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.@aclu 3/8/17
ACLU Challenges Warrant to Search Data of #Facebook Page for #NoDAPL group
#NoDAPL #NativeNationsMarchOnWash 3/10/17

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🎶Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part I – RISE

🎶Red Power: Standing Rock Part II – RISE

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.@dahboo7 6/23/17
Whoa! 2 Million Gallons of Toxic Fluid Spilled On #Ohio Wetlands, Feds Investigating

EarthJustice 6/14/17
In Victory for Standing Rock, Court Finds that Approval of #DAPL violated the law

#GeoEngineering froze out #NoDAPL Water Protectors

.@DemocracyNow 5/31/17
Private Mercenary Firm TigerSwan Compares Anti-DAPL Water Protectors to “Jihadist Insurgency”

.@AlleenBrown @willparrishca @alicesperi 5/27/17
Leaked documents reveal counterterrorism tactics at Standing Rock

.@EcoWatch 5/11/17
Feds Halt New Drilling on Rover Pipeline After Massive Spills Destroy #Ohio Wetlands


.@Subversive_Pen 5/11/17
#NoDAPL Was Right: #DAPL Already Leaking as #ND Pipelines Spill Oil Every 12 Hours


.@dahboo7 5/11/17
Dakota Access Kept Quiet On Pipeline Spill In April, Sparking Outrage!

.@ringoffireradio 5/11/17
#DAPL is Not Yet Operational, but is Already Leaking

More DAPL cases dismissed

.@EcoWatch 5/5/17
#NorthDakota Plagued By Oil Spills: 745 in One Year


.@CCN_Updates 5/4/17
U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Chairman Secures $15 Million for Militarized Police at Standing Rock

.@Subversive_Pen 4/28/17
BREAKING: Secret DAPL Spill Assessment Feds Said Would Endanger Lives — Found Online

#NoDAPL #PoliceState
.@DeSmogBlog 4/27/17
In Heat of Dakota Access Protests, National Sheriffs’ Association Lobbied for More Military Gear

#Ohio #EneryTransferPartners
Fiona Macdonald 4/21/17
The Company Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline Just Had 2 Major Spills


4/19/17 Federal Judge: Public Has No Right To Know About #DAPL Spill Risks


4/14/17 Judge Rules #DAPL Company Can Keep Spill Risks Secret From Public


4/8/17 How the Koch Machine Quietly Pushed for the Dakota Access Pipeline and Stands to Profit

3/24/17 ING Bank Just Divested Their DAPL Financing—We All Helped to Change Their Mind

#NoDAPL #NoKXL #BelleForchePipelineAccident
.@EcoWatch 3/24/17
North Dakota Oil Spill Vastly Underestimated as Trump Approves KXL


3/21/17 “Vandals” Take Blowtorch to DAPL Just Days Before It Goes Operational

.@NatCounterPunch 3/16/17
The Sustaining Fires of #StandingRock: a Movement Grows

3/13/17 #NoDAPL Mural Vandalized: Activists Call It A Hate Crime

.@RT_America 3/11/17
‘Jumping Eagle vs. US’: Lawsuit filed against #DAPL

Police lied about shooter at #StandingRock. It was a #DAPL worker

Mercenaries were following John Bolenbaugh so he confronted them.

.@WatchingHawks 3/10/17
Why are the Democrats Failing Voters and #NoDAPL Activists?

3/9/17 Faulty Logic Fuels Fossil Fools

.@aclu 3/8/17
ACLU Challenges Warrant to Search Data of #Facebook Page for #NoDAPL group

3/7/17 Four-Day Dakota Access Protest Launched in ‘Belly of the Beast’

3/6/17 In #NorthDakota, Protesters Are Heavily Monitored While A Pipeline Leak Is Ignored

#Barclays #HSBC #NoDAPL
3/2/17 UK Banks Continue to Bankroll #DAPL, as Green Party Calls for ‘Immediate’ Divestment

3/2/17 The #NoDAPL Struggle Has Linked Indigenous Communities Across the World

3/2/17 #Wisconsin governor appears to choose subduing #StandingRock protest over aiding #HurricaneMatthew victims

3/2/17 UK Banks Continue to Bankroll Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, as Green Party Calls for ‘Immediate’ Divestment

3/1/17 Exclusive: Michael Wood Jr. On Veterans Stand Group, DAPL, and Surveillance

3/1/17 Private investor divests $34.8m from firms tied to Dakota Access pipeline

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard 3/1/17
Sacred Stone Update From #StandingRock

.@MyronDewey 2/28/17
Late Night Update: It’s Been A Long Day At Sacred Stone

2/28/17 Here’s how the #StandingRock Sioux will keep fighting Dakota Access — in court

.@MyronDewey 2/28/17
Another Update From Sacred Stone Camp

2/27/17 #Wisconsin State Patrol Return To #DAPL Admits Mass Arrests, Testing New Strategy?

.@TruthDig 2/26/17
#NoDAPL Live Blog: Standing Rock Activists Take Their Cause to Hollywood

.@TYTPolitics 2/25/17
EXCLUSIVE: Police Rough Up Water Protector in #StandingRock

2/24/17 Trump Withdrew Legal Memo That Found ‘Ample Legal Justification’ to Halt #DAPL

Heavily Armed force of 200 illegally removes 50 DAPL protesters from treaty land

2/23/17 If you missed the heavily militarized eviction of the main #NoDAPL encampment, here is a snippet from our #LIVE feed

.@0rf 2/23/17
🎶MLK Stands with #StandingRock (#NoDAPL)

.@0rf 2/23/17
MLK would definitely Stand with #StandingRock!!!

.@JordanChariton 2/23/17
#NorthDakota Police CHASE Journalists

2/23/17 Riot police & military Humvees enter #StandingRock camp

.@MSainat1 2/23/17
Democrats Silent on Dakota Access Pipeline

♨️@realTimBlack 2/22/17
#StandingRock #NoDAPL Protesters To Leave Standing Rock

🌪.@HAGoodmanAuthor 2/22/17

2/22/17 Officers from @BismarckPolice & @FargoPolice arrest livestreamer @EricPoemz as he screams “you broke my hip”. #NoDAPL 2/22/17

.@TruthDig 2/22/17
#NoDAPL Live Blog: Police Arrest Nine ‘Water Protectors’ at Oceti Sakowin Camp

2/22/17 Police Forcefully Arrest #StandingRock Water Protectors

.@UR_Ninja 2/22/17
Scheduled Eviction of Main #NoDAPL Encampment

.@kgosztola 2/21/17
Interior Department Produced Memo On Dakota Access Pipeline That Trump Doesn’t Want Public To Read

2/21/17 DAPL PR Firm Wrote Pro-Pipeline Letter Sent by Three Governors

.@kgosztola 2/19/17
Climate Destruction, Pipeline Struggles, And Squandered Opportunities: Interview With Filmmaker Josh Fox

.@EcoWatch 2/19/17
4 Pipeline Fights Intensify as Dakota Access Nears Completion

2/17/17 Dakota Access Owner Says Pipelines Safer Than Rail Yet Owns Rail Hub Connected to Pipeline

.@Subversive_Pen 2/16/17
In 2 Years, #ETP Reported 69 Accidents & Polluted Rivers In 4 States

.@RedactedTonight 2/16/17
[48] This Lawsuit Could Save #StandingRock

2/16/17 .@ChaseIronEyes outside #NoDAPL camp this AM: “we are reaching… a state of impasse…” says Army Corps demands “logistically impossible”

2/16/17 Ladonna Brave Bull Allard (@ladonnaallard2) spoke this AM on eviction threats to #NoDAPL camps: “I hope they understand what they are doing”

2/15/17 What Do Louisiana Pipeline Explosion and Dakota Access Pipeline Have in Common? Phillips 66

2/15/17 Pope Francis Sides With #NoDAPL

2/14/17 Clash Over the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Ratchets up After Louisiana Pipeline Explosion

.@MyronDewey 12/14/16
Drone Footage: FEB 14TH WEST DRILL PAD

2/14/17 Company Behind #DAPL Reported 69 Accidents, Polluting Rivers in 4 States in Last Two Years

2/13/17 North Dakota HB 1203 [legalizing the running over of protestors] failed….. but here’s where each vote came from.

