Articles Documenting the Sixth Mass Extinction of Life on Planet Earth

Dear Earthlings:

We are undergoing a sixth mass extinction all life on the planet.  We were already well underway thanks to the uncontrolled greed of the energy sector of our planet.  Nuclear, fracking, oil pipelines, and geoengineering have all contributed to the irreversible uninhabitability that has become our planet.

Three huge extinction events are driving the current acceleration of our extinction:  The polar axis shifts of the planet (I don’t know what has caused this), Fukushima, the megadisaster which by itself is an extinction event, and GeoEngineering, which has been driven by the climate change caused by Fukushima (sunscreen, plastics, or whatever else you want to blame it on) and/or climate warfare.  Few people know the complete truth behind GeoEngineering and why our country and other major countries feel that spraying their own countries with toxins will help anything, but GeoEngineering and HAARP are known and documented and can be seen over your head every day.

The collapse of the ecosystem means migratory changes, starvation, disease, and increased predatory behavior are wiping out the animals on the planet.  Toxic air, food, and water are destroying our life support systems.  Keep these things in mind when you read many many articles like some of the ones below that don’t understand that the extinction event is not isolated to one species, country or ocean, but is global.

The increasing earthquakes are increasing the failure of our infrastructure and the toxicity in our atmosphere and water.  All of the insanity you read about in the news is because humanity is suffering from mental and physical assaults brought on by corporations (and the governments who support them) who think money and power are more important than sustaining life itself.

Just because you can’t see, smell, or taste what’s poisoning you doesn’t mean you’re not being poisoned.  Nuclear radiation is tasteless, odorless, and invisible. Once you consume it, you can never take it back.  Look around you at the dying, toxic world.  If nothing on the outside of your body is able to survive, you and your loved ones are in danger too.

If you consume or inhale ONE radioactive particle from (especially) Fukushima, your body harbors MOX nuclear fission FOREVER (in China syndrome), constantly pulsing once a second for infinity. The radiation will trigger any of 1800 diseases. If those don’t kill you, the cancer that comes afterwards will. The isotopes and all of the subsequent fission products (These by-products are known, unknown, and classified, and are the result of fission’s reaction with EVERYTHING it touches.) are released back into the environment when your dead body is buried or cremated.

Help the planet by raising awareness to what’s happening to us all.  Journalism is dead.  WE ARE THE MASS MEDIA NOW.

Random US EPA Gamma Nuclear Radiation Readings

Mass Animal Deaths for 2018

Deaths in 2018

Invasive and Exotic Species of North America

Center for Biological Diversity: The Extinction Crisis

2015-2016 StrangeSounds: Animal mass die-offs, animal news and animal strange behaviors

1/14/15 National Geographic: Mass Animal Die-Offs Are on the Rise, Killing Billions and Raising Questions

1/16/15 CBS News: ​Mass animal deaths on the rise worldwide

1/18/15 Hartford Courant: Yale Study: Mass Die-Offs Of Fishes, Birds And Mammals Increasing

1/24/15 National Geographic: Mass Death of Seabirds in Western U.S. Is ‘Unprecedented’

3/6/15 Quartz: A mass die-off of sea creatures is taking place off the coast of Singapore

4/12/16 Gizmodo: Thousands of Swarming Crabs Look Like a Horrifying Alien Invasion

10/18/16 Gizmodo: Ten Thousand Endangered ‘Scrotum Frogs‘ Have Mysteriously Dropped Dead In Peru

4/19/17 Rebecca Latta Consulting: The trees that make Southern California shady and green are dying. Fast

4/27/17 NYT: Mass Die-Off of Whales in Atlantic Is Being Investigated

5/13/17 The Mercury News: Leopard sharks dying off in SF Bay

7/16/15 Trees Are Dying Everywhere, We’re Next

9/11/17 Anchorage Daily News: Hundreds of dead birds found on Bering Sea shores Alaska

9/27/17 Climate Central: The Sixth Mass Extinction of Wildlife Also Threatens Global Food Supplies

11/3/17 Newsweek: What is Causing the Mass Die-Off of Russian Seals and Other Animals Like Them?

11/8/17 Newsweek: Hundreds of Dead Sea Turtles Discovered Floating in Pacific in Mystery Mass Death

12/14/17 TheGuardian: A different dimension of loss’: inside the great insect die-off

12/28/17 Mass Live: 2 sharks die from ‘cold shock’ off Massachusetts coast

1/16/18 The Tribune: Mass tree die-offs lead to disaster, and a Cal Poly professor is looking for answers

1/17/18 BBC News: Mystery deepens over mass die-off of antelopes

1/23/18 LiveScience: Why 200,000 Antelope Dropped Dead in 3 Weeks

1/29/18 National Geographic: 200,000 Endangered Antelope Died. Now We Know Why.

2/7/18 NewsDeeply: Mass Die-Off of Farmed Salmon Linked to Climate Change

2/9/18 Hakaim Magazine: Jellyfish Threaten Norway’s Salmon Farming Industry

2/27/18 Geoengineering, Climate Collapse, Dead Leaves, And Defoliants

2/28/18 The Guardian: The terrifying phenomenon that is pushing species towards extinction

3/5/18 TheGuardian: Mass die-off of sea creatures follows freezing UK weather

3/6/18 inhabitat: Deep freeze in the UK causes massive die-off of sea creatures

3/8/18 Science Trends: Marine Creatures Experience Mass Die-off Following UK’s Freezing Weather

3/15/18 Economist: Mass die-offs are driving efforts to create hardier corals

3/22/18 Mongabay: In Bali fish die-offs, researchers spot a human hand

3/23/18 Washington Post: Nearly 150 beached whales die after mass stranding in Australia

3/23/18 BBC: Over 100 whales die in mass stranding in Australia

3/29/18 Science Daily: What stops mass extinctions? Lessons from amphibian die-off in Panama

3/29/18 Berkeley News: Land degradation pushing planet towards sixth mass extinction

3/29/18 TRAVEL WARNING: Swarms of poisonous killer jellyfish invade Gibraltar and Mediterranean

3/29/18 Science Alert: Our Planet’s Largest Mass Extinction Had Warning Signs – And They’re Happening Again

4/3/18 Drovers Magazine: Arkansas Cattle Deaths Blamed on Swarms of Black Flies

4/10/18 Fox News: More than 50 dead geese fall from Idaho sky in ‘freak accident’

4/11/18 RNZ: Hundreds of blue penguins die off, starved by La Niña New Zealand

4/12/18 National Geographic: Swarms of Huge Sharks Discovered, Baffling Experts

4/18/18 KCRA3 California: Large, invasive rodent (nutria) seen in San Joaquin County

4/19/18 TEN Eyewitness News: Mass Great Barrier Reef coral die-off after heatwave: study

4/24/18 Lehigh Valley Live: Longhorned tick: A swarming, exotic tick species is now living year round in N.J.

4/24/18: Stephen Gottlieb: Mankind’s Suicide Pact – The Sixth Mass Extinction

4/25/18 The Phnom Penh Post: Families in Kampong Chhnang lose fish in mass die-off

4/29/18 Vancouver Sun: Sunflower sea stars remain hard to find in B.C. waters four years after massive die-off

5/6/18 Washington Post: Nearly 200 free-roaming horses died searching for water on Navajo’s parched land

5/8/18 Virus that has contributed to ‘mass mortality’ in reptiles confirmed in Canadian turtle for 1st time

5/14/18 LiveScience: If These Tiny Marsupials‘ Marathon Mating Sessions Don’t Kill Them, Humans Will

5/17/18 PacificStandard: What Caused one of Madagascar’s Largest Lemur Die-Offs?

5/18/18 Swarms of mosquitoes terrorize people & kill animals in southwest Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

6/5/18 UW News: Ocean warming, ‘junk-food’ prey cause of massive seabird die-off, study finds

6/11/18 WBUR: Why Are Some of Africa’s Biggest Baobab Trees Dying Off?

6/4/18 Mexico News Daily: Low water levels, pollution blamed after manatees found dead in Tabasco

6/6/18 CBC : Wildlife officials say Lake Nipigon Ontario smelt die-off won’t affect local populations

6/22/18 Newser: Maryland’s Bald Eagle Die-Off Finally Explained

6/27/18 NBC Los Angeles: Reseda Residents Plagued by Swarms of Angry Bees

7/2/18 Save our bees or we’ll all be dead in four years

7/5/18 Newsweek: Johns Hopkins: Tuberculosis Exposure Reported at Baltimore Hospital, Hazmat Crews On Scene

7/7/18 The Hindu: Fungus threat to frogs widespread in Western Ghats

7/9/18 Richmond Times-Dispatch: Winter honeybee die-off in Virginia could bring lower honey production and affect crop pollination

7/9/18 Los Angeles Times: Racing to save Florida’s coral from climate change, scientists turn to a once-unthinkable strategy: ‘assisted evolution’

7/9/18 Quartz: Extinction is happening at 1,000 times the normal speed

7/10/18 CNN: Japan floods: Death toll rises to 200 as UN offers assistance

7/11/18: KY3: Missouri: Ozarks bagworm infestation taking down evergreens at rapid pace

7/11/18 Fox 11 News: Monarch Collaborative to address butterfly population decline

7/12/18 Reuters: Chile fishermen race to recapture escaped salmon that could pose risk

7/13/18 Detroit Free Press: Michigan’s most endangered species nears extinction in Oakland County

7/13/18 Iceland Monitor: Breaking: Clear signs of unrest in Öræfajökull volcano Iceland

7/13/18 Washington Post: Conservation isn’t winning. Extinction is.

7/14/18 CBC: Hundreds of dead squid found on P.E.I. puzzle beachgoers

7/15/18 Japan volcano ERUPTION: Mount Shinmoedake ‘connected by MAGMA’ to second volcano

7/16/18 The Eagle-Tribune: Hundreds of dead fish floating in Merrimack River, wildlife officials say no pollutants involved

7/16/18 NBC 2 Nebraska: Lake Maloney white bass die-off not caused by disease

7/17/18 3TV/CBS5: Hundreds of dead fish stink up Maricopa neighborhood

7/17/18 LA Times: Massive tree die-off brings unprecedented danger as wildfire burns near Yosemite California

7/17/18 NY Post: Texas oyster industry tries comeback after Harvey devastation

7/17/18 Michigan’s most endangered species (Poweshiek skipperling butterfly) nears extinction in one county

7/17/18 The Durango Herald, Colorado: CPW: Thousands of fish may be dying from 416 Fire ash in Animas

7/18/18 Asia Times: Top Chinese advisory body warns population decline a ‘national crisis’

7/19/18 Southwest Montana town (Near Yellowstone) temporarily evacuated for hazmat incident

7/19/18 AXIOS: Heat records fall in the Arctic as fires erupt in Sweden and Siberia

7/19/18 ABC News: Chart of the day: Australia named as fourth-worst country for animal extinctions (guess who’s #1)

7/21/18 The Daily Telegraph: Silence of the lambs: NSW farmer to shoot starving flock because he can’t afford to feed them

7/21/18 Chris Packham warns that we’re ‘sleepwalking into mass extinction’

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/22/18
USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/23/18

7/23/18 Michigan: 2,000 fish killed in hatchery ‘die-off’
USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/24/18

7/23/18 Standard Digital: Frogs, toads on the verge of extinction, study

7/23/18 Do We Need an International Agreement to Halt Mass Extinction?

7/24/18 ‘Unprecedented’ heatwave in Japan kills at least 65 people and leaves 22,647 hospitalised, as temperatures soar to 106F and it’s officially branded a ‘natural disaster’

7/24/18 Al Jazeera English: Hundreds reported missing in Laos after dam collapse

7/24/18 Reuters: Rescuers arrive for 3,000 stranded after Laos dam collapse: media

7/24/18 ABC: Flash flooding sweeps across the country as record heat hits from Texas to California

7/24/18 Are the Radioactive Fukushima Traces in California Wine Harmful?

7/24/18 EnviroLink: The world is hot, on fire, and flooding. Climate change is here.

7/24/18 SBS News Australia: Fish die-off in Gold Coast lake explained

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/25/18

7/25/18 BDN Midcoast: ‘Thousands’ of dead fish wash up on Maine shore — and they’re starting to smell

7/25/18 The Herald: Tick-borne disease is soaring in NC. Here’s how to avoid getting bitten.

7/25/18 WSB-TV2 Atlanta: Vibrio bacterial infection kills person who went wade fishing in Gulf Coast

7/25/18 Chicago Tribune: Illinois farmers welcome $12 billion in aid, but prefer trade: ‘There’s no magic crop out there’

7/25/18 KATU: Orca calf dies in a disturbing sign for resident whales

7/25/18 BirminghamLive: This is why sleeping with a fan during the heatwave is really bad for your health

7/25/18 Reuters: ‘I’m looking for my mum,’ says young woman as number of dead from Greek fire rises

7/25/18 Reuters: UNICEF warns of HIV crisis in teen girls, with 20 cases every hour

7/25/18 The Sun: Mystery as sky turns black in the middle of DAY in remote Russian towns with locals blaming secret weapons test, aliens or the DEVIL

7/25/18 CBS: Dangerous flooding continues in Eastern U.S. as wildfires burn out West

7/25/18 IdahoStateJournal: Yellowstone effort to eradicate lake trout shows progress

7/25/18 inhabitat: University of Queensland wants to drop “bommies” on the Great Barrier Reef

7/25/18 Democracy Now: When temps rise, nuclear radiation in our atmosphere rises

7/25/18 AP: Massachusetts candy company plant abruptly closes

7/25/18 Time is running out in the tropics—researchers warn of global biodiversity collapse

7/25/18 Gizmodo: A Parasitic Disease Spread by Sandflies Is More Common in the U.S. Than Previously Thought

7/25/18 The Observer Uganda: Strange disease kills 5 in Mubende

7/25/18 Jourdan Vian La Crosse Tribune: Final round of ash tree removal underway in La Crosse Wisconsin

7/25/18 Houston Chronicle: Deadline for filing Hurricane Harvey loss claims approaches

7/25/18 Independent Australia: The big koala extinction cover-up

7/25/18 La Crosse Tribune, Wisconsin: Final round of ash tree removal underway in La Crosse

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/26/18:

7/26/18 WPTV West Palm Beach: Memphis mom says son infected by hookworms while visiting Pompano Beach

7/26/18 Greece: Death toll from deadly Attica fires rises to 85

7/26/18 AlJazeera: Nigeria: Grazing conflict deadlier than Boko Haram

7/26/18 The Moscow Times: Mass Seagull Deaths Investigated in Russia’s Far East

7/26/18 ABC: Pools of mosquitoes trapped in Sarasota County test positive for West Nile Virus

7/26/18 Today’s weather: Blue + GeoEngineering = Soon-to-be-not-blue

7/26/18 The Sacramento Bee: Carr Fire grows to more than 28,000 acres, putting residents west of Redding on alert

7/26/18 Grief-Stricken Orca Mom Pushes Dead Newborn Around in Puget Sound

7/26/18 AccuWeather: Severe storms to threaten damage in Northeast prior to the weekend

7/16/18 NBC 10 News: Two tornadoes damage homes, uproot trees in Worcester County

7/26/18 West Nile found in mosquitoes in Worcester

7/26/18 Somerville Patch: Mass Mystic River Fish Deaths Investigated Massachusetts

7/26/18 AP: California Wildfires Force More Evacuations; Emergency Declared by Gov. Jerry Brown

7/26/18: Consumer watch: Popular snacks recalled

7/26/18 10TV: Hungry Man dinner product joins food recall list over salmonella concerns

7/26/18 The Takeout: Jars of Taco Bell Queso Dip recalled due to botulism fears

7/26/18 The Takeout: Necco fans’ worst fears realized as factory is abruptly shuttered

7/26/18 ABC: Salmonella recalls: Everything that’s been recalled for potential Salmonella contamination

7/26/18 RT: They’re back! Worms unfrozen after 42,000 years are alive and eating

7/26/18 Lexington Herald Leader: Fayette Mall food court virus that sickened 350 identified by health department

7/26/18 WCPO Cincinnati: Cincinnati’s Health Department is working hard to identify sources of mosquito-borne viruses

7/26/18 Science Alert: Antibiotic Resistance Can Spread Through The Air, Scientists Warn, And Yes You Should Be Terrified 

7/26/18 Fox News: Florida beaches littered with dead sea turtles; scientists blame red tide

7/26/18 ABC News: Vanuatu again orders evacuation of island as volcano erupts

7/26/18 10 TV: U.S. “most dangerous” place to give birth in developed world, USA Today investigation finds

7/26/18 California Wildfires Update: Carr Fire Invades Redding, California; Residents Have Little Time to Evacuate

7/26/18 EuroNews: Sweden tries to put wildfire out … by dropping a bomb on it

7/26/18 7 News Boston: Thousands of dead fish wash up behind Assembly Square

7/26/18 ABC: Hundreds of dead fish at Indy golf course may be natural occurrence, health officials say

7/26/18 Yellowstone volcano ERUPTION SHOCK: X-ray images reveal source of heat beneath Western USA

7/26/18 Mongabay: 10 of 11 endangered black rhinos now dead after relocation attempt in Kenya takes tragic turn

7/26/18 Express: Legionella epidemic in Italy kills third victim as 24 battle disease

7/26/18 Science News: Tickborne diseases are likely to increase, say NIAID officials

7/26/18 The Conversation: Lord of the forest: New Zealand’s most sacred tree is under threat from disease, but response is slow

7/26/18 Al Jazeera: Laos dam collapse: Thousands of Cambodians evacuated as floods hit

7/26/18 NY Post, Florida: Hundreds of sea turtles washing up in ‘mass mortality event’

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/27/18

7/27/18 LA Times: Devastating fire explodes into Redding; numerous homes lost, 1 dead

7/27/18 BBC: Vanuatu: Ambae island evacuated again over volcano eruption

7/27/18 Deadly algae blooms are causing catastrophic damage to coral reefs worldwide

7/27/18 Mosquitoes in 3 Colorado cities test positive for West Nile virus

7/27/18 Sacramento Bee: Carr Fire grows to more than 28,000 acres threatening west of Redding, CA

7/27/18 KCRA News: Visitors disappointed, businesses hurt by Yosemite Valley closure

7/27/18 West Nile Virus detected in dead crow in Bay County, MI

7/27/18 WAVY-TV: Hundreds of dead fish surface in Norfolk after storms

7/27/18 Al Jazeera: Typhoon Jongdari expected to batter Japan

7/27/18 Channel NewsAsia: Heatwaves from the Arctic to Japan: A sign of things to come?

