10/22/18 Netc.com US Radiation Levels

10/22/18 Netc.com   US Radiation Levels (CPM)

Note that before Fukushima (and its Japanese and non-Japanese nuclear friends who have gone into meltdown), 50 CPM nuclear fallout was the evacuation level.   Once a tracer nuclear isotope is detected (such as cesium or iodine), nuclear fission in china syndrome is present PERMANENTLY.  The isotopes fall on the ground, on plants, animals, planes, cars, trains, YOUR BODY, etc. where they continue to generate thousands and thousands of byproducts — known, unknown, and classified.   The Wigner Effect is nuclear’s capability of destroying every substance on the planet, including wood, metals, electronics, people, etc.  THERE IS NO WAY TO DECONTAMINATE NUCLEAR FISSION.  That’s why mainstream media will barely use the term “nuclear”.   They use “nanoplastics” to raise the “nuclear” alarm and hope people will understand what they really mean.  Whales eat plastics because the ecosystem has collapsed and they are in starvation mode, not because they’ve developed a preference of plastics over fish and seals.
CO 564 CPM
ID 482 CPM
MT 456 CPM
NM 431 CPM

10/22/18 Netc.com US Radiation Levels

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