2/12/17 Army #veterans forming human shield to protect #NoDAPL protesters at #StandingRock

2/12/17 #Veterans Forming Human Shield To Protect #NoDAPL Protesters At #StandingRock

.@Subversive_Pen 2/11/17
BREAKING: As Construction Begins, Vets Return to #StandingRock — Form Human Shield

2/9/17 #DAPL Approved a Week After Co-Owner’s Pipeline Spilled 600,000 Gallons of Oil in #Texas

.@Subversive_Pen 2/8/17
#NoDAPL Last Stand: Final Construction Could Begin Today As Army Corp Grants Easement

2/7/17 Army Corps Grants Easement as Repression Continues at #StandingRock

2/7/17 #Seattle Votes to #Divest From Wells Fargo, Dakota Access Funder

2/7/17 Army Corps Clears Way for Dakota Access Pipeline Construction

2/7/17 Trump withdraws Env. Impact Study to approve #DAPL

.@MSainat1 2/7/17
Police Continue Harassing, Smearing #StandingRock Water Protectors

Dallas Goldtooth 2/6/17 update on Army’s easement decision

👁👉.@Teodrose3rd 2/7/17
Solidarity Dahkota: Native Lands and Alien Edacity

2/6/17 #StandingRock Sioux Speak Out Following Violent Removal Of Water Protectors

2/5/17 Thousands turn out in downtown L.A. to protest Trump’s orders on Keystone, Dakota pipelines

#NoDAPL #StandingRock
Ladonna Bravebull Allard 2/4/17
To Save the Water we must break the Cycle of Colonial Trauma

2/4/17 Is Your Bank Funding The Dakota Access Pipeline?

2/3/17 BREAKING: Standing Rock Tribal Council Betrays Water Protectors, Sends In Cops

2/3/17 Police Raid #StandingRock Camp, Dismantle Tipis and Burn What is Left

2/2/17 BLOG: 25 Issues You Can Comment On for the DAPL EIS!

.@Subversive_Pen 2/2/17
BREAKING: Standing Rock Tribal Council Betrays Water Protectors, Sends In Cops

.@RT_America 2/2/17
‘If you are able-bodied, go and stand with Standing Rock’ – Jill Stein

.@RT_America 2/2/17
Police strike DAPL protesters, arrest dozens, demolish ‘Last Child Camp’

.@TheRealNews 2/2/17
Dozens Arrested at Standing Rock as Veterans Vow to Block Completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

2/1/17 Cantwell, Tester, Udall Call on Feds to Consult with Tribes, Follow the Rule of Law

2/1/17 Over 70 arrested at Standing Rock as Dakota Access aims to finish pipeline

2/1/17 Police Raid #StandingRock Camp, Destroy Tipis and Are Burning What Remains (photos wrong, videos are correct)

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 2/1/17
New Camp Raid Drone Footage!

.@JordanChariton 1/31/17
Jordan Confronts LYING Officer At #StandingRock Hearing


.@kgosztola 1/31/17
FBI Rule Book Reveals Loopholes For Infiltrating Groups Protesting #Pipelines

@Native_NewsNet 1/31/17
Indigenous Groups Pledge Mass Mobilization to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline

1/30/17 #Denver #CO Joins Global Prayer Action to #DefundDAPL

.@JordanChariton 1/30/17
#StandingRock Protectors: We’re Not Made To Be Bought!

.@JordanChariton 1/29/17
BREAKING: DAPL Pipe Underground Near Missouri River

1/28/17 Water Protectors Denied Access to Impartial Jury Pool: 77% of Eligible Jurors in Morton County Presume Guilt

.@TFTProject 1/28/17
#NoDAPL 2.0 — Water Protectors Take Stand in #Louisiana to Resist ‘Tail End’ of DAPL


.@LeeCamp 1/29/17
Standing Rock: Despite Trump, The Resistance Is Alive And Well

🎶Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part I – RISE (Full Episode)

🎶Red Power: Standing Rock Part II – RISE (Full Episode)
.@TruthOut 1/27/17
Missile Launchers at Standing Rock: Weaponized Law in Action

#NoDAPL DEADLINE 2/20/17!!
1/27/17 Don’t Let Trump Distract You: Public Comment on DAPL Is Now Open

1/27/17 Landowners Wary of New #NorthDakota Oil Spill Law

1/26/17 Heitkamp Calls on President to Provide Federal Support for ND Law Enforcement

Linda Black Elk, Medic & Healer Council Speaker Responds to Chemical Rumors in #NoDAPL camps

.@MSainat1 1/26/17
Standing Rock Camp Founder Refuses to Shut Down Water Protector Camp

1/25/17 Cops at Standing Rock are threatening a new crackdown on protests—and asking for Trump’s help

Warrior Myron Dewey (Digital Smoke Signals)1/24/17
Quick Update From #StandingRock With

1/24/17 President Trump thumbs nose at Indian Country with action on two #pipelines

1/24/17 @RepKingBWSim14 Says #NoDAPL Protest Not Principled

1/24/17 Trump Signs Executive Orders On Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipelines

1/23/17 The EPA says 40,000 lbs of rat poison was spread across over 5000 acres at & around Cannonball Ranch. This killed eagles & buffalo.

1/23/17 Dakota Access Executive Confirms Crude Already Placed In Pipeline!

.@FifthColumnNews 1/22/17
After #NoDAPL: #Wisconsin EMAC Recommends More #Militarization, Less Transparency

1/22/17 While Americans Focus On DC, #ND #Police Unleash Fury During #NoDAPL Water Protector Eviction

1/21/17 Meyer ranch buffalo under quarantine for Rozol poison

Warrior Mike Fasig 1/21/17
From #StandingRock With #NoDAPL: We All Feel Frustrated

1/20/17 As Everyone Watches the Inauguration, Violence Returns to #StandingRock

1/20/17 What Are the Dakota Access Pipeline Builders Trying to Keep Secret?