7/27/18 SFGate: Time-lapse footage shows massive tornado of smoke, fire approach iconic Sundial Bridge

7/27/18 Stat News: New Ebola species is reported for first time in a decade

7/27/18 Newsweek: New Mutated HIV Strains Found in Canada Lead to Quicker Illness

7/27/18 Jackson Hole Daily: Tick disease found in dead marmot in Crater Lake Wyoming

7/26/18 News 5 WKRG: BREAKING: First case of Vibrio bacteria this year confirmed in Mobile County Alabama

7/26/18 KWTX: Legionnaires’ disease cases linked to Texas hotel

7/26/18 The Times-Picayune: New Orleans area hurricane and river levees still categorized high risk

7/27/18 KSBW 8: Firefighter, bulldozer operator killed while battling Carr Fire

7/27/18 WSJ: As Greek Wildfire Death Toll Climbs, Government Takes Responsibility

7/27/18 The mysterious algae bloom ‘whirlpool’ in the Baltic Sea so big it could cover Manhattan

7/27/18 Express: Russia News: Workers Stunned as 165-Foot Gaping Chasm opens up in front of them

7/27/18 Newsweek: War for water? Syria, Iraq, and Turkey will next fight for rivers, report says

7/27/18 WXYZ Detroit: Nearly 300 sickened by McDonald’s salads in 15 states, including Michigan

7/27/18 Southwest: Other carriers finding cracked engine fan blades (Wigner Effect)

7/27/18 Jackson Hole Daily: Tick disease found in dead marmot in Crater Lake Wyoming

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/28/18

7/28/18 KABC-TV: Carr Fire expands to 127 square miles in Shasta County; 37,000 under evacuation orders

7/28/18 KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas: West Nile-positive mosquitoes found in Las Vegas valley, Nevada

7/28/18 Reuters: Strong typhoon Jongdari expected to make landfall on Japan Sat or Sun

7/28/18 NBC News: Three more reported dead in massive California fire that has now killed 5

7/28/18 The Weather Channel: Worst Red Tide In More Than a Decade Leaves Droves of Animals Dead on Southwest Florida Beaches

7/28/18 Times Of India: 537 dead in monsoon rains, floods in 6 states

7/28/18 NewYork: Daily News: Legionnaires’ disease bacteria found at Jacobi Medical Center: officials

7/28/18 Herald & Review: Foodborne illness outbreak grows; 80 cases in Central Illinois

7/28/18 San Fernando Valley residents warned of more mosquitoes with West Nile virus

7/28/18 Cranston Fire in Idyllwild: 13,118 acres burned; 29 percent contained

7/28/18 Newsweek: Dolphin-Whale Hybrid: Rare New Species Discovered off Hawaii Coast

7/28/18 Al Jazeera: Thick mud hampers Laos flood rescue with many missing

7/28/18 KPIX CBS SF Bay Area: New Fire Erupts Forcing Evacuations At Lake Berryessa

7/28/18 Ohio: Ohio River commission debates dropping pollution standards USGS Map of Ohio

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/29/18

7/29/18 Sunday Express: At least 10 DEAD after strong magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Lombok region of Indonesia

7/29/18 Alabama Public Radio: FDA Alert – Grain-Free Dog Food

7/29/18 ABC: Carr Fire near Redding is 5 percent contained as it rages into its fourth day

7/29/18 Newsweek: Polar Bear shot and killed after attacking tourist cruise ship guard

7/29/18 Shocking footage shows people huddling together in the sea as they desperately tried to escape deadly Greek wildfires

7/29/18 Lehigh Valley Live: The 30 worst counties in Pennsylvania for these foodborne illnesses

7/29/18 USA Today: Second firefighter dies in Ferguson Fire; some Yosemite businesses face ‘sad’ reality 

7/29/18 NBC: Social media stirs as dead fish line the Sanibel Causeway Florida

7/29/18 Action News Now: Carr Fire Causes Huge Power Outage at Trinity County: PUD

7/29/18 What do they know? Mystery as Russia LIQUIDATED almost ALL of its holdings in US Treasury securities during run up to Helsinki summit, in move labeled ‘unprecedented’ by experts

7/29/18 Newsweek: Overfishing Caused by an Increase of ‘coral ticks’ that harm coral reefs

7/29/18 ABC15 Arizona: 2018 is on pace to be the 4th-hottest year on record, behind ’15, ’16, ’17

7/29/18 Volcano Discovery: Ibu volcano (Halmahera, Indonesia): explosive activity and new lava flow

7/29/18 Volcano Discovery: Ibu volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: VA TO FL070 MOV SE 5KTS OBS VA DTG: 28/1040Z

7/29/19 Volcano Discovery: News & activity updates from Aoba (Ambae) volcano Vanuatu

7/29/18 BBC: Typhoon Jongdari: Japan storm cuts power to thousands Japan

7/29/18 Unregulated food additives could harm children, UW study says

7/29/18 Fertility rates are dropping across the world – and could soon become a cause for concern

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/30/18

7/30/18 VolcanoDiscovery: Volcano earthquake report for Monday, 30 Jul 2018

7/30/18 ABC: Indonesia volcano: Hundreds of hikers trapped after earthquake

7/30/18 Al Dia News: Guatemala volcano Fuego death toll hiked to 159, 256 people still missing

7/30/18 Yellowstone volcano latest: Is Yellowstone erupting – Smoke and fire spotted in park

7/30/18 San Francisco Chronicle: California wildfires still ‘growing faster than you can imagine’

7/30/18 Merced Sun-Star: Fire explodes in Lake County, forcing new evacuations in Kelseyville and Finley California

7/30/18 Al Jazeera: Myanmar: 10 killed, thousands displaced in monsoon floods

7/30/18 Sky News: Heavy rain and floods in India kill over 500 people – as fishes swim in hospital

7/30/18 Powell area Chipotle restaurant closed after reports of illnesses Ohio

7/30/17 Self: These Are the Foods That Cause the Most Illnesses, the CDC Says

7/30/18 KGET: Viral chicken disease, Newcastle, strikes nearby counties California

7/30/18 KOMO Hundreds stranded on Indonesian mountain after earthquake

7/30/18 UPDATE: Crews resume efforts to fight Tollgate fire Tuesday Utah

7/30/18 CBS News: Sea mammal Vaquita on brink of extinction targeted by “mafias” in Baja, Mexico

7/30/18 Live Science: Why Are Dozens of Dead Animals Washing Up on Florida Beaches?

7/30/18 NBC2 News: Dead fish line Lovers Key State Park, Fort Myers Beach Florida

7/30/18 Video of worm crawling in fish dinner catches the ire of popular Asbury Park restaurant

7/30/18 Oklahoma News4: Oklahoma family sick with E. coli infection after trip to local lake

7/30/18 Live Science: Why Are Dozens of Dead Animals Washing Up on Florida Beaches?

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 7/31/18

7/31/18 Time: There Are 16 Active Wildfires Burning Across California. This Map Shows All of Them

7/31/18 The Independent: Mexico plane crash: Aeromexico flight ‘with at least 80’ on board crashes in Durango

7/31/18 Al Jazeera: World’s largest king penguin colony declines by almost 90 percent

7/31/18 PennLive: Invasive tick discovered in central Pa. brings risks for livestock, people

7/31/18 Uptick in Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease has doctors sounding alarm

7/31/18 WSPA 7 News: New type of tick turns up in Polk Co. North Carolina

7/31/18 WXYZ Detroit: Pigs from Fowlerville Michigan Family Fair test positive for swine flu

7/31/18 NBC: Dead manatee washes up at Cape Coral Yacht Club Florida

7/31/18 CBC News: Killer whale holding dead calf afloat is showing human-like grief, expert says

7/31/18 AOL: It’s 90 degrees in the Arctic Circle this week. Here’s why.

7/31/18 The Columbus Dispatch: Hundreds sickened at Chipotle in Powell Ohio

7/31/18 KWCH: Parasite risk in salads and wraps sold at Kroger, Walgreens, Trader Joe’s

7/31/18 KCTV Kansas City: 2 confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in Johnson County, Kansas

7/31/18 Mercury News: Retired firefighter says Lakeport fire the worst he’s seen California

7/31/18 Worcester Telegram: Hookworm news is another summer beach bummer Massachusetts

7/31/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Meltdowns Marine Sailing Expedition Back Home For Repairs <—— DONATE!!!

7/31/18 Fox 13: More videos show dead manatees off Southwest Florida

7/31/18 National Geographic: Are Europe’s Historic Fires Caused By Climate Change?

7/31/18 ABC7 News: Carr Fire jumps Shasta-Trinity county line, neighbors more scared than ever

7/31/18 Bloomberg: Japan’s Floods, Heatwave Kill More Than 300 in July

7/31/18 Hawaii News Now: Nearly three months later, Kilauea eruption shatters a record — and just keeps going

7/31/18 Reuters: Australia’s drought is like a cancer eating away at farms and families

7/31/18 New York Times: Eliza Griswold, “Amity and Prosperity”: What Happened When Fracking Came to Town

7/31/18 Fox 13 Utah: Wildlife officials ask Zion visitors to be on lookout for coughing bighorn sheep amid pneumonia concerns

7/31/18 Sierra Magazine: Can the Red Wolf Survive Extinction a Second Time?

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/01/18

8/1/18 The Mercury News: Third Mendocino County wildfire latest to roar through Northern California

8/1/18 Palm Beach Post: Another heartbreaking video of a dead manatee, but it’s not what some people think Florida

8/1/18 Dead beaver in RMNP Colorado tests positive for tularemia

8/1/18 Hundreds of dead fish wash up on beach in Donegal Ireland

8/1/18 Manchester Evening News: Swans, ducks and geese found dead in the Bridgewater Canal – but what’s killing them? UK

8/1/18 ABC7 WWSB: VIDEO: Live look at red tide as dead fish wash up along Siesta Key Florida

8/1/18 The Guardian: World weatherwatch: Flooded Japan battered again by Typhoon Jongdari

8/1/18 Popocatépetl volcano: Mexico hit by 24 hours of volcanic earthquakes and exhalations

8/1/18 The Oregonian: Columbia River Gorge fire grows to 11,000 acres; second fire prompts evacuations Washington

8/1/18 Los Angeles Times: California fires rage, and Gov. Jerry Brown offers grim view of fiery future

8/1/18 The Denver Post: Colorado wildfire update: Rolling waves of fire decimate drought-stricken oaks and pines in Western Colorado

8/1/18 KRNV My News 4: Fire crews battle 2 new fires near the Inyo National Forest east of Hwy 395 in Mono Co. Nevada

8/1/18 PIX11 New York: Health alert issued for salads, wraps from Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens due to parasite concern

8/1/18 WBUR On Point: Why We Need Bees

8/1/18 News10 ABC: Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus across New York State

8/1/31 Tropical Storm Hector Could Threaten Hawaii Next Week

8/1/18 Hawaii News Now: Crews respond to several structure fires on Big Island

8/1/17 Futurism: A Warm Water Mass Called “The Blob” Is Killing Alaska’s Cod

8/1/18 The Oklahoman: Air quality alert issued Wednesday in central Oklahoma

8/1/18 WHIOTV7: Florida: West Nile Virus detected in Miami County mosquitoes 

8/1/18 MarketWatch: It’s official: Eating Chicken is the most likely to make you sick

8/1/18 Man who contracted flesh-eating bacteria in N.J. waters to be transferred to hospice, family says

8/1/18 WHO: Cluster of presumptive Ebola cases in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

8/1/18 ABC 30: USDA issues alert about multiple salads, wraps due to parasite worry

8/1/17 Centre Daily Times: Pennsylvania: What you need to know about the new invasive tick species found in Centre County

8/1/18 CBC News: Sea star die-off led to worrying decline in B.C.’s kelp forest, research reveals

8/1/18 khon2 Hawaii: Road closures reported as Hawaii island brush fire grows to 13,000 acres

8/1/18 Florida Today: Satellite Beach finds cancer-causing chemicals in groundwater: 5 things to know

8/1/18 GlobalAnimal: How 0.01% of life on Earth is causing the Sixth Mass Extinction

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/02/18

8/2/18 CTV News: Canada: Major wildfire expands as smoke impacts northern Ontario air quality

8/2/18 Reuters: WHO warns there may be no vaccine option for new Ebola outbreak

They refused to screen for thyroid cancer in Fukushima. The thyroid is a common target for radioactive iodine (remember, Fukushima is in China syndrome so iodine is constantly being created).
8/2/18 FiveThirtyEight: The Case Against Screening For Thyroid Cancer

Notice how they neglect to include exactly WHAT they’re spraying on you and your kids?
8/2/18 Fox13 Memphis Tennessee: First human case of West Nile Virus confirmed in Shelby County

8/2/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Meltdown Shock !!! All B.C. Canadian Star Fish Disfigured Full Of Tumors

8/2/18 (Not so) Great Wall of China: Section of iconic landmark collapses after heavy rainfall as critics blame shoddy renovation works

8/2/18 Newsweek: Great Wall of China Collapse: Poor renovation works and heavy rainfall blamed

8/2/18 Fox31 Denver: Orca carries dead calf – now decomposing – for ‘unprecedented’ ninth straight day

8/2/18 CNN: Record-breaking temperatures leave 29 dead in South Korean heatwave

8/2/18 StarTribune: Dead fish, red tide, plague Florida tourists, beaches

8/2/18 Fox4 Florida: Crews continue to remove thousands of dead fish off Sanibel Island

8/2/18 Newser: Heat, Fires Ravage European Union

8/2/18 KCRA3 Californis: NWS: Redding fire whirl reached EF-3 tornado wind speeds

8/2/18 WTOP Virginia: Fairfax Co. reports 1st human case of West Nile virus amid ‘surge’ in infected mosquitoes

8/2/18 Q13 Fox: Orca mother on ‘tour of grief’ carries dead calf for 10th straight day

8/2/18 Red Tide vs. Marine Animals – And the winner is…

8/2/18 News Channel 9 ABC: Tennessee among states where rat lungworm infections reported

8/2/18 Minnesota: MDH: Cryptosporidiosis Sickness linked to Zumbrota campground

8/2/18 Accuweather: Worst red tide bloom in over a decade kills hundreds of marine mammals along Florida’s west coast

8/2/18 Bradenton Herald Florida: Dead fish, birds, manatees, even a whale shark. Toll from worst red tide in decade grows.

