nuclear Exclusion Zone

10/23/18 Independent Australia: The 60 Minutes Fukushima nuclear infomercial

10/23/18 The Telegraph: India’s Zika outbreak gathers pace as virus spreads from west to the south

10/23/18 Dana Durnford: Pt 2 Fukushima Fake News Australia 9news.com.au Monster Tom Steinfort Inside Reactor 3

10/22/18 The Verge: Mexico: Cat 4 Hurricane Willa’s dangerous intensification, explained

10/22/18 WDIV ClickOnDetroit: Michigan: 52 cases of Legionnaires’ disease confirmed in Oakland County

10/22/18 10TV: Acute Flaccid Myelitis affecting children confirmed in central Ohio

10/23/18 Hackensack Daily Voice: ‘Severe’ Virus Outbreak At North New Jersey Pediatric Facility Prompts Investigation

10/22/18 Phys.org: Fracking wastewater accumulation found in freshwater mussels’ shells

10/22/18 EcoWatch: 5 Earthquakes Recorded in England Just Days After Fracking Restarts

10/23/18 DailyMail.com: Could the key to reversing climate change lie beneath the Antarctic? Scientists will drill 800ft deep holes in ice sheets to find a mystery ‘detergent’ that could clean the air of harmful greenhouse gases

10/23/18 Earthquakes Japan Yonakuni *5.7 mww*!!

Don’t eat seafood (crabs, spirulina, fish, sea salt, kelp, seaweed, clams, etc). The ecosystem in the ocean has collapsed from irradiated toxins which will cause permanent damage to your body.
10/22/18 San Francisco Chronicle: Dungeness crab season nears in California, but toxins pose a familiar threat

10/23/18 KOIN: Oregon: Earthquakes: Researchers: New, active fault lines found at Mt. Hood

10/23/18 KPIX San Francisco: California: Hawaii-Bound Plane Forced To Land At Oakland International Airport (Wigner Effect)

Global Disease Outbreak Incident Map

10/23/18 US Radiation (netc.com)

10/23/18 Massive nationwide recalls (list) due to salmonella, listeria concerns

10/23/18 Reuters: U.S. judge agrees Monsanto weed-killer causes cancer, then slashes damages to protect Bayer. Lesson: Don’t rely on the US government to care about you. They’ll simply affirm the rights of the people killing you.

10/23/18 Sixth Mass Extinction News Today

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