1/20/17 Media silence after water protectors and police clash on MLK Day

.@EcoWatch 1/20/17
5 Disturbing DAPL Developments You Need to Know

1/20/17 Four major #NoDAPL Legal Developments, as clashes continue

.@RT_America 1/19/17
Surface-to-air missiles at #StandingRock a ‘show of force’ by police ‒ Unicorn Riot

1/19/17 North Dakota landowners sue over Dakota Access easements

1/18/17 #ND Supreme Court decides on whether to allow out-of-state lawyers to represent Water Protectors unrestricted. Read:

.@Subversive_Pen 1/17/16
DAPL Cops Open Fire on Prayer Circle with Rubber Bullets, Shoot Water Protectors in the Back

1/17/17 Media Blackout: Surface-To-Air Missile System Deployed at #StandingRock

.@Claudia_Stauber 1/16/17
Interview: John Bolenbaugh is the #BigOil Whistleblower—

1/16/17 At the barricade happening now. Shots were fired earlier. #NoDAPL

1/16/17 Women Are ‘Backbone’ of Native Actions Against Dakota Pipeline

.@TyrelWatching @TabethaWatching 1/16/17
[397] Criminalizing Free Speech and the CIA Blurs The Lines

.@EcoWatch 1/16/17
#NorthDakota Bill Would Protect Motorists Who ‘Unintentionally Cause Injury or Death’ to Protesters

.@TheDailySheeple 1/16/17
After Pipeline Protests, #ND Introduces Bills to Outlaw Masked Protests and Allow Protesters to Be Run Over

1/16/17 #NorthDakota Lawmakers Want to Legalize Running Over Protesters a.k.a #Murder

1/14/17 The Water Protectors Who Stayed At Standing Rock

1/11/17 Motorist liability introduced in response to pipeline protests

1/10/17 #DefundDAPL Has Divested $40 Million from Dakota Access Pipeline

1/10/17 Lockdown at Trans-Pecos Pipeline Site in West #Texas Consecrates New Indigenous-Led Resistance Camp

1/9/17 Interview With Ex-Baltimore Cop And Marine Michael Wood On #DAPL

1/9/17 #BankShutdown in Albuquerque #Divest #NoDAPL #ShutDownWellsFargo

1/8/17 Colin Kaepernick Donates $50,000 to Standing Rock Health Clinic

1/7/17 New Chair Of Senate Indian Affairs Committee Wanted DAPL Protests Shut Down

1/7/17 #StandingRock: Profusion, Collusion and Giant Financial Incentives

1/7/17 #NoDAPL Lockdown Action In #Texas

1/7/17 Water Protectors Shut Down Trans-Pecos Pipeline (VIDEO)

1/7/17 Resistance at #StandingRock: The people from Oceti Sakowin camp

1/6/17 #NorthDakota: Water Protector Opposing Pipeline Resists Grand Jury

1/6/17 #StandingRock and the Return of the #NonviolentCampaign

1/5/17 Leonard Peltier Message of Solidarity to Water Protectors

1/5/17 Water Protector Who Confronted Armed DAPL Contractor Bailed Out After Turning Himself Into Authorities

.@UR_Ninja 1/5/17
Interview: Water Protector who Scaled Vikings Stadium to Drop “US Bank DIVEST #NoDAPL” Banner

Warrior Ricky Sanderson 1/5/17
#StandingRock Updates: Message To The Youth

DigitalSmokeSignals 1/5/17
#DeFundDAPL: #WellsFargo #Seattle

Standing Rock News 1/5/17
.@MyronDewey Presenting at University of Washington

Warrior Angelo Sison 1/5/17
#StandingRock Sioux Tribe Meeting

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 1/5/17
The Late Late Show From #StandingRock

.@JordanChariton 1/5/17
Corrupt Dakota Access Oil Company Now Endangering #Texas

.@Subversive_Pen 1/5/17
BREAKING: Rogue Tribal Council Votes to Evict #NoDAPL Camp, Use Donated Funds to Pay Off Debt

.@JordanChariton 1/5/17
Why Did Iowa Give DAPL the Right to Take Private Land?

1/4/17 ‘#StandingRock Is Everywhere:’ An Interview with Judith LeBlanc of the Native Organizers Alliance

Warrior Michael Markus 1/4/17
Update From #StandingRock

Warrior Angelo Sison 1/4/17
#StandingRock Update

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals 1/4/17
#StandingRock Update

1/4/17 IMPORTANT MESSAGE at #StandingRock!
Shiyé Bidzííl is OK!-88.1 FM Fargo-Moorhead
Warrior Prolific TheRapper 1/4/17
Standing Rock Update

1/4/17 #StandingRock News from Thanksgiving 2016: Couple Shot By #MortonCounty #ND

1/4/17 New Legal Key to Ending #StandingRock-DAPL Dispute

@TabethaWatching 1/3/17
[389] Wesley Clark Junior Stands With #StandingRock

@TabethaWatching 1/3/17
Wesley Clark: Big Oil Means Big Corruption

1/3/17 Wesley Clarke Jr Connects It All

1/3/17 DAPL activists make daring protest during NFL game (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Warrior Waniya Locke 1/2/17
#StandingRock: Updates

1/2/17 #NoDAPL Rally: Rose Parade in #Pasadena, #CA

Warrior Angelo Sison 1/2/17
Live From Standing Rock Updates

1/2/17 Steven Newcomb: Oceti Sakowin never surrendered lands to United States

1/2/17 Water Protectors at the Rose Parade in Pasadena #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

1/2/17 Dakota Access Protesters Make Dramatic Statement During NFL Game

Mike Fasig 1/2/17
A Standing Rock Camp Protector Speaks His Mind

Prolific TheRapper 1/2/17
#StandingRock Update: DAPL Contracts Are Up Today!

1/1/17 MPD: Two arrested after today’s US Bank Stadium protest, facing trespass & burglary charges.

.@lastrealindians 1/1/17
New Years Update at #StandingRock: Wounded Knee Survivor Runners

1/1/17 #USBank #DivestFromDAPL Banner Drop at Viking Game

1/1/17 Live From #StandingRock: New Years at Turtle Island

1/1/17 A New Year at #StandingRock: Nataani Means at Turtle Island

1/1/17 New Years at #StandingRock: Turtle Island

♨️@realTimBlack 12/31/16
2016 Rewind! The Last Rant of 2016! | #TBANS #NewYear #HAPPYNEWYEAR

Warriors Shiyé Bidzííl, Kevin Gilbert & Josh Long 12/30/16
Standing Rock News

Clearing The Air at #StandingRock (12/30/2016) Radio Show-88.1 FM Fargo-Moorhead

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/30/2016
Standing Rock News

12/30/16 Breaking News at #StandingRock: Morton County Has Shotgun Out Near Prayer Circle!

12/30/16 Tawasi ~ The Cops Are Moving In 12/30/16 #StandingRock

12/30/16 #StandingRock Update: Everyday Prayer Walks

12/30/16 Dakota Access Pipeline Opponents Target Pipeline’s Major Financial Contracts

12/29/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: How Donations Are Being Spent

.@MyronDewey 12/29/16
Tonight’s flight of #nodapl drill pad

12/29/16 #StandingRock Update: On A Prayer Walk-Walking Towards The Drill Pad-2

12/29/16 #StandingRock Update: On A Prayer Walk-Heading Back, Made A Prayer -3

12/29/16 Standing Rock Update: On A Prayer Walk-Still Headed Towards The Drill Pad

12/28/16 20 Photos: My Seven Months of Living at #StandingRock

12/29/16 Trump Is Anti-Environment, But So Was Obama

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/28/16
News Update From Standing Rock

12/28/16 DeFund #DAPL: #Minneapolis Honor The Earth

12/28/16 #NoDAPL Hero Charged With #Felony Terrorizing For #SavingLives by De-escalating Deadly AR15 Standoff

.@MyronDewey 12/28/16 #Facebook
#NoDapl Update: Important Message to Water Protectors and Drone Pilots

12/28/16 Shootings on Backwater Bridge

12/28/16 #StandingRock Update from @MyronDewey

12/27/16 Two of 2016’s biggest stories were about vulnerable people demanding safe drinking water

12/27/16 #StandingRock Update: Water Protector Detained Then Arrested After Praying!