8/2/18 KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis: Hand sanitizers are losing kill power against this germ in hospitals, study finds

8/2/18 The Verge: California is heading toward a future with more fires, more floods

8/2/18 TheDailySentinel Colorado: Fires grow, haze spreads

8/2/18 The Press Democrat Santa Rosa, California: Red flag warning worries firefighters battling Mendocino Complex fires

8/2/18 CBS New York: Severe Storm Downs Trees Across Queens Neighborhood

8/2/18 Echonetdaily: Heading to extinction: Koalas on the brink

8/2/18 Delaware News Journal: As Delaware coastal waters warm, risk of deadly Vibrio bacteria rises

8/2/18 KHON 2 Honolulu: Federal funding to fight infectious diseases in Hawaii

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/03/18

8/3/18 AP Virginia: Parts of Virginia city evacuate over possible dam failure

8/3/18 DailyMail: Unsafe burial of a 65-year-old Ebola sufferer triggered the latest outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Cases confirmed just 10 days after the epidemic was declared over

8/3/18 The Tribune California: Thousands of Lake County residents must evacuate as wildfire spreads

8/3/18 Reuters: Invasion of big, voracious lizards threatens U.S. South: study

8/3/18 Texas: San Antonio baby battling rare infant botulism

8/3/18 Detroit Free Press Michigan: Oakland County sees biggest outbreak of dog flu in state

8/3/18 Axios: New Ebola outbreak declared in the Congo, this time in a war zone

8/3/18 Louisiana: Deer Hunters being cautioned about the use of deer urine lures

8/3/18 Michigan: West Nile virus found in Kent County mosquitoes

8/3/18 Science Magazine: Updated: Officials move to use experimental vaccine against new Ebola outbreak

8/3/18 CNN: Record-breaking temperatures leave 29 dead in South Korean heatwave

8/3/18 Hawaii volcano eruption: Hurricane Hector approach sparks safety fears for lava evacuees

8/3/18 Karymsky Volcano in Kamchatka, eastern Russia explodes

8/3/18 KKTV 11 News Colorado: Mystery surrounds “hundreds” of carp dying in Lake Pueblo

8/3/18 TC Palm: Central Pacific, Hawaii: Hector strengthens again, expectations call for major hurricane to form over weekend

8/3/18 Reuters: Europe sizzles as heatwave intensifies across continent

8/3/18 CBS: Flooding threat extends hundreds of miles as severe weather hammers East Coast

8/3/18 USA Today: Flash flooding in Virginia brings dam in danger of ‘imminent failure’

8/3/18 WSET ABC Virginia: Be safe cleaning up after floods, water can be contaminated

8/3/18 NECN New England: Major Storms Pass Through New England

8/3/18 Time : Myanmar Struggles to Cope in the Aftermath of Catastrophic Floods

8/3/18 Iceland Monitor: Travellers warned to avoid travel in Skaftárdalur due to imminent outburst flood

8/3/18 SHOCKING video shows MAJOR flash floods barrel through Austrian village after heavy rain

8/3/18 AccuWeather: In case you missed it: Gov. Brown calls deadly California wildfires a ‘new normal;’ South Korea records its highest temperature of all time

8/3/18 Hawaii News Now: Hector upgraded to Cat 3 hurricane as it churns toward Central Pacific

8/3/18 WLNY 2 CBS Queens New York: Tornado Confirmed After Severe Weather Downs Trees, Power Lines In Queens

8/3/18 Russia: Karymsky volcano filmed spewing out enormous ash clouds (VIDEO)

8/3/18 Boston Herald: Ebola: Neighbors fear BU’s infectious disease lab is ‘gambling with our safety’

8/3/18 JPL California: New Study: The Arctic Carbon Cycle is Speeding Up

8/3/18 ABC 13 Texas: West Nile Virus found in Sugar Land mosquito samples

8/3/18 Bustle: Rat Lungworm Infections Were Found In 8 States, According To The CDC & Here’s What It Is

8/3/18 Hawaii: ‘There was blood everywhere’: Mother describes the horrifying moment she was bitten by a GIANT EEL while sunbathing on a floatie in Hawaii – and the attack has baffled experts

8/3/18 WTIU NPR Indiana: Hepatitis A Outbreak Spreads To Monroe County

8/3/18 SFGate Arizona: Video: Massive wall of swirling dust overtakes Phoenix

8/3/18 BBC England: Hospital sepsis deaths ‘jump by a third’

8/3/18 Red meat allergies caused by Lone Star ticks on rise according to University of Tennessee study

8/3/18 95% of World’s Lemur Population on Edge Of Extinction

8/3/18 Bird on brink of extinction (Christmas Frigatebird) flies over Apo Reef park

Please file under “wtf”
8/3/18 The Verge 8/3/18: Scientists put a nuclear waste container through a demanding trip to see if the fuel would break

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/04/18

8/4/18 The Mercury News Californis: As wildfire enters Yosemite, a worrisome narrative unfolds on social media

8/4/18 New Zealand: 25 fur seals found dead at Te Oka Bay, Canterbury

8/4/18 VolcanoDiscovery: Volcano earthquake report for Saturday, 4 Aug 2018

8/4/18 The State: Outbreak of contagious NFMD disease affecting South Carolina children. Adults are vulnerable too

8/4/18 San Francisco Chronicle: Red flag warnings in effect for blazes burning in Northern California

8/4/18 CBS Boston: Webster Hit By Tornado As Severe Thunderstorms Roll Through Massachusetts

8/4/18 Congolese Refugees Risk Infecting Neighboring Countries with Ebola

8/4/18 The Independent: Greenland: Air Force fails to acknowledge mysterious meteor that crashed to Earth near US military base

8/4/18 Mass Live Massachusetts: 3 buildings condemned, 25 residents displaced as cleanup starts following tornado in Webster

8/4/18 Reuters: Northern California wildfires still expanding

8/4/18 WTOP AP: Officials warn of possible dam breach at Maryland lake

8/4/18 KOIN 6 AP: Red alerts for Portugal, Spain amid smothering heat wave

8/4/18 Mosquitoes in all four western Massachusetts counties test positive for West Nile virus

8/4/18 Meteor EXPLODES above US missile base in Greenland almost triggering nuclear disaster

8/4/18 California: Update: Ferguson Fire Up To 81,699 Acres

8/4/18 6 ABC Florida: Red tide continues to devastate Tampa Bay area beaches and wildlife

8/4/18 SFGate: Company accused of diluting Chesapeake blue crab meat with imported crab

8/4/18 Hand, foot and mouth disease moving up the east coast now in NY

8/4/18 CBS Miami Florida: Rabies Warning Extended in Southwest Miami-Dade

8/4/18 The News-Gazette Illinois: Champaign cat becomes second animal in C-U found to have tularemia

8/4/18 ABC News Texas: Arkema chemical company indicted for plant fire after Hurricane Harvey

8/4/18 Reuters Texas: Officials identify Texas pipeline worker killed in explosion

8/4/18 News4Jax: Explosions at Jacksonville FPL Cedar Bay Plant (St. John’s River Power Park) cause shockwaves

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/05/18

8/5/18 Reuters: DRC: New Ebola deaths confirmed, dozens believed infected

8/5/18 Fox News: Bali rocked after 6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia’s Lombok Island, deaths reported

8/5/18 Mendocino Complex Fire explodes to 5th largest blaze in California history

The highly irradiated atmosphere we’re experiencing accelerates the decomposition of EVERYTHING (Wigner Effect). That’s one reason for the increased plane/helicopter/car crashes:

8/5/18 Buffalo News New York: Four of NYS Thruway’s costly wind turbines stand idle. Why?

8/5/18 National Pain Report: When Pain Kills

8/5/18 The Independent: The apocalyptic tone of heatwave-reporting doesn’t go far enough – not when the issue is human extinction

8/5/18 Accuweather: Typhoon Shanshan to threaten Japan (Fukushima) later in the week

8/5/18 Accuweather: Major Hurricane Hector may track close enough to unleash rain, gusty winds and swells in Hawaii later this week

8/5/18 GoSanAngelo Texas: Official: One dead after pipeline explosion near Midland

8/5/18 Outbreak News Today: Lyme disease reported in all states: California and Florida see largest increases

8/5/18 Financial Times Portugal: Portugal battles fires as temperatures hit record

8/5/18 The world’s hottest rain – at 119F – fell in a small California city last month

8/5/18 Reuters: Farming impact of Australia’s worst drought in living memory

8/5/18 Big Island Now: Brush Fire Erupts on Mauna Loa Above Volcano

8/5/18 AccuWeather: Deadly flooding displaces more than 150,000 in Myanmar; Heavy rain to persist this week

8/5/18 NY Magazine: Ten Years After the Crash, We Are Still Living in the World It Brutally Remade

8/6/18 King5 News, Washington: Viral outbreak highlights health risks at swimming lakes

8/6/18 Japan Times: 2,000 households in Yamagata told to evacuate amid landslides and flooding

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/06/18

8/6/18 The Center for Public Integrity: As disease-bearing ticks head north, weak Maine government response threatens public health

8/6/18 The Pioneer: 8 Vultures of Critically Endangered species set to fly in wild

8/6/18 Mexico weather latest: DOUBLE Tropical Storm to SMASH Mexico as Ileana and John LOOM

8/6/18 The Mercury News California: Fire map: More of Yosemite closed; Tioga Pass is only entrance

8/6/18 Organic Slant: The Mutant Garden This Is Genetic Blasphemy

8/6/18 Japan (Fukushima) weather: Typhoon Shanshan to SMASH Japan with flooding and GALE-FORCE winds

8/6/18 WGN TV Chicago: Hurricane Hector eyes Hawaii volcano

8/6/18 Business Standard: Guatemala volcano erupts again

8/6/18 Infectious Disease Advisor: New Ebola Outbreak in Congo

8/6/18 Volcano Discovery: Volcanic activity worldwide 6 Aug 2018: Krakatau volcano, Reventador, Ambrym, Sakurajima, Sabancaya, Ebeko

8/6/18 Hawaii News Now: Growing brushfire on Mauna Loa crosses into Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

8/6/18 UCLA Newsroom: Invasive crayfish lead to more mosquitoes and risk of disease in Southern California

8/6/18 Punching: Uganda seeks America’s help in diagnosing ‘strange’ disease that has killed eight persons

8/6/18 The Siasat Daily Syria: Hyderabad: Dengue mosquitoes on the increase – Know symptoms of the disease

8/6/18 Fox 59 News: Indiana health officials warn of increase in hand, foot and mouth disease cases

8/6/18 Fox 13: Mysterious coughing disease spreading among Virginia dogs

8/6/18 Al Jazeera: Earth at risk of tipping into hellish ‘hothouse’ conditions

8/6/18 New Jersey: ‘Please, please, please stay off the river,’ rescuers implore as tranquil Delaware roars mightily

8/6/18 Washington: Viral outbreak highlights health risks at swimming lakes

8/6/18 69 News Pennsylvania: Concerns over West Nile Virus arise following flooding

8/6/18 California Fires: 14,000 firefighters now battling 16 major blazes across state

8/6/18 CIDRAP U. of Minnesota: DRC Ebola outbreak climbs to 43 cases in 6 health zones

8/6/18 SwimSwam Japan: Typhoon Shanshan is bearing down on Tokyo as Pan Pacs are set to begin

8/6/18 KSL, Utah: Physician calls lung cancer a ‘silent empidemic’ in Utah

8/6/18 The Gazette, Colorado: 5 people at Cheyenne Mountain zoo hospitalized after massive hailstorm; flash flood warning issued

8/6/18 Iceland Review: Route 1 Partially Closed Due to Skaftá Glacial Flood

8/6/18 The Westher Channel: Wildfire Smoke Detected in Majority of U.S. States

8/6/18 Reuters, Switzerland: Swiss aid drought-hit farmers, pull dead fish from Rhine

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/07/18

8/7/18 The Orange County Register: Holy fire spreads to 4,000 acres in Orange, Riverside counties

8/7/18 Earth at risk of becoming ‘hothouse’ if tipping point reached, report warns

8/7/18 Japan (Fukushima) weather: FLIGHTS CANCELLED – Typhoon Shanshan due Wednesday

8/7/18 ABC News AP: Congo’s health ministry confirms 3 more cases of Ebola

8/7/18 Caixin: China’s First Outbreak of Deadly Pig Disease Threatens World’s Biggest Pork Market

8/7/18 NECN: Vermont Resident Dies of Rare Lyme Disease Complications

8/7/18 The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa California: Record-breaking Mendocino Complex fires now at 290,692 acres

8/7/18 Deseret News: This new invasive (Asian longhorned) tick just arrived in the U.S. from Asia. It kills 15 percent of its victims

8/7/18 East Bay Times: California fires: See how smoke is spreading across the West

8/7/18 Miami Herald: As bouts with killer algae rose, Florida gutted its water quality monitoring network

8/7/18 Reuters: Easy on the Nordic oysters: Bacteria flourishing in warmer fjord waters

8/7/18 WNDU-TV, Indiana: Pools of West Nile virus-positive mosquitoes found in South Bend

8/8/18 Air New Zealand cancels Tokyo flights due to Typhoon Shanshan

8/7/15 Dana Durnford: Having Tokyo 2020 Olympics By Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns is Truly Idiotic

8/7/18 TownHall, Chicago: What The Hell Are You Saying, Man: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Rambling Mess Of A Presser On Recent Shootings

8/7/18 World War 3 nuclear weapons MAPPED: 14,535 nukes exist TODAY in these 9 countries

8/7/18 WFFA Texas: Dallas grandmother dies of West Nile virus

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/08/18

8/8/18 KCCI Des Moines, England: Incredible video: Rare ‘firenado’ swirls in sky as firefighters battle blaze

8/8/18 4029-TV Arkansas: Hepatitis A exposure possible at Red Lobster in Fort Smith

8/8/18 The Telegraph: Australia’s most populous state now entirely in drought as farmers given authority to shoot kangaroos

8/8/18 Bloomberg, Japan (Fukushima): Slow-Moving Typhoon Shanshan Nears Tokyo

8/8/18 Daily Star: NATO Typhoon fighter jet accidentally launches missile near Russian border

8/8/18 CNN: New Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo: 43 infected, 36 dead

8/8/18 WFLA 8, Florida: Four dolphins found dead in Venice waters

8/8/18 WFLA, Florida: Dead whale shark washes up on FL beach, may be red tide victim

8/8/18 Fox News, Virginia: Mysterious dog disease hits Virginia city: ‘There’s an epidemic underway’

8/8/18 Gizmodo: Lyme Disease Has Spread to Every Part of the U.S.

8/8/18 The deadly bacteria lurking in a swimming pool: From Legionnaires’ disease to ‘hot tub rash’, an expert reveals the bugs that could ruin your holiday and your health

8/8/18 Japan to be hit by second storm days after Typhoon Shanshan brings 14 INCHES of rain

8/8/18 Invasive longhorned tick responsible for deadly human viruses in Asia found for the first time in New York City

8/8/18 Star Tribune, Minnesota: Derailed train in St. Paul dumps 3,200 gallons of diesel fuel into Mississippi River

8/8/18 KABC, California: Holy Fire continues to rage near Lake Elsinore-Corona line, burns 6,200 acres with 5 percent containment

8/8/18 VOA: Report: Indonesia Quake Death Toll Rises to 347

8/8/18 Dana Durnford (<- DONATE!): Extreme makeover: Tepco attempts image overhaul at Fukushima So Here Are The Real Facts !!

