USA Radiation (50 CPM was pre-Fukushima evacuation limit)

USA Radiation (10 CPM high, 50 CPM evacuation level)

6/29/17 Dana Durnford: #Fukushima: #Radiation Levels CPM: 10+=bad, 55+=serious(evacuate) Seiverts: 1 seivert will kill you within a year, 3 within a week, 5 on the spot

The EPA beta radiation monitors are turned off.  Below are random high readings from the EPA Gamma monitors.  The radioactive isotopes detected are a part of a China syndrome meltdown at Fukushima (in addition to other nuclear friends such as Bremerton, Hanford, Yucca Flat, Pilgrim, 3-Mile Island, Indian Point, Turkey Point, and many other radioactive sites that are currently in crisis because of rising storms, floods, and earthquakes).  Radioactive Iodine-131 and -129 are constantly being re-generated, and as the particles consume everything, both known, unknown, and classified elements are created.  100% of the MOX nuclear fuel in Reactor 3 was ejected into the environment in the 3/14/11 explosion of that reactor.  MOX is a special type of nuclear fuel, used in nuclear weapons.  It is designed to destroy all life, not light lightbulbs.

Do you live close to a superfund site or nuclear power plant?  Search for EPA-designated Superfund Sites Where You Live.  (Note:  Treat the official designations as only a subset of dangerous emission sites in the US.  Check out the US USGS satellite views around earthquakes.  A good deal of the time you’ll see toxic emissions somewhere within 10 miles of a quake.)

The following snapshots were captured from NETC :



USA Radiation (50 CPM was pre-Fukushima evacuation limit)

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