12/27/16 Standing Rock Update: Direct Action Happening & People Getting Arrested

12/27/16 Standing Rock Update: Backwater Bridge

12/27/16 Standing Rock Update: Turtle Mountain

12/27/16 Breaking News: Police Arrest and Violate the Religious Freedoms of 4 Peaceful Water Protectors

12/27/16 #Nodapl Demonstration In #Denver, #Colorado

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/26/16
Evening News Update From Standing Rock

.@ChaseIronEyes 12/25/16
Standing Rock Blizzard Update

Shiyé Bidzííl 12/25/16
Evening News From #StandingRock Christmas

12/25/16 Christmas Day at #StandingRock: Water Protectors Return From Prayer March

12/24/16 Christmas Eve Update From #StandingRock: Oceti Sakowin Border Patrol

12/24/16 ☃️Happy Christmas Eve From #StandingRock: Oceti Oyate Camp Protectors

.@JordanChariton 12/24/16
Jordan’s American Injustice RANT: Bankers vs. Water Protectors

12/23/16 News From #StandingRock: Update From Veteran Camp Protector

12/23/16 Update From #StandingRock. Distracting the DAPL *Snipers*!

Digital Smoke Signals 12/23/2016
Oceti Update Live From Standing Rock

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/23/16
Early Morning Updates From #StandingRock

12/23/16 Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin Pull Their Money Out Of #WellsFargo

12/22/16 7 Things the #DefundDAPL Campaign Has Achieved So Far (Including $28 Million in Personal Accounts Moved)

12/22/16 What You Aren’t Being Told About Government Surveillance on DAPL Protesters

12/22/16 Update From #StandingRock Heyoka Camp Ransacked by #DAPL Goons

Surveillance Solutions 12/22/16
#StandingRock Radio Show-88.1 FM Fargo-Moorhead

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/23/2016
Morning News Update From Standing Rock

12/22/16 Morton County hands Prolific TheRapper a bogus felony charge

12/22/16 Bridge Update at #Standing Rock (Barricades, goons, drill still present)

Digital Smoke Signals 12/22/16
Bridge Update Live From Standing Rock (12/22/2016) Digital Smoke Signals

12/22/16 Black Snake Bleeding Out: How DAPL Is Duping Investors

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/22/2016
Early Morning News From Standing Rock

12/21/16 “I’ll never see again..” #WaterProtectors endure police brutality then face a #healthcare system that neglects needs of Indigenous. #NoDAPL

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/21/2016
News Update From Standing Rock: Special Apology Video from Zac Vick

12/20/16 Zac Vick Mocks Myron Dewey On Facebook

Digital Smoke Signals Myron Dewey 12/21/2016
Live Update From Standing Roc

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/21/16
Daytime Talk Show From #StandingRock

12/21/16 DeFund DAPL Rally In Los Angeles Jane Fonda #Divests From #WellsFargo

12/21/16 Interview with Lt. Wesley Clark Jr. on #StandingRock

.@JordanChariton 12/21/16
Conservatives “Reexamine” Beliefs After Land Stolen By Texas GOP

.@JordanChariton 12/21/16
Greedy DAPL/Trans-Pecos CEO’s Attempt To Steal Land

12/20/2016 Radio Show-88.1 FM Fargo-Moorhead
The #SurveillanceState at #StandingRock

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl #PrayForNoDAPL (12/20/2016)
Daily News Update From Standing Rock

12/20/16 Water Protectors in #Illinois Stopped from Conducting Ceremony Near #DAPL Active Construction Site

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/20/2016
12/20/16 The Late Late Show From Standing Rock

12/20/16 Investigating #LawEnforcement’s Possible Use of #Surveillance Technology at #StandingRock

If you directly witness #digital communication #interference while at #StandingRock, please report:

12/20/16 Massive Oil Spill Under Farmer’s Crop 3 Years Ago — Still Not Cleaned Up — 200 Miles from DAPL

12/20/16 #DAPL Misleading the court, the public, or both?

12/20/16 Donald Trump picks billionaire to oversee review of Dakota Access Pipeline

12/19/16 Standing Rock 10 Trial granted Continuance Until January, 2017

12/19/16 First Water Protector Trials Set for January as Another ND Pipeline Leaks

12/19/16 Water Protector #FaithSpottedEagle Receives Electoral Vote #ForPresident

12/19/16 Standing Rock Water Protectors Face Trial (12/19/2016) Live Outside The Morton County Courthouse

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/19/2016
Daily News From Standing Rock With #NoDAPL

12/19/16 Meet Faith Spotted Eagle, the indigenous #NoDAPL activist who earned an electoral vote today 🙌🏽

12/19/16 DOJ Rejects Request For Border Patrol, US Marshalls At Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/19/16
Early Morning News From #StandingRock With #NoDAPL

12/19/16 News From Standing Rock: Water Protectors Face Trial-Indigenous Rising Media

Digital Smoke Signals 12/19/16
BREAKING NEWS! First Trial For Water Protectors at Standing Rock

.@EmmaVigeland 12/19/16
Shailene Woodley On Revolution Sparked By #NoDAPL

AP 12/18/16
Massive 2013 oil spill in North Dakota still not cleaned up

12/18/16 Massive 2013 oil spill in North Dakota still not cleaned up

12/18/16 Veterans for Standing Rock Spokesperson Announces New Organization for Veterans in Standing Rock

12/18/16 #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife Audible evidence that the Standing Rock Sioux challenged the Army Corps of Engineers planned route of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The mistreatment of indigenous peoples must end and treaties honored. #KeepItIntheGround

12/18/16 10 Dakota Access Pipleine Protesters Face Disorderly Conduct Trial

Shiyé Bidzííl & Josh Long 12/18/16
News From Standing Rock Talks Cell Phone Protection

Shiyé Bidzííl & Josh Long 12/18/16
TRUTH From Standing Rock Talks Cell Phone Protection-Part 2

Shiyé Bidzííl & Josh Long 12/18/16
TRUTH From Standing Rock Talks Cell Phone Protection-Part 3

12/17/16 Victory for water protectors in New Mexico/Arizona! Pinion Pipeline Is DEAD!

.@JordanChariton 12/17/16
Standing Rock Protectors’ NONSENSE Charges Get Worse

12/16/16 Is The Threat Of The Dakota Access Pipeline Real?

12/16/16 At #StandingRock, No One Goes Hungry: The Kitchen That Serves Traditional Lakota Food and Values

12/16/16 Lawyers for Standing Rock protesters are pleading for more help

12/16/16 Beyond Standing Rock: Communities Along DAPL Route Fear for Drinking Water

12/16/16 WPLC Calls for Morton County Prosecutor Resignation and Permission for Out-of-State Lawyers to Represent Water Protectors

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/16/16
News Update From #StandingRock. Exposing Troll Jared S. Moore

12/16/16 Update from Oceti Sakowin Camp

12/16/16 Lockdown at TD Bank in Massachusetts to Defund DAPL

12/16/16 How #StandingRock’s Divest Campaign Can Stop Future Pipelines

12/16/16 Rick Perry, Tapped for Energy Department, Has Multiple Ties to CEO of Controversial Pipeline Project

12/16/16 #NoDAPL water protector won’t surrender to Sheriff

.@Jimmy_Dore, @JordanChariton 12/16/16
Standing Rock Water Protectors Aren’t Leaving | Jordan Chariton Interview

12/16/16 Leaked: #DAPL Exec Says “Election Night Changed Everything” and DAPL “Is Going Through”

.@Claudia_Stauber 12/16/16
#IndigenousRights, #NativeAmericanRights, #CivilRights

.@EmmaVigeland 12/16/16
.@MarkRuffalo Optimistic For #NoDAPL Despite Trump

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/16/16
News Update From #StandingRock. Exposing Trolls!