8/8/18 Action News ABC: Massachusetts man rescued after vehicle falls into flooded hidden sinkhole

8/8/18 Florida red tide update: Algae blooms blamed for sickening people, killing marine life

8/818 Q13 Fox: Orca mother still carrying dead calf, marking 16th day of ‘tour of grief’

8/8/18 WTMJ-TV: 6 bottlenose dolphins found dead in Sarasota County, Florida, in 24 hours

8/8/18 CNN: Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo: 43 infected, 36 dead

8/8/18 Futurism: No Existing Policies Will Be Enough To Prevent A Future “Hothouse Earth”

8/8/18 Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Scourge of superbugs killing Malawi’s babies

8/8/18 New York Post, England: Video shows fire tornado ripping through British factory

8/8/18 Al Jazeera, California, Oregon, Nevada: Air-quality alerts issued in US as wildfires continue to burn

8/8/18 Officials warn of hepatitis A exposure in NE Arkansas Little Caesar’s Pizza

8/8/18 The Republic, Iowa: Emerald ash borer confirmed in 3 more Iowa counties

8/8/18 CBC News: Shellfish poisoning becoming less predictable, say researchers in Alaskan Indigenous communities

8/8/18 MSN ABC: Millions of Australians suffering from combined physical, mental ill health, new report finds

8/8/18 The Times-Picaynnne, Louisiana: Woman sues after ‘poison Pepperidge Farm Goldfish’ gave her salmonella

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/09/18

8/9/18 AP: Puerto Rico cites storm death toll of 1,427 in damage report

8/9/18 Nikkei Asian Review: Suzuki and Mazda admit false emissions tests

8/9/18 Arkansas Online: State agency issues 2nd hepatitis alert after restaurant worker’s illness confirmed

8/9/18 The Mercury News California: Mandatory evacuations ordered as Holy fire grows to 6,200 acres; arson suspect arrested

8/9/18 The Mercury News: California fire map: What’s closed, what’s open — highways, towns, Pacific Crest Trail

8/9/18 Australia DROUGHT: Shock aerial video emerges as Australia suffers devastating drought

8/9/18 ‘Everything was shaking’: Residents woken from their beds as 4.3 magnitude earthquake rocks Western and Southern Australia

8/9/18 Nature: Malaria’s ticking time bomb

8/9/18 WRAL, Utah: This new invasive tick (Asian longhorned) just arrived in the US from Asia; it kills 15 percent of its victims

8/9/18 The Salt Lake Tribune: Coal Hollow Fire in Utah County grows to more than 17,000 acres overnight, with flames rising to 500 feet

8/9/18 Massive mudslide rips through Swiss Alpine village leaving a trail of destruction after heavy storm rains

8/9/18 The Tribune: Eighth person dies in relation to Carr Fire

8/9/18 Cape Cod Times, Massachusetts: West Nile virus found in mosquitoes in 5 Cape towns

8/9/18 WGN9 Chicago: Invasive longhorned tick found for the first time in New York City

8/9/18 WBOC16: Man Tests Positive for First 2018 West Nile Case in Delaware

8/9/18 Mexico travel warning: British tourists in Cancun struck by deadly bug Cyclospora at popular resorts

8/9/18 North Sea HURRICANE WARNING: Huge 95mph gales and TORNADOES to batter North Sea, UK TOMORROW

8/9/18 Washington Post: Dozens of manatees are dying mysteriously in southern Mexico, near oil and gas site

8/9/18 KTOO News: Hundreds of dying seabirds found across northern Alaska

8/9/18 Our threatened Jersey Shore

8/9/18 Alaska Public Media NPR: Hundreds of dying seabirds found in Bering and Chukchi seas

8/9/18 WBZ-TV Massachusetts: Storms Bring Flooding, Lightning Strikes To Cape Cod

8/9/18 Utah: Fire updates: Coal Hollow Fire more than doubles in size; U.S. Highway 6 reopens

8/9/18 Dana Durnford (<- DONATE!): Tepco The Nuke Monsters Stopped Selling Fukushima Nuclear Plant Pictures After Just 5 Days

8/9/18 Midland Reporter-Telegram, Texas: At least four injured in gas line explosion in Midland County

8/9/18 WKTV: EEE Detected in Central New York Mosquito Pools

8/9/18 KSBY 6 California: 20,000 evacuated as Southern California fire grows

8/9/18 Brazil breaks own record for number of murders in single year as deaths hit 63,880

8/9/18 WNEP 16 ABC, New York: Train Crash Spills Thousands of Gallons of Fuel Into Delaware River

8/9/18 Astronomers discover new, enigmatic fast radio burst

8/9/18 Press Herald: Dozens of manatees die mysteriously off Mexico

8/9/18 Deutsche Welle, Europe: Living Planet: Fish die off as heat wave drags on

8/9/18 The Irish Times: Whales may have suffered from ‘the bends’ before dying off Irish coast

8/9/18 The Telegraph, UK: Wasp warning as hot weather brings ‘worst year ever’ for stinging insects

8/9/18 Fox Carolina: North Carolina mom shares warning after mosquito bite leaves 6-year-old in ICU

8/9/18 The Daily Nonpareil: “US is the most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world”

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/10/18

8/10/18 The Times of India: 23 dead in 24 hours as flash floods hit Kerala

8/10/18 China fires SIX WARNINGS to US Navy in South China Sea ‘This is China…LEAVE IMMEDIATELY’

8/10/18 Holy Fire California: SHOCK footage of rivers of fire snaking down hillside towards town

8/10/18 CNN, Pennsylvania: Rabid beaver attacks father and daughter kayaking

8/10/18 Today: CVS 12 Hour Sinus Relief Nasal Mist exp 9/19 recalled over fears of possible contamination

8/10/18 10 dead in Ebola flareup in eastern DR Congo

8/10/18 KTLA-TV Los Angeles: Number of cyclospora Parasitic Illnesses Linked to McDonald’s Salads Rises to 436: CDC

8/10/18 Arkansas Online: State agency issues 2nd hepatitis alert

8/10/18 Scientific American: Tick- and Mosquito-Borne Diseases Are Increasing Dramatically

8/10/18 Yahoo, Italy: West Nile fever outbreak claims three lives in northeast Italy

8/10/18 Dana Durnford (<-DONATE!): Nagasaki & Hiroshima For 73 Years Scientist Still Only Study External Not Internal Radiation

8/10/18 KABC-TV: Holy Fire explodes to 18,137 acres in Lake Elsinore area

8/10/18 Fox 9: 72 cases of waterborne illness Cryptosporidiosis linked to Zumbrota, Minnesota campground

8/10/18, Massachusetts: Work continues in Worcester at scene of major pipe break

8/10/18 WABC-TV: Smoke from California wildfires reaches New York City

8/10/18 Dolphins are now being killed by Florida’s red tide algae outbreak as marine expert says it feels like ‘ground zero’ and there’s ‘no end in sight’ after deaths of nine of the mammals

8/10/18 Dying fish and drying rivers — consequences of Europe’s summer heat wave

8/10/18 KPBS San Diego: Safety Inspector Describes Near Accident During San Onofre Community Panel Discussion

8/10/18 MSN India: Kerala rains intensify, all 5 floodgates of Idukki dam opened after 40 years

8/10/18 Chicago Tribune: Railroad acknowledges Iowa derailment was flood related

8/10/18 WNDU, Wisconsin: Woman dies after getting Capnositopefaga infection from dog bite

8/10/18 ABC7 Chicago, Texas: Mom sounds alarm after son born with birth defects from Zika virus

8/10/18 WQAD 8: Another bad thing comes with climate change: more mosquitoes

8/10/18 The State, North Carolina: CBS 17 reporter gets cancer diagnosis amid ‘horrible summer’

8/10/18 CNN/WPTV, Florida: Woman shares warning after suffering ‘excruciating’ sting from poisonous caterpillar

8/10/18 Fox 12 Oregon: Major jump in sexually transmitted infections leads to epidemic declaration in Clackamas Co.

8/10/18 Ghana News Agency: Study says substantial wild mammals and half of all plants destroyed by humanity

8/10/18, Alaska: US wildlife officials eye ongoing Alaska seabird die-off

8/10/18 Inside Edition, Ohio: Hundreds of Customers Sickened After Eating at Ohio Chipotle

8/10/18 BGR: Black Widow spiders are spreading north to entirely new areas

8/10/18 Fox 31 Colorado: 7 cases of Salmonella reported by Arapahoe County Fair attendees

8/10/18 AOL, New York City: Dozens of raccoons affected by ‘zombie virus’ in NYC parks

8/10/18 Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico: Weather prompts fish ‘die-offs’ in NM lakes, rivers, Game and Fish says

8/10/18 Sun Sentinel: Florida’s coral reefs dying from global warming, sewage and official negligence | Fred Grimm

8/10/18 Washington Post: Virginia’s endangered species need the strongest protection possible

8/10/18 Fox 35 Florida: 66 tons of dead fish pulled from Sarasota beaches amidst red tide bloom

8/10/18 WGAL-TV, Pennsylvania: 6 cars swallowed by sinkhole under Tanger Outlets parking lot in Lancaster County

8/10/18 NBC Chicago 5, Florida: Photos Show Large Cracks in Fla. Bridge Before Deadly Collapse

8/10/18 Tulsa World, Oklahoma: Fish at risk: Lower Illinois River water flow has declined too much, group says

8/10/18 ClickOnDetroit, Michigan: Zug Island steel mill suffers explosion

8/10/18 Reuters: Fifth body found in crashed Alaska plane; no body recovery planned

8/10/18 The Gazette, Colorado: Fifth Cheyenne Mountain zoo animal dies of injuries from severe hailstorm

8/10/18 The Inertia: The Scripps Institution of Oceanography Is Still Recording New Record-High Water Temps in SoCal

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/11/18

8/11/18 California fires MAPPED: Fire sizes, containment and evacuations – latest on growing fires

8/11/18 NDTV, India: 37 Dead, 31,000 In Relief Camps; Kerala On High Alert For Heavy Rain

8/11/17 Houston Chronicle: All 9 aboard rescue chopper crashed in Japan confirmed dead

8/11/18 Reuters: Four new Congo Ebola cases as medics prepare experimental treatment

8/11/18 KY3: Health official: Arkansas hepatitis outbreak likely to grow

8/11/18 ABC 7 News, Illinois: Wilmette boat explosion leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

8/11/18 ABC 7 News, California: Fairfield fire near I-80 more than half contained after burning 1,000 acres

8/11/18 BBC Wales: Roath Park Lake closed due to ‘bloom’ of toxic algae

8/11/18 AFP: Cholera kills 13 in Niger: UN

8/11/18 Inquisitr: Giant Cluster Of Earthquakes Strike Near Yellowstone Supervolcano

8/11/18 News 4 Tucson: ‘Extremely rare,’ deadly infection shows up twice, raising questions

8/11/18, Washington: Second blaze at Yakima warehouse contained; roads closed in area

8/11/18 Fox 59: FedEx tractor-trailer plunges off highway bridge in Arkansas

8/11/18 Chicago Tribune: Fisherman falls off boat at Independence Grove preserve; authorities searching lake with sonar

8/11/18, Connecticut: Man Dies in River Boating Accident

8/11/18 The Times of India: Liquid propane tanker has accident on Sandapa Flyover, leaks gas

8/11/18 StarTribune Minnesota: Starry stonewort infests Wright County lake

8/11/18 Fox 10 Arizona: Talking Stick Resort evacuated after “extensive” flooding

8/11/18 Yahoo News: New Jersey Wall Collapses, Floods, 8K Lose Power As More Storms Possible

8/11/18 AccuWeather: Downpours in Texas, Oklahoma through Monday could bring both flash flooding and drought relief

8/11/18, Ohio: Jim Hix, 75-year-old USA Triathlon champ dies in Lake Erie during competition

8/11/18 The Salt Lake Tribune: ‘My throat is hurting.’ Smoke has soiled Utah’s air, causing everyone from outdoor lovers to BYU football to Tour of Utah riders to adjust.

8/11/18, Ohio: West Side Cleveland Public Power customers currently experiencing massive outage

8/11/18 Press Herald: As tick threat explodes, Maine’s reluctance to address climate link may threaten public health

8/11/18 New Jersey Dealership’s cars swept away like bumper boats in flash flood

8/11/18 WNDU-TV: Nuclear rod shipment planned from Illinois to Michigan

8/11/18 Belleville News-Democrat, Missouri: 23 people have salmonella in one Missouri county. No one knows where it came from, hospital says

8/11/18 DR Congo records four new Ebola cases ahead of historic test treatment

8/11/18 Seattle Times: Alaska seabird deaths continue trend tied to warming ocean

8/11/18 WVTF, Virginia: Rural America Faces A Crisis In ‘Adequate Housing’

8/11/18 Organic Slant: Fukushima TEPCO Japanese Snuff Video Killing The Planet 8-10-2018 | Organic Slant

8/11/18 Chicago Tribune: Thousands of displaced Puerto Ricans might be pushed out of temporary housing

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/12/18

8/12/18 SF Gate: River Fire now largest in California history at 282,479 acres

8/12/18 The Independent: Indonesia plane crash: 12-year-old boy is only survivor after aircraft plunges into Papua jungle

8/12/18 Tampa Bay Times, Florida: Crab die-off in Hillsborough Bay could be Red Tide — or something else

8/12/18 Dana Durnford: Pic & Vid From 120 Days Fukushima Meltdown Marine Sailing Expedition & Fund Raising To Finish

8/12/18 Yahoo News:  Thousands Evacuated as Floods Strike Philippine Capital

8/11/18 Organic Slant: Fukushima TEPCO Japanese Snuff Video Killing The Planet

8/12/18 Independent Australia: From solastalgia to speciestalgia essential Australian eco-terms

8/12/18 The Modesto Bee: Ranch Fire, one of Mendocino Complex fires, is now largest in state history, Cal Fire says

8/12/18 iFiber One News: UPDATE: Grass Valley Fire evacuations expected to downgrade by Sunday evening

8/12/18 Fox News: Photos of California city hit by Carr Fire show destroyed homes, cars

8/12/18 Reuters, South Korea: Empty shipyard and suicides as ‘Hyundai Town’ grapples with grim future

8/12/18, Australia: Authorities on alert as fire threat continues

8/12/18 AOL: Searing heat could make countries in North Africa and along the Persian Gulf unlivable

8/13/18 Al Jazeera : Indonesia’s Lombok earthquake death toll passes 430

8/13/18 John Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute: From Boston to Ferguson to Charlottesville: The Evolution of a Police State Lockdown

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/13/18

8/13/18 Gulf Times: Mysterious manatee deaths in Mexican wetlands spurs quest for answers

8/13/18, Spain: More than 300 revellers are injured at an urban musical festival in Spain as pier collapses into the sea ‘moments after rapper told the crowd to jump’

8/13/18 The Takeout, Ohio: Chipotle’s latest food-poisoning outbreak remains an impenetrable mystery

8/13/18 NBC10, Pennsylvania: Flood Waters Pour Into King of Prussia Mall, Closing Stores and Stranding Drivers in Parking Garage

8/13/18, Alabama: Second case of Vibrio illness found in Mobile County

8/13/18 Newshub, Australia: Hiding cancer: Doctors being asked to stop using the ‘c-word’

8/13/18 Toxic 9/11 dust & smoke linked to nearly 10,000 cancer cases in New York

8/13/18 Gov. Scott declares state of emergency because of red tide outbreak in Southwest Florida

8/13/18 ABC Action News Tampa Bay: 12-year-old dolphin monitored by scientists in Sarasota County found dead amid red tide outbreak

8/13/18 Greenville News; Hopkins, South Carolina: The atomic fuel plant up the road: Leak sparks concerns about nuclear neighbor

8/13/18 CBS News: Significant rise in mosquito “disease danger days” in U.S., report warns

If you don’t want to be tracked and/or spied on, don’t trust any digital networks like the Internet or digital cell/home phones. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8/13/18 The Verge: Google still tracks you through the web if you turn off Location History

8/13/18 Dana Durnford (<- DONATE!): Pt 2 Pic & Vid From 120 Days Fukushima Meltdown Marine Sailing Expedition & Fund Raising To Finish

8/13/18 WMUR Manchester NH : China – Dramatic sinkhole rescue caught on camera

8/13/18 Chicago Tribune: As Venezuela disintegrates, a new breed of pirates threatens the Caribbean

8/13/18 LiveScience: Black Widow Spiders Bring Their Venom to Canada As Planet Warms

8/13/18 AOL: ‘Drunk and irritable’ wasps are terrorizing Great Britain

8/13/18 TimeOut, New York: Zombie raccoons have injured two people in Central Park

8/13/18 Shrewsbury Patch: Massachusetts: Multiple Streets Sprayed After West Nile Found in Shrewsbury

8/13/18 KCCI: Mosquitoes in central Iowa park test positive for West Nile virus

8/13/18 New Jersey Towns declare states of emergency as 2 months of rain falls in just hours

8/13/18 The Sacramento Bee: California: Firefighter dies in Mendocino Complex Fire

8/13/18 Press Herald: Over 30 dead harbor seals wash ashore in southern Maine in 2 days

8/13/18 KTAR News: Arizona: Grand Canyon wildfire reaches nearly 10,000 acres, forcing more closures

8/13/18 Fox 11: Simi Valley residents outraged over proposal to use potentially toxic ground water to drink

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/14/18

8/14/18 Al Jazeera: Italy: Bridge collapse near Genoa killing at least 22

8/14/18 Reuters: Youths in Swedish towns burn and vandalize scores of cars

8/14/18 Reuters: Italy motorway bridge collapses in heavy rains, killing at least 35

8/14/18 Montana: Fire in Glacier National Park leads to evacuations, lost structures

8/14/18 ABC 10 News: California: Cloverdale Fire: Brush fire in north San Diego County investigated as arson

8/14/18 Seattle PI: Washington air quality dips with smoke from all sides

8/14/18 New Jersey: First human case of West Nile virus confirmed in N.J.

8/14/18 Reuters: Natural gas explosion levels Denver building, nine hurt

8/14/18 Dana Durnford (<–DONATE!): Pacific Sea Food Dangerous After Japan Nuclear Meltdowns Contaminated Ocean

8/14/18 Number of people admitted to hospital with serious food allergies rises by more than 10 per cent every year

8/14/18 40/29 News: Arkansas: Hep A outbreak continues at Paragould barbecue restaurant

8/14/18 Reuters: Evacuations, rescues as ‘historic’ floods hit northeastern U.S.

8/14/18 The Pueblo Chieftain: These Skinks Are on the Brink of Extinction

8/14/18 MSN News: Malaysia: Rising number of elephant deaths disturbing, says Sabah DCM

8/14/18 News 4 Jax: Florida: Dying Gulf of Mexico reef mystery solved

8/14/18 Bangor Daily News: Seal pups in Maine are dying, and rescuers don’t know why

8/14/18 Yahoo News: WHO worried Ebola can ‘transmit freely’ in DR Congo, as death toll hits 41

8/14/18 PIX New York: Manhattan: Deadly Legionnaires’ cluster in Washington Heights is ‘over’: official

8/14/18 News 3 Las Vegas: CDC: 436 ill from parasite linked to McDonald’s salads in 15 states

8/14/18 CDC watching spread of measles in Tennessee and 20 other states

8/14/18 Audubon: Bird Population Plummets in Piñon Forests Pummeled by Climate Change

8/14/18 Yahoo News: Japan hikes volcanic warning level, prepares to evacuate Kuchinoerabujima island

8/14/18 AP: Italy: Europe braces for threat of Ebola

8/14/18 Q3 Fox: Montana: Wildfire rages in Glacier National Park, destroys some buildings, at least one historic structure

8/14/18 ABC 7: North Carolina: Veterinarians warning pet owners about upper respiratory infection affecting dogs

8/14/18 Chicago Tribune: Toxic algae’s deadly trail of marine animals triggers state of emergency in Florida

8/14/18 Fox 23 Maine: Experts investigating mysterious seal deaths in Southern Maine

8/14/18 What are marine heatwaves and what do we know about them?

8/14/18 AP: White House Called Toxins Contamination ‘PR Nightmare’

8/14/18 Mosquitoes In 2 Mass. Municipalities (New Bedford, Seekonk) Test Positive For West Nile

8/14/18 The Telegraph: New Caledonia restricts tourism and bans fishing to protect huge swathe of coral reefs

8/14/18 Cape Cod Times: Massachusetts: Video: Great white shark gobbles striped bass off Brewster flats

8/14/18 Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Carbon Monoxide from California Wildfires Drifts East

8/14/18 Press Herald: Rehabilitation facilities at capacity, complicating unusual die-off of seals in New England

8/14/18 Colorado: Woman wakes in Morgan County home to rabid bat on arm

8/14/18 Critics pan EPA plan for evaluating studies of toxic chemicals

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/15/18

8/15/18 Al Jazeera: Italy bridge: 39 dead as rescuers search for survivors

8/15/18 CDC studying measles outbreak in NC, other states

8/15/18 West Nile virus is appearing at a record-setting pace in Lehigh Valley, elsewhere

8/15/18 TreeHugger: Monsanto Roundup(glyphosate) pesticide found in popular oatmeal, granola & kids’ cereals

8/15/18 Charlotte Observer: North Carolina: American Airlines jet has emergency landing in CLT after possible engine problem

8/15/18 KATU: Oregon: Poor air quality could affect your dog or cat: Tips to avoiding respiratory stress in pets

8/15/18 Al Jazeera: WHO says DRC conflict hindering push to stem Ebola outbreak

8/15/18 Gulf News Thinkers: Earth will survive. We may not

8/15/18 Arctic seabird populations respond to climate change

8/15/18 HuffPost: Fracking Water Use Skyrockets, Creating 1,440 Percent More Toxic Wastewater

8/15/18 Stamford Advocate: Dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ have been found in US drinking water at alarmingly high rates. Here’s what to know about PFAS.

8/15/18 CBC: Marine heat waves threaten underwater wildlife

8/15/18 WNYC New York: Video: New Jersey Car Dealership Deals With Insane Flooding Fallout

8/15/18 Al Jazeera: India: Death toll in devastating Kerala floods jumps to 67

8/15/18 Dana Durnford: SHOCK !! The Pacific Ocean Is Collapsing From Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown

8/15/18 Seattle PI: Washington: Seattle gets another day of thick smoke, air worse than Beijing

8/15/18 Al Jazeera: Sudan: 22 children drown as boat taking them to school sinks

8/15/18 Reuters: US Economic Sanctions: Hospitals scrap surgeries, Venezuelans forgo showers as taps run dry

8/15/18 Lowell Sun: Massachusetts: West Nile virus detected in Dracut

8/15/18 CBS New York: CDC: Measles Outbreak Spreads To 21 States

8/15/18 WCPO Cincinnati: Hepatitis A outbreak declared in Northern Kentucky

8/15/18 StarTribune: Minnesota: Bat found on path near Lake Harriet tests positive for rabies

8/15/18 Stat News: Tapered to zero: In radical move, Oregon’s Medicaid program weighs cutting off chronic pain patients from opioids

8/15/18 LA Times: California’s largest fire ever keeps growing

8/15/18 KGW8: Southern Oregon wildfires: Klondike Fire swells to 59,000 acres

8/15/18 The Gazette: Colorado: Explosion forces eastern El Paso County school district to close through Friday

8/15/18: Oklahoma dam breach: Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Office Warns Of Potential Flooding

8/15/18 Yahoo:  Washington: Gig Harbor Norovirus Outbreak Linked To Restaraunt Employees

8/15/18 Reuters: China’s Liaoning culls more than 8,000 hogs after African swine fever outbreak

8/15/18 Herald Tribune: Florida: Mote survey indicates local manatee count drops amid red tide

8/15/18 Jackson Hole News: Whooping cough outbreak worsens in southwestern Idaho

8/15/18 34 Sickened by Salmonella Outbreak in Southeast Missouri County

8/15/18 The Independent: Red Tide sparks state of emergency in Florida as turtles, porpoises, and sharks wash ashore dead

8/15/18 Seattle PI: Canada: British Columbia burns: With 566 fires, province declares state of emergency

8/15/18 The American Dream: Scientists Warn That Millions Of Sea Creatures Are “In Real Peril” As Pacific Ocean Temperatures Rise To Dangerous New Records

8/15/18 AP: Cause of seal die-offs still unknown as more wash ashore

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/16/18

8/16/18 The Columbus Dispatch: Ohio: CDC releases test findings after hundreds sickened at Powell Chipotle

8/16/18 Time: Massachusetts: Swimmer Suffers Puncture Wounds In Shark Attack On Cape Cod

8/16/18 Al Jazeera: India: Death toll in devastating Kerala floods rises to 77

8/16/18 Dana Durnford: Sailing Expedition Confirms Pacific Ocean Is Dying From Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown

8/16/18 Boston Herald: Massachusetts flounder fishery shut down for rest of year

8/16/18 Stat News: Ebola outbreak shaping up as most dangerous test of world’s ability to respond since global crisis

8/16/18 MSN: India: Kerala floods: Kochi Metro, rail services hit; death toll crosses 80

8/16/18 Reuters: Vietnam mobilizes troops, warns of floods as tropical storm Bebinca nears

8/16/18 Seals are washing up dead on Maine beaches and stranding in high numbers. Here’s what we know.

8/16/18 Newsday: Trinidad and Tobago: Chasing Coral – a film for Trinidad and Tobago

8/16/18 Bradenton Herald: Florida: Fisherman stepping up to help clean canals littered with red tide’s dead fish

8/16/18 Amnesty International: Indonesia: Dozens killed on the streets in police crackdown ahead of Asian Games

8/16/18 Al Jazeera: Are Bangladesh activists being killed amid the war on drugs?

8/16/18 The Independent: Measles outbreak: How is the virus transmitted and what are the symptoms?

8/16/18 America poised for outbreak of deadly tick (Rocky Mountain spotted) fever: Aggressive virus wreaking havoc in Mexico is moving up towards the border, doctors say

8/16/18 3 deaths reported in waning Utah hepatitis A outbreak

8/16/18 Houston Chronicle: Texas: Hurricane Harvey-caused water and air pollution likely far higher than residents realize

8/16/18 Reuters: Typhoon Rumbia makes landfall in Chinese financial hub Shanghai

8/16/18 KOMU: Tree-killing pest spreads to 53 Missouri counties

8/16/18 Westport News: Nebraska: Discovery of zebra mussels leads to closure of Omaha lake

8/16/18 Westport News: Officials: Invasive water plant discovered in Maine lake

8/15/18 Texas: Houston is full of invasive species, and humans are helping them

8/16/18 Stamford Advocate: Emergency order issued to try to stop pest in northern Maine

8/16/18 Newsday: New York: Long Island homeowners urged to check trees for signs of beetle infestation

8/16/18 New Jersey Herald: Franklin orders weed treatment in pond

8/16/18 Fears rise for ailing 3-year-old orca from critically endangered pod after she fails to eat live salmon, as scientists race to save the starving whale’s life

8/16/18 The Oklahoman: Oklahoma: Warning signs preceded deadly well blowout, fire near Quinton

8/16/18 WHAM New York: Explosion at Bruegger’s Bagels in Penfield blows out front door, windows

8/16/18 Reuters: Special Report: Children poisoned by lead on U.S. Army bases as hazards ignored

8/16/18 WHO Director-General updates on Ebola outbreak in DR Congo – Aug 2018

8/16/18 Hawaii News Now: Big Island toddler sickened in 5th case of rat lungworm this year

8/16/18 ABC Fox Montana: Fire near Glacier Park’s Lake McDonald grows to 3,500 acres

8/16/18 CDC: 1 in 4 adults have a disability that impacts daily life

8/16/18 Jennifer Jamison Griebenow, The Mighty: The Problematic Way Doctors Are Responding to My Autoimmune Disease

8/16/18 AFP: Ebola cases in DR Congo rise to 78, 44 dead

8/16/18 San Antonio Express-News: Texas: Shrimp farmers try new technology to prevent disease

8/16/18 Myrtle Beach: South Carolina: (lone star tick) ‘Nobody’s heard of this’: Eating a steak could cost Hilton Head man his life

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/17/18

8/17/18 Italy earthquake video: Fears for Mount Vesuvius VOLCANIC ERUPTION after Naples SHAKEN

8/17/18 Fox News: 19 dead elk found in Oregon were likely killed by avalanche, biologist says

8/17/18 Whale flips over boat at the New Jersey Shore

8/17/18 The Independent: India: Kerala floods: 324 people dead in ‘worst disaster in 100 years’

8/17/18 Virginia: ‘Unprecedented’ number of mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile in Suffolk

8/17/18 BALI EARTHQUAKE: UK tourist reveals TERRIFYING ESCAPE as Lombok rocked by NEW quakes

8/17/18 NECN: Sudden Deaths of Maine Seals Now Spreading to Waters Off New Hampshire and Massachusetts

8/17/18 Washington Examiner: National debt jumps $500 billion in less than six months

8/17/18 Broomfield News: Colorado: Area groups ask state to intervene in Extraction plans

8/17/18 Denver Post: Colorado wildfire update: Bull Draw fire continues to grow, forcing more national forest closures

8/17/18 NBC: Washington: Fire near Yakima Training Center 100% contained

8/17/18 MSN: Earth will enter an abnormally warm period from 2018-2022

8/17/18 Japan says U.N. experts’ call to protect Fukushima clean-up workers is ‘regrettable’

8/17/18 California: Rodent, cockroach infestation at Sunvalley Mall leads to temporary closures of 6 restaurants

8/17/18 At least 1,500 people may have been exposed to deadly Ebola virus in the Congo, says WHO, as it warns situation could deteriorate as aid workers are unable to reach ‘no-go’ areas

8/17/18 476 sick in parasite outbreak linked to McDonald’s salads

8/17/18 69 News: Pennsylvania: Second rabid skunk found in Allentown

8/17/18 Reuters: Exclusive: U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger – sources

8/17/18 AP: Montana: Evacuated Glacier Park lodge won’t re-open this season

8/17/18 Dana Durnford:  Japans Melted Nuclear Reactors Have Killed Pacific Ocean Documented By Marine Researcher

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/18/18

8/18/18 The Denver Post: Colorado’s 2018 wildfire season is one of the worst on record, and it’s not over yet

8/18/18 UK weather WARNING: Brutal Tropical Storm Ernesto to SMASH Britain in 24 hours

8/18/18 Chron: Wyoming: Yellowstone continues effort to restore native fish using fish toxin

8/18/18 Scientific American: Wyoming: Montana livestock official favors bison hunting in Yellowstone

8/18/18: New York Times: Grizzly Bear Hunting in Wyoming

8/18/18 CNN: Florida’s toxic algae problem and your health: ‘Red tide’ and ‘green slime’

8/18/18 AP: Nebraska: Major Fish Die-Off Investigated at Olive Creek Lake

8/18/18 Mexico investigates deaths of over 100 endangered sea turtles

8/18/18 WREG 3: These 10 states are in dire need of road repair

8/18/18 The Voice: Illinois: Exelon Corp. proposes shipping high level nuclear waste by road through Port Huron

8/18/18 New Jersey: Watch out for mosquitoes. West Nile hospitalizes 3 in New Jersey

8/18/18 Dana Durnford: PROOF !!! Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Is A Mass Extinction Event Already For Pacific Ocean

8/18/18 Wildfire smoke about to inundate Western Washington once again

8/18/18 Reuters: India: More heavy rains likely in India’s Kerala as flood death toll jumps

8/18/18 WMTW8 ABC: Oklahoma: Backstreet Boys concert canceled; at least 14 people sent to hospital

8/18/18 Melting Permafrost Below Arctic Lakes Is Even More Dangerous to the Climate, NASA Warns

8/18/18 ABC News: Iraq’s Edenic marshlands are drying out again

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/19/18

8/19/18 Big Think: Wildfires in the Arctic Circle spell the stark new reality of global warming

8/19/18 AP: Florida: Rabies alert for Florida city after infected bat found

8/19/18 ABC News: Nature’s perfect match is breaking down and the Great Barrier Reef is in peril

8/19/18 Arizona Public Media: Researcher Finds New Urgency for Climate Solution in Tree Recovery Lag

8/19/18 KEYT3 Santa Barbara: Santa Maria, California: Front Fire burns 900 acres off Highway 166

8/19/18 AFP: Ebola deaths in DR Congo rises to 49 with 2,000 feared ‘contacts’

8/19/18 The Northern Daily Leader: Australia: Tamworth hills battling to keep gum trees alive through drought

8/19/18 Organic Slant: Get Some Rest Tomorrow Is Another Day In Our Decaying Paradise

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/20/18 

8/20/18 RINF: Prison Planet.Com » Scientists Warn That Millions Of Sea Creatures Are “In Real Peril” As Pacific Ocean Temperatures Rise To Dangerous New Records

8/20/18 WHO :Measles cases hit record high in the European Region

8/20/18 NPR: Outbreak Of Ebola Virus In Conflict-Ridden Congo Worsens

8/20/18 Florida red tide update:Toxic organisms span 130-mile stretch; 12 dolphins killed

8/20/18 Miami Herald: Florida: County to declare red tide state of emergency as tons of dead fish head to the landfill

8/20/18 EcoWatch: New England Seal Die-Off Could be Linked to Chemical Pollution

8/20/18 Minnesota: McFeely: ‘Serious’ fish-kill on Big Stone Lake shouldn’t be setback to anglers

8/20/18 USA Today: Huge dead whale washes ashore in Massachusetts

8/20/18 AP: Keystone XL Company Moves To Condemn South Dakota Land

8/20/18 Science Alert: Strange Lakes Are Speeding Up Arctic Permafrost Melt, And That’s Really Bad News

8/20/18 Ottawa Citizen: Higher than average catfish deaths reported in Ottawa River

8/20/18 Fox 5 Las Vegas: Nevada: Bird population decline in Mojave desert could bring illness to humans

8/20/18 Nebraska: Summer Kill

8/20/18 CBC News: Nova Scotia: Dreaded invasive fish makes its way into Kejimkujik Park

8/20/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Directly Responsible For Death Of Pacific Ocean

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 8/21/18

8/21/18 Fox News: 113 dead sea turtles washed up on Mexico beach, and no one knows why

8/21/18 WDHN Dothan: Alabama: Hundreds of dead shad fish appear on the surface of Hoover pond

8/21/18 Ohio: If survey results give go-ahead, Beachwood could cull deer later this year

8/21/18 The Independent: Toxic ‘red tide’ in Florida causes spike in manatee deaths

8/21/18 New York: Onondaga Nation: Toxic chemicals could contaminate an Onondaga Lake beach

Onodaga USGS Map

8/21/18 Chile’s ‘monkey puzzle’ trees dying amid changing climate -scientists

8/21/18 BBC: Thousands of fish dying in London rivers

8/21/18 Forbes: Five Things To Know About Hurricane Lane, Which Is Now Category 4 And May Threaten Hawaii

8/22/18 AP: Hawaii: Hurricane Lane weakens but still packing wallop

8/22/18 AccuWeather: Hawaii bracing for damaging winds, catastrophic flooding as Hurricane Lane approaches

8/22/18 Mercury News: Meet the new Aedes mosquito spreading misery around Southern California

8/22/18​ WPBF Palm Beach: Florida: Is FWC spraying of invasive plants the culprit behind algae crisis?.