12/15/16 On the Anniversary of #SittingBull’s Death, Meet His Great Great Granddaughter, #BrendaWhiteBull

12/15/16 Governor Burgum’s First-Day Message

12/15/16 A Star Studded Benefit in New York City for #StandingRock

DeFund DAPL: Crashing JP Morgan Party in NYC (12/15/2016)

12/15/16 Seattle Takes Steps to Divest $3 Billion From #WellsFargo Over #StandingRock

12/15/16 Drone Footage From Standing Rock The Bridge at Oceti Sakowin

Warrior Myron Dewey 12/15/16
More Drone Footage From Standing Rock

12/15/16 EFF is gathering data on illegal surveillance of Dakota Access Pipeline water protectors

12/15/16 Investigating Law Enforcement’s Possible Use of Surveillance Technology at Standing Rock

12/15/16 #NoDAPL First Water Protectors arrested are not being allowed to present VIDEO evidence in court by ND States Attorney #StandingRock

12/15/16 It’s Not Over: Fight Against Dakota Access Pipeline Enters New Phase

12/15/16 Asian Pacific Islanders Raise Funds, Are Ready to Return to #StandingRock

12/15/16 Petitioners request out-of-state lawyers be allowed to represent protesters

12/15/16 ND brought 600 charges, denied public defenders & is trying to force indigent defendants to hire attorneys. No #JusticeForAll in ND. #NoDAPL

12/15/16 Lawyer for Yaqui Tribe Fighting Mexico’s DAPL Kidnapped

12/15/16 Enough is enough of caring for profits over people, says @zhaabowekwe of @honortheearth. #NoDAPL #PeopleOverProfits

12/14/16 After visiting #StandingRock, Swedish bank puts companies behind #DAPL on watch

#Monterrico #NoDAPL
12/14/16 New Oil Spill Contaminates Indigenous Community

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/14/16
Evening News Update From Standing Rock With #NoDAPL

Myron Dewey 12/14/16
Late Nite Update Live From #StandingRock

12/14/16 News From Standing Rock Update from Oceti

#NoDAPL #SophiaWilansky
12/14/16 Remember When DAPL Police Blew a Protester’s Arm Up? This Is Her Now

12/14/16 #BankofNorthDakota Was Built for the People—Now It’s Financing #Police at #StandingRock

12/14/16 Donald Trump’s Energy nominee sits on board for Dakota Access Pipeline owner

12/14/16 Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Jason Mraz and Joel Rafael Donate Over $85k to Standing Rock

.@KshamaSocialist #NoDAPL
12/14/16 Seattle Looks to #Divest from Key DAPL Funder #WellsFargo

12/14/16 Wes Clark Jr no longer involved in #VeteranStandingRock

.@TyrelWatching, @TabethaWatching 12/14/16
#NoDAPL Warnings Unheeded & The Silicon Valley Avengers

Shailene Woodley 12/14/16
in New York City #Divest from #DAPL Rally

12/13/16 FEMA Field Force manual offers protesters insights into the future of crowd control

12/13/16 #StandingRock 2014 #NoDAPL speech to #DAPL objecting to #Pipeline

12/13/16 Youth From Pine Ridge Reservation Vow to Stay at Standing Rock Despite Blizzards

12/13/16 ND law enforcement wants federal help with pipeline protesters

12/13/16 Rick Perry, with multiple ties to CEO of controversial pipeline project, tapped for Energy Dept.

#NoDAPL #BelleFourcheSpill
DigitalSmokeSignals 12/13/16
More Updates BREAKING NEWS From Standing Rock 12/13/2016 #NoDAPL Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl

12/13/16 #NoDAPL: North Dakota Court Convenes Federal Grand Jury
Water Protector Legal Collective 605-519-8180


12/13/16 “You Are Hurting Future Generations”: Mark Ruffalo’s Message to People Profiting from Fossil Fuels

12/13/16 Shiyé Bidzííl & Chris Lemke closing old doors

12/13/16 Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault Jr.

#NoDAPL #BelleFourcheSpill
8/14/16 Oil Is Seeping From A North Dakota Hillside

#NoDAPL #BelleFourcheSpill
5/20/16 Spill dumps 120,000 gallons in North Dakota

#NoDAPL #BelleFourcheSpill
DigitalSmokeSignals 12/13/16
More Updates BREAKING NEWS From Standing Rock 12/13/2016 #NoDAPL Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl

#NoDAPL #BelleFourcheSpill
DigitalSmokeSignals 12/13/16
First visual of the oil spill in Billings County ND

12/13/16 Right-Winger Rick Perry, DAPL Board Member, Picked for Energy Secretary

12/13/16 NEW-We got @BismarckPolice purchase orders for @safarilandgroup munitions used on #NoDAPL. “Need a rush for protest”

12/13/16 Pipeline 150 Miles From Standing Rock Spills Over 170,000 Gallons of Crude

#NoDAPL #NoSabalTrail #NoDiamondPipeline
12/12/16 An ‘Undeniable Success’: #Divestment From #FossilFuels Passes $5 Trillion

.@JordanChariton 12/12/16
Jewish Santa Jordan Hands Out Gifts At Standing Rock

12/12/16 US Veterans On the Line at Standing Rock … Still Fighting for Demcracy

12/12/16 Donald Trump is picking board member for #DakotaAccessPipeline parent company as Energy Secretary

12/12/16 Water protectors stage #DivestFromDAPL welcoming party for the opening of new @WellsFargo bldg in uptown #Minneapolis bank. #NoDAPL

CNBC 12/12/16
Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons of crude into creek about 150 miles from Dakota Access protest camp

12/12/16 Pipeline Lies: DAPL Not Complete in Illinois

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/12/2016
Update From Standing Rock

12/12/16 Barricade and #DAPL goons still present

12/12/16 Important Message from Chairman Archambault

12/12/16 Standing Rock Water Protectors Carry Forward the Spirit of Rainbow Warrior John Trudell

12/11/16 Pipeline Leak into Missouri River

.@JordanChariton 12/11/16
Chase Iron Eyes On Birth Of New Standing Rock Sacred Fire

Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/11/16
More Live News Updates From Standing Rock

#NoDAPL Warrior Shiyé Bidzííl 12/11/16
Live News Update From Standing Rock (Ohio is suing Morton County)

.@LeeCamp 12/11/16
Dakota Pipeline Company Swears They Will Finish Construction

12/11/16 US Court Hands Standing Rock Another Victory

Ladonna Brave Bull Allard: Who has the right to kill?

DigitalSmokeSignals (Morton Dewey) 12/11/16
Midnite Update From Oceti Sakowin Camp

12/11/16 Standing Rock Water Protectors Emboldened, Vow Never to Return to Lives of Oppression

12/10/16 All Nation Camp Rises, Carrying on the Struggle!

12/10/16 Huge #NoDAPL march in #LosAngeles

12/10/16 Direct Action (footage from 11/24)

12/10/16 Los Angeles: 2000 people marched in today’s #NoDAPL Solidarity Action! Dozens carried a huge mock pipeline throughout the city #StandingRock

.@JordanChariton 12/10/16
Standing Rock Elder’s Horrid Past Shows History Repeating Itself

.@JordanChariton 12/10/16
Standing Rock Leader Stands Ground Despite Obama Decision

12/10/16 Oceti Sakowin Camp update 12/10

12/10/16 #NoDAPL march in Pershing Square, LA right now.