8/22/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Effects On B.C. Canada & USA Coast Line Already Extinction Event For Pacific Ocean

8/22/18 Fish kill reported at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

8/21/18 CBS Sacramento: Fire Chief: Verizon Throttled Data During Mendocino Complex Fires

8/22/18 MSN: Fire Department Joins Net Neutrality Suit After Verizon Cuts Data During Wildfire

8/22/18 Hartford Courant: Huge Number Of Dead, Dying Trees In Connecticut At Increased Risk Of Falling Due To Years Of Drought, Insects

8/22/18 Newsday: New York: Hundreds of dead fish wash up in East Rockaway

8/22/18 Fox 8: Florida’s red tide has produced 1,700 tons of dead marine life and cost the state more than $8 million

8/22/18 DailyBeast: Asian Tick Invading America Is a Mystery to Lyme Experts

8/22/18 New York Daily News: Arctic’s strongest sea ice breaking up off Greenland coastline

8/22/18 Boston Herald: Flooding, disease, farm problems caused by rains

8/22/18 Boston Herald: Massachusetts raises alert statewide for West Nile Virus

8/22/18 Reuters: Disease and parasites hit fish farmer Marine Harvest

8/22/18 The Times of Israel: 68 hospitalized with West Nile fever; teenager in critical condition

8/22/18 Utah’s first fatal case of West Nile virus for 2018 reported in Salt Lake County

8/22/18 AFP: Death toll in DR Congo from Ebola outbreak now at 61

8/22/18 The Sundial: California’s wildfires are a statewide crisis reflecting a global problem

8/22/18 Speedy flip in Earth’s magnetic field could cause trillions in damage, scientists warn

8/23/18 The Times of Israel: Health ministry confirms two Israelis dead in mass West Nile fever outbreak

8/23/18 San Diego Union-Tribune: Hurricane Lane pummels Hawaii with rain as residents prepare for biggest weather threat in decades

8/23/18 Avian flu, distemper may be to blame for rash of seal deaths in New England, NOAA says

8/23/18 Bloomberg: Congo Has 75 Confirmed Ebola Cases, WHO Says on Twitter

8/23/18 Massachusetts: Dead white shark found on Truro beach

8/23/18 The Weather Network: Canada: Dozens of birds mysteriously found dead, sick in Manitoba

8/23/18 Hawaii News Now: Big Island sees more than a foot of rain — and the heavy showers won’t let up

8/23/18 Tallahassee Democrat: Florida: Sit back and enjoy your moss-draped oaks

8/23/18 The Hill: Author Chris Hedges argues the U.S. is in a state of decline in new book

8/23/18 Australia: ‘Charity begins at home’: Desperate drought-stricken farmers fuming after it was revealed 600,000 tonnes of hay are being exported to China and Japan

8/23/18 New Mexico’s birds and trees are dying

8/23/18 Miami Herald: Despite ‘disaster risk,’ trains haul highly flammable gas cargo across South Florida

8/23/18 Massive Study Finds Alcohol Is a Leading Contributor to Death And Disease Worldwide

8/23/18 The Don’t mean to alarm you – but NASA is about to pummel the planet with huge frikkin’ space laser

8/23/18 WGNO Louisiana: Ozone Alert issued for New Orleans area Friday

8/23/18 The Malibu Times: California: Hundreds of Fish Found Dead in Malibu Lagoon

8/23/18 LiveScience: Earth’s Magnetic Field Can Reverse Poles Ridiculously Quickly, Study Suggests

8/24/18 San Francisco Chronicle: NASA images from space show a world on fire

8/24/18 Italy: Mount Etna volcano spews plumes of ash and lava as it roars back into action

8/24/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Radioactive Fallout Geiger Counter Numbers For North America

8/24/18 MSN: ‘Megaquake’ fears after planet shaken by 144 earthquakes in seven days

8/24/18 WCVB Boston: 3 human cases of West Nile virus confirmed in Massachusetts, health officials say

8/24/18 Oswego County Today: New York: West Nile, More EEE Found at Toad Harbor Swamp

8/24/18 The Detroit News: 1 Michigan resident dies from West Nile virus; 8 cases

8/24/18 Bradenton Herald: These are the mosquitoes that cause West Nile virus. Here’s how they find them

8/24/18 Zika, dengue fever and encephalitis could ALL spread to Europe because the heatwave has created a mosquito explosion that’s already caused West Nile outbreak

8/24/18 The Washington Post: Ebola outbreak now at 105 cases, and bordering countries are on alert

8/24/18 Omaha World-Herald: Italy: Mount Etna volcano roars into action with ash and lava

8/24/18 Herald-Tribune Florida: Public meeting on red tide turns into spirited rally for clean water

8/24/18 HuffPost: Our Health Depends On The Health Of The Ocean — And The Ocean Is Sick

8/25/18 AccuWeather: Reports: Lane batters Hawaii with life-threatening flooding, dozens of landslides

8/25/18 MSN: Typhoon Cimaron Crashes Into Japan

8/25/18 Iowa City considering options for hunting to control deer population

8/25/18 CNN Australia: Great Barrier Reef headed for ‘massive death’

8/25/18 Reuters: Papua New Guinea volcano erupts, forcing villagers to flee

8/25/18 WMUR: New Hampshire: Cluster of Legionnaires’ disease reported in Hampton

8/25/18 Reno Gazette Journal: Maryland: ‘Sea lice’ irritate swimmers at Atlantic beaches with itching and rashes

8/25/18 Chron: Nebraska: Rockford Lake near Beatrice remains on health alert

8/25/18 World War 3 fears: Russia threaten NUCLEAR WEAPONS to Syria in response to US sanctions

8/25/18 Quartz: Florida’s red tide crisis shows how climate change will make the world an ugly place

8/25/18 The Independent: Kerala floods: Indians returning to homes beset by deadly snakes and scorpions hiding in beds and cupboards

8/25/18 VICE: The Glaciers on Earth’s ‘Third Pole’ Are Bursting, Causing Deadly Floods

8/25/18 Business Insider UK: African swine fever hits Romania’s biggest pig farm

8/25/18 The Hill: Five recent events stoking climate change (the real one, not the political one) fears

8/25/18 KSAT 12: Texas shark bite victim gets infected with flesh-eating bacteria, is back in hospital

8/25/18 Dana Durnford: Day 13 Fukushima Meltdown Marine Sailing Expedition Pictures Video

8/26/18 The Guardian: Ebola: medics brace for new cases as DRC outbreak spreads

8/26/18 Tampa Bay Times: Florida: More manatees have died in Florida so far this year than in all of 2017. Here’s why

8/26/18 Italy: Back in action: Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, spews lava and ash (VIDEOS)

8/26/18 New York: Death Knell for Ash Trees

8/26/18 Fortune: 25,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Are Being Recalled Due to Possible E. Coli Contamination

8/26/18 The Wichita Eagle: Kansans drank contaminated water for years. The state didn’t tell them.

8/26/18 Millions of fish die in lake Toba the largest volcanic lake around the world situated in the caldera of a supervolcano in Indonesia

8/26/18 Fox 17 West Michigan: Australia: Marine scientist predicts a ‘planetary catastrophe’ looms ahead

8/26/18 WMTW 8: New Hampshire: Cluster of Legionnaires’ disease reported near Hampton Beach

8/26/18 Gulf News Algeria: Algeria confirms second death from cholera, epidemic spreading to new areas

8/26/18 IBTimes: Chronic Kidney Disease: Toxic Air-Polluting Particles Can Cause Condition, Affect Organ’s Function

8/26/18 Decline of Yellow-Banded Bumblebee

8/26/18 BBC UK: Food prices ‘to rise 5%’ because of extreme weather

8/26/18 Reno Gazette Journal: Nevada: Burning Man reopens gates into Black Rock City; wait times expected to hit 10 hours

8/26/18 Colorado Springs Gazette: Colorado: Outgoing El Paso County public health director: Money not matching needs

8/27/18 Atlanta Journal Constitution: Ohio: ‘Bee Man’ goes viral after finding massive invasive European hornet nest in Chevy El Camino

8/27/18 Monstrous giant squid discovered on New Zealand beach (PHOTOS)

8/27/18 Spear-toting robot can guard coral reefs against invasive lionfish

8/27/18 Warring militant groups are making the fight against Ebola even more dangerous than it already is

8/27/18 Sierra Sun Times: California: Sierra National Forest on Tree Mortality and Firefighter Safety

8/27/18 WTSP Florida: Red tide latest: 241 tons of dead fish, marine debris cleaned up across Manatee County

8/27/18 Montana: Update on wildfires in Glacier National Park (Mon Aug 27)

8/27/18 North Dakota: Hantavirus Death Reported in the State

8/27/18 LiveScience: Scientists discover a sixth species of Ebola virus — in bats

8/27/18 WCVB 5: 4th human case of West Nile virus confirmed in Massachusetts

8/27/18 WPLG Local 10: Dangerous blood-sucking ‘kissing bugs’ spreading to Florida

8/27/18 A Disease Transmitted By A “Kissing Bug” Is Spreading In The US

8/27/18 HuffPost: Hurricane Lane Was One Of The U.S.’s Most Extreme Rainfall Events

8/27/18 WPVI-TV New Jersey: ‘Sea lice’ causing problems for swimmers in Ocean City

8/17/18 Fox 59 Indianapolis: Indiana: Wayne County now a nation leader for Hepatitis A infections

8/27/18 Staffer at IE elementary school diagnosed with active tuberculosis

8/27/18 Scientists find corals in deeper waters under stress too

8/27/18 WLOS: Florida red tide: Wildlife advocate stunned by toll on fish

8/27/18 Jamaica Observer: Millions risk malnutrition as CO2 levels climb — study

8/27/18 Michigan officials hesitate to call Parchment’s drinking water ‘safe’

8/27/18 Chron: Fuel spills into river at Mississippi ship builder

8/27/18 KCRA 3 Sacramento: California: Study predicts extreme heat, furious floods for Sacramento Valley

8/27/18 The Guardian: ‘Apocalyptic threat’: dire climate report raises fears for California’s future

8/27/18 Dana Durnford: As Fukushima Melted Nuclear Power Plants Kills Pacific Ocean Our University’s & Media Celebrate

8/27/18 The Inertia: Major Fish Die-Off in Malibu Lagoon Spurs Investigation

8/28/18 Fortune: Highly Contagious African Swine Fever Is Killing China’s Pigs

8/28/18 Market Watch: STDs hit record highs again, threatening millions of American lives

8/28/18 Las Vegas Review-Journal: Growing Northern Nevada wildfire forces closure of 750k acres

8/28/18 Storyful: Italy: Lava Streams Down the Slopes of Italy’s Mount Etna

8/28/18 Dana Durnford: Should Fukushima Statue Of Child in Radiation Suit to be Removed Be Left

8/29/18 ABC News: Congo’s latest Ebola outbreak could become ‘worst ever’ in East Africa, IRC warns

8/29/18 17 People Made Ill in Four States and One Dead in New York from Empire Kosher Chicken Salmonella Outbreak

8/29/18 WINK TV Southwest Florida: ‘That’s not right’: No air quality tests amid red tide, algae in SWFL

8/29/18 ABC 7: Florida: Beloved manatee found dead off Sanibel

8/29/18 Bradenton Herald: Dolphin dead from red tide washes up on Florida beach

8/29/18 Florida: Water quality protest held at Matlacha Bridge

8/29/18 WFTS Tampa Bay: Activity ramping up in the Atlantic as we enter most active part of 2018 hurricane season

8/29/18 Press Herald: Maine: Mainers urged to avoid mosquito bites after West Nile is found in mosquitoes in Kittery

8/29/18 CBC News: Warm water under Arctic ice a ‘ticking time bomb,’ researcher says

8/29/18 The Malibu Times: Thousands of Fish Found Dead in Malibu Lagoon Thursday

8/29/18 EcoWatch: 300 Endangered Sea Turtles Killed in Illegal Fishing Net Off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

8/29/18 Outbreak News Today: Florida cow is country’s 6th BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) case

8/29/18 Reuters: Myanmar dam breach floods 85 villages, thousands driven from homes

8/29/18 Massachusetts: Cicadas are back and now even louder

8/29/18 Dana Durnford: Taiwan Bullied By Nuke Tarts to Have Referendum on Lifting Fukushima Food Ban

8/30/18 Detroit Free Press: 4 tornadoes strike northern Michigan as crews work to restore power

8/30/18 WPXI Pittsburgh: Enfamil powdered baby formula removed from CVS shelves

8/29/18 Florida: Nasal spray and baby products recalled for bacteria

8/29/18 FOX 8 Live: Recall of CVS nasal spray expanded; now including baby oral gels

8/29/18 Children’s Advil recalled due to packaging error

8/29/18 Al Jazeera: French fishermen assault British boats over scallops

8/30/18 WCVB Boston: Officials: 12 cases, 1 fatal, of Legionnaires’ disease confirmed in Hampton, New Hampshire

8/30/18 Global Citizen: Climate Change’s Latest Casualty: Cute, Tiny Puffins

8/30/18 Deadly bird flu could spread worldwide because China is refusing to share samples of the virus with the UK or US to help vaccine production

8/30/18 Counterpunch: Assholes Finish First, Left Purity, And The Death Of A Living Planet

8/30/18 Tropical wave forecast to move into Gulf next week

8/30/18 Reuters: Housing funds for Puerto Ricans who fled Hurricane Maria must end: U.S. judge

8/30/18 The Sacramento Bee: Cats could be banned in a New Zealand town. ‘It’s like a police state,’ resident says

8/30/18 WFTS Tampa Bay: Florida: Publix issues recall on dozens of ground beef products after 18 people fall ill

8/30/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Facts Vs Fiction Shows Media/University’s are 100% Monsters

8/30/18 Exotic Asian longhorned tick found in Connecticut

8/30/18 KLUR-TV: Plague confirmed in Wyoming cat

8/30/18: California: Giant trees to be removed from San Francisco’s Washington Square park

8/30/18: New York: Concern Over Massive Trees The Talk Of Rockland Town

8/30/18 WKBW Buffalo: Thunderstorms could bring down trees across W New York

8/30/18 Mountain View Voice: California: PG&E to remove 280 trees in Mountain View