👏🎶12/10/16 Indigenizing Music at Standing Rock: By Myron Dewey, Prolific TheRapper and William Jerome

.@JordanChariton 12/10/16
Water Protectors Vow To Stay At Standing Rock

12/9/16 #OcetiSakowinCamp: A #Veteran for #StandingRock Speaks His Mind

12/9/16 Standing Rock Water Protectors are Being Targeted for Reporting the Truth!

12/9/16 BREAKING: #DAPL continuing to work close to the drill pad

StandingRock 12/9/16
Latest Drill Update – Footage of the west drill pad

12/9/16 Judge won’t rush ruling on Dakota Access Pipeline easement amid big changes

12/9/16 DAPL: Oren Lyons on Water, Spirituality and Connection to the Land [Video]

Snow Mobiles and a truck tried to run Myron Dewey off the road!

12/9/16 I just spoke to the @BismarckPolice. They know who this man is. He was the one who said “we’ll fuck your wives.”

12/9/16 Thank you to the brave hotel guest who filmed this hate crime taking place as masked white men terrorized indigenous men in North Dakota.

.@ShaunKing 12/9/16
Masked white men in North Dakota terrorize the indigenous people of Standing Rock — just like the KKK

.@JordanChariton 12/9/16
Standing Rock’s Technology War To Get The Truth Out

.@JordanChariton 12/9/16
Judge Rules Against DAPL’s Request To Fast-Track Drilling Ruling

.@JordanChariton 12/9/16
Jordan Reports On Judge Ruling Against DAPL’s Request

12/9/16 Today: Indigeous Testify on Dakota Access Pipeline Before International Human Rights Commission

12/9/16 12-year-old Autumn Peltier, from Wikwemikong First Nation, is worried about pipeline construction

IndigenousEnvironmentalNetwork 12/9/16
Oceti Sakowin Camp update

Dennis Banks 12/9/16 #LearnUSHistory
100,000 Indigenous Children Forcibly Taken From Their Families To Become “Civilized”

12/9/16 BREAKING: Excavators digging away despite easement being denied!

12/9/16 Snow Mobiles and a truck tried to run Myron Dewey off the road!

.@JordanChariton 10/9/16
North Dakota Media Has Shamefully Misinformed on Standing Rock

#NoDAPL #NoBayouBridgePipeline #LA
12/8/16 Defiant After Dakota Setback, Texas Company Eyes Pipeline Through Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin

12/8/16 Dee Snider Explains His Experiences at Standing Rock Filming His New Video “So What”

12/8/16 Iowa Utility Board, Revoke the Permit!

12/8/16 14 year-old shares his experience at Standing Rock

.@Claudia_Stauber 12/8/16
12/8/16 Things are seriously messed up… FAKE news… DAPL…

12/8/16 President Obama Should Pardon Red Fawn To Honor Standing Rock Water Protectors

12/8/16 Fate of Dakota Access Pipeline Remains in Limbo Over Missing Documents

DigitalSmokeSignals 12/8/16
Danger On North Dakota Highways!

DigitalSmokeSignals 12/8/16
Danger On North Dakota Highways! (skips beginning)

.@JordanChariton 12/8/16
DAPL Has Already Ravaged Another State

.@JordanChariton 12/8/16
Jordan DESTROYS @DonnaBrazile, Part 3

12/8/16 #NorthDakota #pipeline leak may amount to 100 barrels of oil

12/8/16 Standing Rock counter-protest leader (2nd interview)

.@Jimmy_Dore 12/8/16
Elizabeth Warren Breaks Her Shameful Silence On Dakota Access Pipeline

.@Jimmy_Dore 12/8/16
It’s Time You Heard The Oil Company’s Side Of The Dakota Access Pipeline Story

.@LeeCamp 12/8/16
Election Recount Shows Fraud, #VeteranStandingRock, & Democracy Breakdown

12/8/16 Nebraska Supplied State Troopers, Surveillance Aircraft to North Dakota Under EMAC

.@JordanChariton 12/8/15
Michael Wood Jr. On Veterans Taking Stand At #StandingRock

.@JordanChariton 12/8/16
Veterans Staying At Standing Rock As Weather Turns Dangerous

12/8/16 President Obama Should Pardon Red Fawn To Honor Standing Rock Water Protectors

12/7/16 Here’s Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media’s Reporting On The DAPL

12/7/16 Objections to New York Times Op-Ed

.@NikoCSFB 12/7/16
Emergency at #NoDAPL

.@LetMadnessBegin 12/7/16
.@SenWarren Makes Embarrassingly Late Statement On Dakota Access Pipeline

#NoDAPL #DoYourHomeworkGOPrepared
12/7/16 #StandingRock #Veterans Update (12/7/2016) With Kash Jackson

#NoDAPL 💐#ThankYouWales
12/7/16 #Wales stands with #StandingRock

12/7/16 Veterans Cut The Wires At Dapl Brigade

12/7/16 Dan Sheehan, Chase Iron Eyes

12/7/16 Statement by Chief Arvol Looking Horse

12/7/16 Newly released helmet cam footage of suspected infiltrators throwing objects at law enforcement!

11/17/16 NoDAPL Counter protest / “Defend Bisman” spokesman #ChrisLemke

#NoDAPL #ChristopherLemke
12/7/16 DAPL Provacateurs, Police + Informants Threaten Americans, Natives

12/7/16 Are The Agitators law enforcement Or Pro-DAPL protestors?

.@JordanChariton 12/7/16
#Veterans Protect Us From Domestic Enemies At #StandingRock

.@JordanChariton 12/7/16
Governor DAPL Keeps Dangerous Bridge Blockade In Place

12/7/16 Vets at Standing Rock ask Native American elders for forgiveness for U.S. government crimes.

12/7/16 Miles from #StandingRock, #Pipeline Rupture Spills Unknown Amount of Oil in #NorthDakota Waterway

12/7/16 A Tribal Chairman Talks Trump, #Pipelines and #NativeAmerican #Poverty on the Plains

.@JordanChariton 12/7/16
Governor DAPL Jeopardizes Lives Of Veterans, Water Protectors

12/6/16 Standing Rock Vets Do what US Govt Never Had the Courage to Do — Apologize to Native Americans

.@RobWebber 12/6/16
Defend Bisman — hero or Satan? (Preview)

.@RobWebber 12/6/16
Wes Clark Jr speaks about #StandingRock

12/6/16 #StandingRock Update: Don’t Get Caught Up In Internet Fear Tactics! Block The Trolls!

.@NaomiAKlein 12/6/16
Update From Standing Rock: Cody Two Bears On Next Steps For #StandingRock

12/6/16 Anonymous Message to Morton County sheriff’s department

12/6/16 Here’s Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media’s Reporting on the DAPL

12/6/16 Blizzard conditions (-24° real feel, 55 mph winds) around #StandingRock are met w large medical effort in #OcetiSakowin #NoDAPL encampments.