8/30/18 Galveston County The Daily News: Texas: City needs to better care for its esplanade trees

8/30/18 Global Warming Could Spur More and Hungrier Crop-Eating Bugs

8/30/18 WINK TV Southwest Florida: Snook and redfish ‘catch-and-release’ policy goes into effect

8/30/18 WINK TV Southwest Florida: Researchers to test bacteria treatment designed to rid canals of algae

8/30/18 Nature: Malaria’s Ticking Time Bomb

8/30/18 Reuters: Montana: First Yellowstone-area grizzly hunt in 40 years blocked by federal judge

8/30/18 Global warming: More insects, eating more crops

8/31/18 AP: WHO: ‘Substantial Risks’ Remain in Congo’s Ebola Outbreak

8/31/18 NBC Connecticut: Cape Cod, Massachusetts Harbormaster Has Dire Shark Warning for Beachgoers

8/30/18 Delaware woman dies of rabies in the state’s first fatal case since 1941

8/30/18 Tennessee: Adult At Bellevue Middle School Diagnosed With Hepatitis A

8/30/18 UPI: Central California is sinking at an accelerated rate

8/31/18 Reuters: Bulgaria reports its first outbreak of African swine fever

8/31/18 Penn Live: Pennsylvania hospital sued after newborn dies amid neonatal virus outbreak

8/31/18 Calaveras Enterprise: California: Community works to combat tree mortality, wildfire risks

8/31/18 NOAA declares seal die-off in New England as ‘unusual mortality event’

8/31/18 AFP: Dead dolphins, diseased seals wash up on US shores

8/31/18 The Daily Astorian: Oregon: Young common murres washing ashore in Cannon Beach could point to a healthier colony

8/31/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Facts Vs Fiction : Radioactive Water Tanks

8/31/18 WMTW Portland: Maine: Hundreds of dead fish wash up on Old Orchard Beach

8/31/18 Inquisitr: The Most Powerful Storm Of 2018 Jebi Is Heading Toward Japan, And It Doesn’t Look Good

8/31/18 Science Alert: A Terminator-Style Kill-Bot Is About to Start Wreaking Carnage on The Great Barrier Reef

8/31/18 Olean Times Herald: New York State: DEC says oak wilt tree disease found in South Bristol

8/31/18 Nature: DRC: Experimental Ebola drugs face tough test in war zone

9/1/18 Press Herald: Maine: Dead fish continue to wash up on Old Orchard Beach for the 2nd day

9/1/18 Insulin’s high cost leads to lethal rationing

9/1/18 Truthout: Corporate Food Brands Drive the Massive Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

9/1/18 AccuWeather: Super Typhoon Jebi to deal Japan another dangerous blow

9/1/18 Reuters: China forced to evacuate hundreds of thousands of residents of flood-prone regions

9/1/18 WRCB TV: Hundreds of nasal products for children, adults added to CVS nasal spray recall

9/1/18 AZ Central: Oct. 1, 2018 deadline for Arizona victims of Las Vegas shooting to apply for assistance funds

9/1/18 The Toledo Blade: No end to the parade of pests killing our trees

9/1/18 KMGH 7 Denver: Colorado beef industry struggling amid drought, wildfires and tariffs

9/1/18 Study: Hotter climate (think Fukushima China-syndrome meltdown radiation) puts crop-chomping insects in the mood, leads to rise in food prices

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/02/18

9/2/18 NBC News: As Florida’s toxic red tide stretches on, residents report health problems

9/2/18 ABC News: Ebola survivors returning home to fear, stigma in Congo

9/2/18 Al Jazeera: Japan: Honshu braces for yet more floods with Typhoon Jebi

9/2/18 Houston Chronicle: Texas: Odds of tropical weather system forming in the Atlantic up to 80%

9/2/18 Central Myanmar dam breach affected 63 000, displaced 36 000 and left 4 dead and 3 missing

9/2/18 Tropical Storm Warnings Issued for Northern Gulf Coast Ahead of Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven

9/2/18 The Nation: Thailand: Victims of dengue already pass 50,000 this year

9/2/18 Earth is set for big freeze as sun goes blank for majority of 2018

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/03/18

9/3/18 MASSIVE fire at National Museum of Brazil engulfs ENTIRE BUILDING

9/3/18 11Alive: Labor Day brings renewed Red Tide warnings in Florida

9/3/18 Tropical Storm Gordon forms; hurricane watch issued for Alabama coast

9/3/18 AccuWeather: Jebi approaches Japan as a life-threatening typhoon

9/3/18 Google quietly bought Mastercard credit and debit card records

9/3/18 Al Jazeera: India: ‘Rat fever’ threatens thousands after Indian state’s worst floods

9/3/18 Dana Durnford: Japans Government Attempts To Bully Netflix Over Fukushima Dark Tourist Episode

9/3/18 Autonomous killer drones begin patrolling the Great Barrier Reef

9/3/18 NPR: As Climate Warms, Algae Blooms In Drinking Water Supplies

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/04/18

9/4/18 AFP: Strongest typhoon in quarter century hits Japan

9/4/18 The Independent: Typhoon Jebi – live updates: Japan suffers first deaths from storm as 135mph winds see major evacuation and flights cancelled

9/4/18 The Weather Channel: Tropical Storm Gordon Approaching Northern Gulf Coast, Expected to Make Landfall as a Hurricane Tonight; Hurricane, Storm Surge Warnings Issued

9/4/18 ‘Incurable’ & drug-resistant: Deadly superbug colonizing hospitals across globe

9/4/18 BGR: The massive iceberg that broke off Antarctica last year is now spinning for some reason

9/4/18 Dana Durnford: Who is the Fukushima 50 ? Fukushima Meltdowns Facts Vs Fiction

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/05/18

9/5/18 CBS New York: Emirates Flight Held At JFK Airport After Several Reported Sick On Board

9/5/18 IBTimes: Trillion-ton Antarctic iceberg makes a full turn- headed for crash and no one knows why

9/5/18 Tropical Storm Gordon live updates: Child killed; beaches closed; Florence now Category 3 hurricane

9/5/18 News 19 WLTX: Hurricane Florence Becomes ‘Major Hurricane’ in the Atlantic

9/5/18 Naples Daily News: Dead zone conditions being reported in Gulf of Mexico due to red tide

9/5/18 Washington Post: Suspect flees from police into toxic Florida algae — then desperately pleads for their help

9/5/18 Dana Durnford: What is the Fukushima radiation ? Its Why Nuclear Censored Dana Durnford TheNuclearProctologist.Org

9/5/18 AccuWeather: Hurricane Florence, 1st major hurricane of Atlantic season, to approach Bermuda and US East Coast next week

9/5/18 UPI: 30 more sickened by salmonella in Kellogg’s Honey Smacks

9/5/18 Fox 23 WPFO: Maine: Dead squirrels cause concern throughout Portland

9/5/18 KSBW 8: California: WATCH: Superpod of dolphins stampede off Pacific Grove coast

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/06/18

9/6/18 AccuWeather: Florence, 1st major hurricane of Atlantic season, to approach Bermuda and US East Coast next week

9/6/18 AP: Fire roaring through Northern California triples in size

9/6/18 Chicago Tribune: Column: Emanuel still pulling strings in the city of tribes

9/6/18 ABC 10 News: Delta Fire explodes in Northern California

9/6/18 ZME Science: 8 bird species have disappeared this decade or are on the brink of extinction

9/6/18 WINK TV: Southwest Florida’s Edison Reef becoming dead zone, researchers say

9/6/18 Dana Durnford: Japan Picked Up And Dropped By 9.6 Earthquake – Nuclear Plant Goes Dark

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/07/18

9/7/18 Tropical Storm Florence: These storm track scenarios would be bad for East Coast

9/7/18 Darien News: EPA boss to visit polluted mining industry sites in Montana

9/7/18 The Week: Dead seals keep washing up on New England’s coast

9/7/18 Dana Durnford: Japan Admits A Fukushima Nuclear Death – Dr. Geraldine Thomas & Dr. James Conca : Smoking Did It

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/08/18

9/8/18 Organic Slant: Fukushima ELE Crashing Chromosomes Misguided Mitosis 9-1-2018 | Organic Slant

9/8/18 Tampa Bay Times: Florida: Red Tide arrives in Pinellas, killing hundreds of thousands of fish

9/8/18 The Sacramento Bee: Dunsmuir residents alert and prepped to go as raging Delta Fire tops 40,000 acres

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/09/18

9/9/18 AccuWeather: Strengthening Florence may pose serious threat to US East Coast later this week

9/7/18 San Francisco Chronicle: California: Millennium Tower window crack could signal bigger problem, report says

9/8/18 ABS-CBN News: South Korea reports first MERS case in 3 years

9/8/18 WABC New York: Hundreds stranded after wires fall onto New Jersey Transit train

9/8/18 Texas: Houston Health Department reports increase in syphilis outbreak

9/8/18 Houston Chronicle: Plains All American guilty of criminal charges in California oil spill

9/9/18 The Washington Post: Florida: Toxic red tide algae moves north near Tampa Bay, killing hundreds of thousands of fish

9/9/18 Indy Star: Pipeline dumps 8,000 gallons of jet fuel into Indiana river

9/9/18 Hoboken Patch: Pole Crashes Through Train As New Jersey Transit Messes Reach New Level

9/9/18 Japan culls livestock after hog cholera outbreak

9/9/18 WBZ CBS Boston: Massachusetts: Humpback Whale Calf Washes Ashore In Cohasset

9/9/18 West Nile continues to spike in New Jersey, infecting another person. Here’s how your county is faring.

9/9/18 Miami Herald: Florence — with sights set on U.S. East Coast — leads trio of hurricanes in Atlantic

9/10/18 Florence Now a Major Category 4 Hurricane; Destructive Strike Likely on Southeast Coast

USGS Earthquakes 4+ 9/10/18

9/11/18 Dana Durnford: Hurricane Florence Emergency Broadcast: Expect Gust 200 MPH Storm Surge Like Tsunami

9/11/18 Hurricane Florence: Massive storm could flood many waste sites, creating toxic brew

9/11/18 MotherJones: Thousands of Prisoners Are Being Forced to Stay During Hurricane Florence

9/11/18 Chicago Tribune: MGM offers $500 donation to charity for each shooting survivor who waives notice of lawsuit

9/11/18 CNET: Scientists discover new fish species in ocean’s terrifying depths

9/12/18 Reuters: ANALYSIS-In quake-prone Japan, attention shifts to flood risks as heavy rains increase

9/12/18 Dana Durnford: If Hurricane Florence Damages Any Nuke Reactors Evacuees Might Not Be Able To Go back

9/12/18 Quartz: A super typhoon (Mangkhut) stronger than Hurricane Florence is raging across Asia

9/12/18 The Weather Channel: Nearly 1,000 Flights Canceled, 13,000 Delayed as Florence Wreaks Havoc with Travel

9/12/18 Axios: The ties between Hurricane Florence and climate change

9/12/18 Strontium Milks: New York: Nuclear Accident Indian Point Radiation Leak Out Of Containment Several Miles

9/13/18 WCVB: Massachusetts: Dozens of explosions, fires after apparent gas issue in Merrimack Valley

9/13/18 Dana Durnford: Japan Insults Chinese Premier Li By Suggesting China Import Fukushima Radiated Food

9/13/18 WMUR Manchester: Public health threat declaration issued for southern New Hampshire for West Nile virus

9/13/18 The Kansas City Star: FBI mum about sudden closing of solar observatory. Conspiracy theories fill the silence

9/13/18 Al Jazeera: Mangkhut: Thousands evacuate as storm bears down on Philippines

9/14/18 Netherlands: Earthquakes, leaks: salt mining under scrutiny as problems mount

9/15/18 At least 12 dead including two children after 560-mile wide Super-Typhoon Mangkhut hits the Philippines

9/15/18 Chicago Tribune: A New Mexico solar observatory has been evacuated for a week. Not even the guards know why.

9/15/18 ABC7 News: North Carolina: Video: Snake Spotted in Hurricane Florence Floodwaters

9/15/18 The Salt Lake Tribune: Utah: Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fires keep growing; juvenile accused of sparking Herriman blaze

9/16/18 China: RED ALERT: Typhoon Mangkhut to SMASH into TWO nuclear plants as MILLIONS evacuate in panic

9/16/18 AP: Typhoon pounds China after mud buries dozens in Philippines

9/16/18 Global News: Surprise! Massachusetts gas explosions were result of ‘overpressure’ (a.k.a. “Earthquakes”): NTSB

9/17/18 Dana Durnford: What’s Behind So Many Alaska Whales Dying ?

9/17/18 The Epoch Times: North Carolina: ‘Unusual Event’ Declared at Brunswick Nuclear Plant After Hurricane Florence

9/18/18 BBC News: Africa: Zimbabwe’s cholera emergency: ‘Stench of sewage’ in Harare

9/19/18 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missouri: Ten West Nile virus cases around St. Louis, but not if you ask the state

9/19/18 BGR: Ticked-off Canadian crabs are waging war on the United States and scientists are powerless to stop them

9/18/18 Why do we love bees but hate wasps?

9/18/18 Fox 13 Tampa, Florida: Meteorologists: It may be time for a new hurricane rating system

9/19/18 Yellowstone volcano EARTHQUAKE risk: Magnitude-7 earthquake is BIGGER threat than ERUPTION

9/19/18 WGME Fox 28: Dead seals continue to wash up on Maine beaches

9/18/18 Strontium Milks: Monticello Uncontrolled Radioactive Release Mississippi to Gulf of Mexico

9//19/18 Hudson Valley Press: The Monarch Butterfly is Fluttering on the Edge of Extinction

9/19/18 AP: Deadly plant virus causing major damage to roses nationwide

9/20/18 AP: Montana: Long-dormant Yellowstone hot spring erupts, highest spew since 1957

9/20/18 Montana: Yellowstone Volcano Geysers shooting rocks and steam as thermal activity increases

9/20/18 Canadian firefighters battle fire tornado for control of their hose (VIDEO)

9/21/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Meltdowns & The Nuclear Monsters Show Episode 4 Sep 21st 2018

9/21/18 Dana Durnford: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor Presser & Did McGregor Throw Mayweather Fight ?

9/21/18 Massachusetts: 25-foot whale washed ashore on Massachusetts beach

9/21/18 FOX 31 Denver: This town in Greece is draped in thousands of spider webs

9/21/18 Colossal 1,000ft-high underwater walls could stop ‘runaway’ Antarctic ice sheet collapsing and triggering a rise in sea levels worldwide, say scientists

9/21/18 KTLA Los Angeles: SoCal Violated Federal Smog Standards for 87 Consecutive Days, Longest Streak in Decades

9/21/18 WCVB Boston: 2 dead whales found washed up on Massachusetts shoreline Friday

9/22/18 Organic Slant: How Long Can A Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2 Worker Work for? Not Very Long

9/22/18 WDIV ClickOnDetroit: Ground beef recalled nationwide after E. coli death

9/22/18 AccuWeather: Record-setting rainfall in Texas claims life, requires rescues and forces evacuations

9/22/18 KSDK St Louis: Bridgeton, Missouri: ‘The smell has just been outrageous’ | New report says Bridgeton Landfill is harmful to health

9/22/18 Al Jazeera: Cholera kills 97 in Nigeria’s northeast

9/22/18 The Washington Post: Dam breach sends toxic coal ash flowing into a major North Carolina river

9/23/18 Dallas News: How Atmos Energy’s natural gas keeps blowing up Texas homes (Think Nuclear fallout Wigner Effect and Earthquakes)

9/22/18 Sputnik : Nowhere to Run: Unavoidable Solar Storm Threatens to Devastate Earth – Reports

9/23/18 Al Jazeera: Hong Kong bans pro-independence party in unprecedented move

9/23/18 Al Jazeera: ‘This shouldn’t be happening’: Civilian deaths spike in Yemen

9/24/18 Dana Durnford: The Nuclear Monsters Show 5 & Fukushima Nuke Meltdowns

9/24/18 Fox 5 San Diego: Typhoon Trami: Taiwan on guard as storm builds to super typhoon strength

9/24/18 Al Jazeera: Ebola outreach work halted as DR Congo attack toll hits 21

9/25/18 USA Patch: Two Orca Deaths And Another Dying Orca Spur Extinction Fears

9/25/18 NDTV News: The Washington Post: Across The Arctic, Lakes Are Leaking Dangerous Greenhouse Gases

9/25/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Nuke Meltdowns & The Nuclear Monsters Show E6 – Sep 24th 2018

9/25/18 BGR: The Earth is wobbling more than it should, and humans are likely the cause

9/25/18 The Telegraph: London: Beluga whale spotted in River Thames for first time in history is in ‘grave danger’, expert warns

9/25/18 EcoWatch: Beluga Whale in River Thames ‘Very Lost and Quite Possibly in Trouble’

9/26/18 AccuWeather: Tropical Storm Kirk to aim for Caribbean as other Atlantic tropical threats brew

9/26/18 AccuWeather: Severe storms to threaten millions in northeastern US at midweek

Wigner Effect:
9/26/18: New York-Bound Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Ireland

9/26/18 Mashable: Arctic ice hit one of its lowest points on record, but there’s another grim statistic

9/25/18 The News-Press: Toxic algae Florida: Rick Scott’s algae plan not a hit with everyone

9/26/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Nuke Meltdowns & The Nuclear Monsters Show E7

9/25/18 South America: Once majestic Atlantic Forest ’empty’ after 500 years of over-exploitation

9/26/18 The Herald-Sun: Wash your hands if you touch the ocean in North Carolina – and forget swimming, experts warn

9/26/18 PennLive: Cause of deer deaths in southeastern Pennsylvania confirmed

9/25/18 Organic Slant: Can Someone Tell TEPCO The Vent Stack Is Rusting

9/26/18 The Epoch Times: Tropical Storm Kirk, Hurricane Rosa Are Strengthening: NHC

9/27/18 Mother Nature Network: A Brazilian rainforest is now being called an ‘extinction vortex’

9/28/18 KUSA: ‘Mosquito-pocalypse is in full effect’: North Carolina hit by blood-sucking pest outbreak

9/28/18 Lured to their death: Shocking footage shows how endangered sharks are impaled through the head by baited hooks to protect tourists on the Great Barrier Reef

9/30/18 Dana Durnford: Re; Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Radiation Dose Debate in Pasco, Washington Oct. 1-3 2018

A couple of silly articles follow mocking Trump’s acknowledgement of the planetary extinction event.  The articles are noteworthy because of Trump’s acknolwedgement.

9/28/18 Chicago Tribune: Trump administration predicts a 7-degree global temperature rise. Its policies assume planet’s fate is sealed.

9/28/18 New York Mag: The Trump Administration Anticipates Catastrophic Global Warming by 2100

9/29/18 ABC News AP: Risk of Ebola’s spread from Congo now ‘very high,’ WHO says

9/30/18 CommonWealth: Massachusetts: The many faces of climate denial

10/1/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima: Nuke Expert Dana Durnford Unpacks – Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Debate

10/2/18 Super-Typhoon Kong-rey Forecast Puts Japan and Taiwan at Alert

Imagine how many unmarked toxic dumps are contaminating our air, food, and water
10/1/18 Lowell Sun: Massachusetts: Condos built atop former city dump leaves Lowell on the hook for $1.5 mill

10/2/18 CBS 4 Denver: Colorado: Polar Bears Leaving Denver Zoo

10/1/18 Mother Nature News: Scientist warns that particle accelerator experiments could make Earth implode

10/1/18 Cold weather warning: Atmosphere SHRINKS as sun cools down for solar minimum

10/2/18 WIRED: Texas: A Brain-Eating Amoeba just Claimed Another Victim

The slaughter we’re enabling in Yemen is sickening.

10/1/18 Al Jazeera: Yemen: Hodeidah ‘cholera cases triple after Saudi-UAE offensive’: Report

10/1/18 Minnesota Outdoors: Minnesota deer season opens with another case of Chronic Wasting Disease

10/2/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Reactor Meltdowns & The Nuclear Monsters Show E10

10/2/18 WCVB 5 Boston: Massachusetts Logan International: Primera Airlines with Logan routes abruptly shuts down

10/2/18 WCJB 20: Florida: Spotting a Southern Pine Beetle infestation

10/3/18 Massachusetts: Minke Whale Die-Off Continues as Another Washes Up in Marshfield

10/3/18 AP: Indonesia Palu, Sulawesi Island: Volcano erupts on same Indonesian island as earlier earthquake

10/3/18 Al Jazeera: Indonesia, Palu, Sulawesi Island earthquake and tsunami: All the latest updates

Sign found at beach entrance: “Dearest tourists: Stop making our beach look like we’re going through a goddamned extinction event. Stupid tourists.”

10/3/18: Thai bay made famous in ‘The Beach’ shuts indefinitely as Philippines places visitor cap on ‘cesspool’ Boracay

10/3/18 Local 10 Miami: Dead fish wash ashore South Florida beaches, possibly due to red tide

10/3/18 Dana Durnford: Fukushima Reactor Meltdowns & The Nuclear Monsters Show E11

10/3/18 Indonesia volcano eruption: Moment another volcano erupts SPEWING fast flowing lava

10/3/18 Typhoon Japan: Is Typhoon Kong-rey MORE powerful than DEADLY Typhoon Trami?

10/4/18 Australia: Mayday call sparks United Airlines landing at Sydney Airport

10/4/18 US military plan to spread viruses using insects could create ‘new class of biological weapon’, scientists warn

10/4/18 Axios: DRC: Congo’s security risk raises international alarm over Ebola

10/4/18 Indonesia volcano eruption: Terrifying moment THIRD volcano erupts spewing huge ash column

10/4/18 Al Jazeera: Japan: Osaka cuts ties with San Francisco over ‘comfort women’ statue

10/5/18 ABC 7: California: Flea-borne typhus disease on the rise in Los Angeles, Pasadena

10/5/18 National Geographic: Chile: Time-lapse shows how 337 dead whales can reshape a landscape

10/5/18 Beyond Pesticides: Oregon Temporarily Bans Herbicide aminocyclopyrachlor Known to Kill Trees

Ref: North Carolina Earthquake

10/5/18 Fox 8 News: Fish suffocating in eastern North Carolina waters weeks after Hurricane Florence

10/5/18 Approved FAA Reauthorization Act Allows Government to Control, Confiscate Drones

10/5/18 Tracks weren’t to blame for train derailment near Penn Station, but now feds are investigating

10/6/18 WTVR CBS6 News: Check your fridge and garage for all these things recalled this week

10/5/18 ABC7 New York: Health department investigating second cluster of Legionnaires’ in Washington Heights; 8 hospitalized

10/5/18 9 new human related West Nile virus cases reported in Massachusetts (38 YTD)

10/5/18 Food Safety News: Treating virulent strain of Salmonella as adulterant in largest beef recall in history

10/7/18 Acute flaccid myelitis: 6 cases of rare polio-like illness confirmed in Minnesota (364 in US 2014-2018)

10/6/18 NBC News: California: Typhus reaches ‘epidemic levels’ in parts of Los Angeles area

10/7/18 Reuters: Five new Ebola cases confirmed in eastern Congo – health ministry

10/7/18 Wildfire burns thousands of acres east of Fairfield, California

10/7/18 Al Jazeera: Indonesia fears post-tunsami disease epidemics

10/7/18 Tropical Storm Michael Strengthening in Northwestern Caribbean Sea, Could Threaten Northeastern Gulf Coast as a Hurricane Midweek

10/7/18 Reuters: Anger, dismay as Indonesia says search for quake victims to end

10/6/18 AP: Indonesia considers making devastated areas mass graves

10/7/18 The Aspen Times: Colorado: Monarch ski resort tackling dead trees due to infestation

10/7/18 Fox30 NewsJax: Tropical storm Michael forms over NW Caribbean, headed for Gulf west of Jacksonville & likely to become a hurricane

10/6/18 CBS Dallas/Fort Worth: Residents Stay Alert As North Texas Rains Lead To Swarms Of Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus

Earthquakes 10/8/18

10/8/18 Michael Intensifies Into a Hurricane; Dangerous Threat to Florida’s Northeast Gulf Coast

10/8/18 BGR: There’s something wrong with the Hubble Space Telescope

10/7/18 San Francisco Chronicle: California: Blaze in Solano County sends clouds of smoke south on busy day of fires

10/8/18 Fox News: Men seeing drastic drop in sperm count, study claims

10/8/18 Reuters: Explosion and fire shut Irving Oil refinery in Saint John, Canada (New Brunswick)

10/8/18 WFTV Orlando: EYE ON THE TROPICS: Hurricane Michael intensifies further; life-threatening impacts to north Florida

10/8/18 The Dallas Morning News: American Airlines’ new rebooking policy could mean longer waits for stranded passengers

10/8/18 WCVB5 Boston: Massachusetts: Minke whale euthanized after beaching on Cape Cod

10/8/18 Massachusetts: Woburn: National Grid facing new scrutiny over gas safety following incident

10/9/18 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Gulf of Mexico: State of emergency declared for 92 Georgia counties ahead of Hurricane Michael

10/9/18 We know New Jersey Transit is a mess. This report shows how bad the agency really is.

10/8/18 Woburn: Gas meters shut off in Massachusetts over pressure issue

10/8/18 Fox 10: Indiana father warns others of mold in Capri Sun juice box pouches

10/9/18 Huge Iceberg Poised to Break Off Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier

10/9/18 Miami Herald: ‘Catastrophic’ mental health changes tied to (nuclear meltdown in china syndrome) climate change, study says. What we know

10/9/18 Chicago: ‘I’m going to die a slow death.’ Insurance stops covering man’s life-saving medication

The primary cause of the controlled burn is to get rid of the dead wood from the tree die-offs that are fuelling the wildfires.

10/9/18 The Denver Post: Colorado: Rangers to operate controlled burns at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

10/9/18 Columbus: Michigan: Don’t eat deer that looks like this, bovine tuberculosis found in wild deer

10/9/18 CBS Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania: Children’s Hospital Confirms 3 Cases Of Mysterious Polio-Like Illness In Pittsburgh

10/9/18: Mississippi: More than 2,000 customers under boil water alert (EColi, Total Coliform) in Forrest County

10/9/18 Ancient Origins: Italy: An Ancient Supervolcano That “Exploded People’s Skulls and Evaporated Their Bodies” is Ready to Blow Again

10/9/18 The Denver Post: 41 Colorado children diagnosed with rare viral infections in unprecedented outbreak

10/9/18 KABC-TV: California: Los Angeles County public defender dies after contracting West Nile virus

10/9/18 Deccan Herald: India: And now, H3N2 cases reported in Bengaluru

10/9/18 Miami Herald: ‘Catastrophic’ mental health changes tied to climate change (i.e. nuclear fallout), study says. What we know

10/10/18 The Denver Post: 41 Colorado children diagnosed with rare viral infections in unprecedented outbreak

10/10/18 CBS Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania: Children’s Hospital Confirms 3 Cases Of Acute Flaccid Myelitis, A Mysterious Polio-Like Illness, In Pittsburgh

10/10/18 Hurricane Michael Has Made Landfall Near Mexico Beach, Florida; Life-Threatening Storm Surge, Catastrophic Winds Continue

10/10/18 The Seattle Times: Washington: Risk of power outages rises for Puget Sound Energy customers after Canadian gas pipeline ruptures

10/10/18 National Geographic: Italy: Mt. Etna: Europe’s most active volcano is sliding into the sea

10/9/18 TCPalm: Red tide in Key Largo, Florida Keys canal different from what’s on east, west coasts

10/9/18 Big Think: Antarctica: The Pine Island Glacier is about to calve another monster iceberg

10/10/18 FRANCE 24: Has the world gone mad? Mental health disorders on the rise globally

10/10/18 Long Beach Post: Flea-borne typhus outbreak in Long Beach, LA County, has health officials worried

10/10/18 California Utility PG&E Blamed for Another Wildfire

10/10/18 CBS Sacramento: Nationwide Earthquake Drill To Take Place Next Week

10/11/18 Atlanta Journal Constitution: Hurricane Michael: Damage in Georgia is ‘phenomenal’

10/11/18 The Fayetteville Observer: Rescues, damage in Florida after hurricane Michael

10/11/18 Global Internet could crash in next 48 hours

10/11/18 AP: Power’s out in Tallahassee, Florida state capital

10/11/18 The Idaho Statesman: Rate of new Ebola cases has doubled since September

10/11/18 Washington gas prices could rise 15 to 30 cents in wake of pipeline rupture

10/12/18 Bradenton Herald: Florida: Hurricane Michael leaves friends, relatives searching for thousands of people

10/12/18 Australia: Mom suffers horrific injuries while shielding her baby during freak hailstorm

10/12/18 There’s been a spike in a virus that could paralyze you. Here’s what you need to know

10/12/18 WTOP: 5 storm deaths reported in Virginia; outages continue

10/11/18 The Texas Tribune: As oil and gas exports surge, West Texas becomes the world’s “extraction colony”

10/12/18 Hyundai, Kia Called On to Recall 3 Million Cars After Rampant Reports of Random Fires

10/12/18 Another NASA space telescope shuts down in orbit (coincidental?!)

10/12/18 CNET: Another NASA space telescope just went into safe mode

10/12/18 WCVB Boston: Massachusetts imposes moratorium on all Columbia Gas work, excluding emergency work

“Simple Dishes” in NC, CA, CT, MD, MA, MI
10/12/18 ‘Unfit for human food’: NC company recalls 35,000 pounds of meat, poultry products

10/12/18 Soyuz Rocket Failure Could Leave International Space Station In Risky Unmanned Mode

Let’s see if these “alarming” reports result in action. The Paris accords’ first CO2 emission deadline is 2050. It doesn’t address nuclear AT ALL.
10/12/18: Al Gore on alarming U.N. climate report: ‘We have a global emergency’

10/13/18 Florida: Before and after satellite images of Hurricane Michael damage

10/12/18 CNET: Center for Auto Safety calls out Hyundai and Kia (South Korea) over lack of fire recall

10/12/18 World Health Organisation warns that Congo ebola outbreak is at a ‘tipping point’

10/12/18 Trust in vaccines plummet following dengue scandal in the Philippines

10/13/18 The Punch: Portugal declares red alert as Hurricane Leslie nears

10/13/18 Reuters: Without captions, warnings about Hurricane Michael failed to reach disabled

10/14/18 Corpse of Ebola victim stolen by relatives during funeral procession in Congo

10/14/18 ScienceAlert: Another (third) NASA Space Telescope Has Gone Into “Safe Mode”

10/13/18 KTHV Little Rock: Florida: Hurricane Michael’s fury will have longstanding environmental impacts

10/14/18 EDGE Media West Texas an ‘Extraction Colony’ as Oil, Gas Exports Surge

9/26/18 Oil Drillers’ Attempts to Avoid Earthquakes May Make Them Worse

10/14/18 KTVU: California: Wildfire danger has Pacific Gas & Electric poised to turn off power in 12 counties

10/15/18 NDTV: 177 Cases Of Swine Flu Detected In Karnataka, India, Says Official

10/14/18 The San Diego Union-Tribune: California: Meant to help with mental illness, money from tax on millionaires piles up

10/15/18 Jamaica Observer: WHO considering global health emergency over DRC Ebola outbreak

10/15/18 Sputnik: Pilot Makes ‘Impressive’ Sideways Landing While Caught in UK Crosswinds (VIDEOS)

10/16/18 CounterPunch: Talking About Death While In Decadence

10/15/18 VICE: The Unexpected Threat To Greenland’s Melting Glaciers (HBO)

10/16/18 UPI: Texas bridge collapses during severe flooding

10/16/18 Decline in Forest Insects Is ‘Hyperalarming’

10/16/18 ‘The biggest coffee crisis of our time’: Outbreak of rust fungus threatens to wipe out Latin America’s entire crop

10/16/18 Inquisitr: When The Ice Caps Melt, You Should Be Very Scared About What They Are Hiding, Warns Global Warming Scientist

10/16/18 Sputnik: Deadly Ancient Bacteria in Arctic Ice Could Spell Doom for Mankind – Scholar

10/17/18 CBS SF Bay Area: California: Power Line Sparks Grass Fire Near Natural Gas Pipeline; Bay Point Homes Evacuated

10/17/18 An Incurable Disease Is On The Rise In California, And Scientists Say Climate Change Could Cause It To Spread To Much Of The Western US

10/17/18 Star Tribune: Minnesota: Deadly deer virus new to state appears in herd on Goodhue County farm


Articles Documenting the Sixth Mass Extinction of Life on Planet Earth

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