.@JordanChariton 12/6/16
Jordan Reports From Standing Rock Storm

12/6/16 Some Notes and a Song for Standing Rock

12/6/16 State Power and Terror: From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock

12/6/16 Elizabeth Warren’s Shameful Exploitation of Standing Rock Victory

12/6/16 The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Doctrine of Native Genocide

12/6/16 #NativeAmerican And #Veteran PTSD Collide

12/6/16 Trump’s Team Aims To Privatize Native Lands, DAPL Decision Reactions & More

12/6/16 After Dakota Access “Victory,” Trump Advisors Promote Plan To Privatize Oil-Rich Tribal Reservations

12/6/16 Veterans Who Supported DAPL Protestors Are Heading To Flint Michigan

12/6/16 Massive Oil Spill ‘The Size of Seven Football Fields” Found In North Dakota

12/6/16 Update On Road To Standing Rock

12/6/16 “No Reported Deaths” Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council Update

12/6/16 Standing Rock: The Fight Continues

12/6/16 Update On Blizzard Conditions In Bismarck, North Dakota

12/6/16 Western North Dakota crude pipeline shut down after spill

12/6/16 Dakota Access resumes legal push to complete final portion of pipeline

.@JordanChariton 12/6/16
Native Woman Loses Eyesight From BRUTAL Oil Police Assault

December 2016 “I Didn’t Come Here to Lose”: How a Movement was Born at #StandingRock

12/5/16 Standing Rock: Native American’s Version of Gandhi’s 1930 Salt March

.@DanRolle 12/5/16
ND Police Advance on a 14 Year Old Boy NODAPL

12/5/16 A Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II Makes a Statement

12/5/16 Standing Rock and the Ideology of Oppressors: Conversations with a Morton County Commissioner

12/5/16 Shiyé Bidzííl Approached In Bismarck Mall!

.@RobWebber 12/6/16
Defend Bisman — hero or Satan? (Preview)

12/5/16 ‘We’re here to f*ck you up’: Masked men threaten Standing Rock protesters (VIDEO)

12/5/16 Water Protector Camps Stay Put as North Dakota Winter Sets In

12/5/16 The Faces of #StandingRock

.@SaneProgressive 12/5/16
No, Dakota Access Pipeline has NOT Been Stopped. Developer Flips Off Easement Denial.

DigitalSmokeSignals 12/5/16
Dr. Cornel West is Interviewed at #StandingRock

#NoDAPL #VanessaDundon
.@RodWebber 12/5/16
Water protector (Sioux Z) updates on condition of her eye

12/5/16 Forgiveness Ceremony Unites Veterans And Natives At Standing Rock Casino

12/5/16 #NoDAPL: Why the Black Snake Isn’t Slain

12/5/16 #DAPL Threatens To Continue Construction After Gov’t Refuses Key Permit

.@TheRealNews 12/5/16
Standing Rock Cautiously Optimistic Following Denial of Easement For Dakota Access Pipeline

.@DemocracyNow 12/5/16
“Financial Disaster”: Could Dakota Access Pipeline Lose Its Contracts with Oil Companies on Jan. 1?

.@LetMadnessBegin 12/5/16
Dakota Access Pipeline Permit Denied
Will Gaillard speaks!! 👇

Dave Archambault II 12/5/16
‘Standing Rock Could Not Come This Far Alone’

12/5/16 Water Protectors attorneys urge state to drop charges against 550 protectors


12/5/16 Shiyé Bidzííl Receives Terroristic Threats From Bismarck Residents! All Caught On Camera!

12/5/16 BREAKING: Shiyé Bidzííl Attacked By Local Oil Protectors!

12/5/16 Shiyé Bidzííl Ambushed By Local Residents Demanding Him And Water Protectors To Leave!


.@JordanChariton 12/5/16
Veterans Ask Native Americans For Forgiveness At Standing Rock

.@realTimBlack, @HAGoodmanAuthor #NoSellOuts!! 12/5/16
Dakota Access Pipeline, Julian Assange Alive?, PizzaGate?

.@realTimBlack 12/5/16
Dakota Access Pipeline Builders Says Trump Will Side With Oil Companies | #CWTB

12/5/16 Veterans March at Standing Rock! We Are Here Until The Black Snake Is Gone!

.@LeeCamp 12/5/16
Standing Rock Is NOT The Only Area Slated For Corporate Sacrifice!

12/5/16 Native American Veterans at Standing Rock

12/5/16 Shiyé Bidzííl Receives Terroristic Threats From Bismarck Residents! All Caught On Camera!

12/5/16 Shiyé Bidzííl Approached In Bismarck Mall!

12/5/16 Standing Rock barricade guard predicts DAPL lies…

UprisingMedia 12/5/16
Snow Storm Has Just Arrived At Standing Rock

.@JordanChariton 12/5/16
President Obama Still Has Some Explaining To Do

12/5/16 5 Things You Need to Know After Victory for DAPL Resistance

12/5/16 BREAKING: Oil Company Openly States They Will Defy Army Corps Order in Standing Rock

12/5/16 Standing Rock Elders and Veterans

#NoDAPL #DAPLRemoveTheDrill!
12/5/16 #DAPL Permit denied by Army Corps, #DAPL says it will proceed anyway

12/5/16 North Dakota Fracking Company Fined $2.1 Million For Pollution Of Native American Reservation

#NoDAPL #DAPLRemoveYourDrill
12/5/16 Big Oil Loses, Army Corps Denies Easement For Dakota Access Pipeline

12/4/16 #StandingRock: At The Sacred Fire With Dr. Cornel West

Kevin Gilbertt 12/4/16
Veteran & Family Thrown Out For Being Water Protectors!

12/4/16 Dakota Access oil pipeline: What to watch for now


12/4/16 Update From #NoDAPL Attorneys Daniel Sheehan & Chase Iron Eyes on DAPL Permit Denial

#NoDAPL #DAPLRemoveTheDrill!!!
12/4/16 Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics Partners Respond to Army Corp

.@realTimBlack 12/4/16
Army Denies Dakota Access Pipeline Permit: Standing Rock Stand Up! #CWTB

#NoDAPL #TheFightBegins #WeHaveThePeople
TYTPolitics 12/4/16
The #NoDAPL Fight Is Not Over

12/4/16 Today Is Not A Victory For Water Protectors

.@JordanChariton 12/4/16
.@TulsiGabbard On Twisted Priorities Of Federal Government

.@JordanChariton 12/4/16
Standing Rock Celebrates Pres. Obama Denying DAPL Permit

.@HAGoodmanAuthor 12/4/16
DAKOTA PIPELINE STOPPED: U.S. Veterans Pressured Obama Politically To Stop Dakota Access Pipeline

12/4/16 Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline Turns the Course of History

12/4/16 Army Corps Denies Easement For Dakota Access Pipeline

12/4/16 Obama Administration Should Have Stopped Dakota Access Pipeline Months Ago [Opinion]

.@JoshFoxFilm 12/4/16
Brooklyn Newsroom

.@JohnLaurits 12/4/16
#DAPL Easement Denied & What that Means


12/4/16 Water Protectors Victorious at Standing Rock as Army Corps Denies Easement

12/4/16 Touching Photos Show Protesters Celebrating After Dakota Access Pipeline Victory

12/4/16 My latest podcast! #NoDAPL Hate to Rain on the DAPL Parade, but…

.@NaomiAKlein 12/4/16
The Lesson from #StandingRock: Organizing and Resistance Can Win

.@TatsuIkeda 12/4/16
DAPL BREAKING NEWS, Obama’s Climate Change Legacy, Analyzing Politics & Environment

.@Jimmy_Dore, @StevenOh88 12/4/16
Thugs ATTACK Peaceful Standing Rock Water Protectors

12/4/16 Standing Rock Celebrates as Army Corps Denies Key Permit, Halts Project

12/4/16 Army Corps Denies Dakota Access Pipeline Easement

ABC 12/4/16
Army Corps Will Not Grant Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline Crossing

12/4/16 BREAKING: US Army Corps Reroutes Construction Of The DAPL

12/4/16 Veterans for Standing Rock Respond to Army Corps of Engineers Denial of DAPL Permit

12/4/16 Victory for Standing Rock: DAPL Easement Not Granted

.@HAGoodmanAuthor 12/4/16
DAKOTA PIPELINE STOPPED: Army Corps Halts Dakota Access Pipeline. Standing Rock Sioux Win

12/4/16 #BREAKING: U.S. Army Corps will not allow Dakota Access Pipeline to cross the Standing Rock Sioux reservation #DAPL

NBC 12/4/16
Army Corps Blocks Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Route

.@JordanChariton 12/4/16
BREAKING: Obama Denies Final Permit For Dakota Access Pipeline

12/4/16 An important reminder of why we need to #StandWithStandingRock. Find out how here: #NODAPL Video credit: @RYOTnews

12/4/16 Police to leave bridge at Standing rock

12/4/16 Veterans at Standing rock barricade

12/4/16 Monday’s Looming Evacuation Order Won’t Intimidate Dakota Access Protesters

UprisingTV 12/4/16
Muslims Stand With Standing Rock!

UprisingTV 12/4/16
Veterans At Standing Rock

12/4/16 Proof that law enforcement involved in Dakota Access Pipeline protests have been lying!

.@JordanChariton 12/4/16
Jordan UNDERCOVER: Racism Alive & Well In North Dakota


12/4/16 Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard Joins Water Protectors at Standing Rock

DigitalSmokeSignals 12/3/2016
Midnite Update: Veterans For Standing Rock Have Arrived!

Guillermo Camarena 12/3/16
Run Tulsi Run To Standing Rock

12/3/16 #DivestFromDAPL – Eight lock-downs, two arrests, three @WellsFargo’s targeted, & a mtg agreement secured – #NoDAPL

12/2/16 Two Hunters Discovered A Gas Pipeline Leak On State Land | #NoDapl Archives

12/2/16 #Nodapl Live Chat Discussion

12/2/16 Nurses Donate $50,000 to Aid Veterans Stand with Standing Rock

12/2/16 Cuba-Trained Doctors Head to Standing Rock

12/2/16 Seattle-area vets among those vowing to be human shields for Dakota pipeline protesters

Time 12/1/16
Jane Fonda: Standing Rock Is Greed Vs. Humanity’s Future

12/1/16 Morton County Sheriff’s Department is protecting armed DAPL mercenary Kyle Thompson

12/1/16 What I Found in Standing Rock

12/1/16 Bismarck residents got the Dakota Access Pipeline moved without a fight

12/1/16 Police At Standing Rock: Stand Down

12/1/16 The Loving Contagion of Courage: #Veterans Standing for #StandingRock

12/1/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe calls for safety as veterans head to #NoDAPL camp

12/1/16 Investors Take Stand on Dakota Access Pipeline–_4az20fg2gc3zrls3rb/front

.@Claudia_Stauber 12/1/16
Our leaders are verifiably insane, that is the only reasonable answer

12/1/16 Gabbard: Stop Pipeline Now

12/1/16 Tulsi Gabbard Takes to House Floor to Ask Obama to Halt Dakota Access Pipeline

12/1/16 2,000 Veterans Just Arrived At Standing Rock To Form “Human Shield” Around Protesters (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

.@LeeCamp 12/1/16
Why We Must Stand With Standing Rock PLUS ‘Viper’s View’ Joins Us [39]

12/1/16 ‘I bled in Iraq and you’re going to threaten to shoot me on a bridge in North Dakota?’

12/1/16 Jimmy Dore: Criminal Cops At DAPL Shouted At A Real Reporter, Their Response? Enraging

12/1/16 Dakota Pipeline an ‘Absolute Atrocity’: Al Gore

12/1/16 More than 2,000 veterans have pledged to serve as ‘human shields’ for Standing Rock water protectors.

12/1/16 ND Approves $7M More to Police #NoDAPL & Threatens to Fine People Bringing Supplies to Camp

.@JordanChariton 12/1/16
EXCLUSIVE: Proof Oil Police Lying About Using Water Cannons

12/1/16 “Clean Water” music video trailer. Full video very soon! #NoDAPL #StandingRock #WaterIsLife | @An0malyMusic

12/1/16 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Calls For Immediate Halt to Dakota Access Pipeline

12/1/16 The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has issued an emergency declaration in response to government threats against the water protectors.

12/1/16 Contractor Tied to Blackwater Mercenary Group Leads DAPL Protest Surveillance

12/1/16 Activists Around the World Take #NoDAPL Fight to the Banks

12/1/16 Via Dallas Goldtooth:#NoDAPL UPDATE 12/1 3:30pm

12/1/16 Standing Rock water protectors blockade themselves inside Minneapolis Wells Fargo #NoDAPL

12/1/16 Standing with our indigenous and environmental allies in support of our #NoDAPL Resolution introduced in the Illinois House

11/30/16 Audio: Tribe objected to pipeline nearly 2 years before lawsuit

9/30/14 Sept 30th DAPL Meeting with #StandingRockSiouxTribe

11/30/16 Morton County officials being sued for use of ‘excessive force’ against protesters

11/30/16 ACE Hardware rescinds policy to halt sell of propane to #NoDAPL during blizzard

.@NikoCSFB 11/30/16
Propaganda & Lies on Bismarck Radio Station About #NoDAPL Water Protectors!

11/30/16 Don’t let the math and facts get in the way. smh
#StandingRock #StandingRockVets #WaterIsLife

#StandingRock In Sept. 2014: ‘I Will Never Submit To Any Pipeline To Go Through My Homeland’

11/30/16 These #NoDAPL activists are taking police to court over violent crackdowns at Standing Rock

11/30/16 Justice Department Must Investigate Policing of Standing Rock Demonstrations

11/30/16 Canadian photojournalist detained for hours, refused entry to U.S.

Guillermo Camarena 11/30/16
URGENT Please listen to the end Calls to ACE Corporate

CNN 11/30/16
$1,000 fine for taking supplies to Dakota pipeline protesters

11/30/16 Veteran Chris Turley walked over 200miles to Standing Rock to show solidarity f/t water protectors. Let’s show him some love. Share! #NoDAPL

11/30/16 White House on Dakota Pipeline: “Let the Project Go Forward”, silence about ongoing protests

11/30/16 2,000 Veterans To Form ‘Human Shields’ To Protect Standing Rock Protesters

11/30/16 YES! @SenatorTomUdall asks Obama to act on #StandingRock, citing tribal and civil rights, overly militarized police, moving camp. #NoDAPL

11/30/16 #PipelineExplosion In #Kansas Highlights Unreliable Nature Of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

.@JordanChariton, @WinonaLaduke 11/30/16
Legendary Native Activist Exposes DAPL Is a SHAM

11/30/16 400 Organizations Demand Banks Cut Dakota Access Pipeline Loans

11/30/16 State Senator Slams Soros, Proposes Bill To Charge Protesters As “Economic Terrorists”

11/30/16 “My Whole Heart Is With You Tonight”: A Letter to the Dakota Access Front Line

11/30/16 Today North Dakota’s emergency commission voted to borrow an extra $7M for #NoDAPL policing, bringing total line of @NDDES credit to $17M

.@JordanChariton 11/30/16
Jordan Goes BONKERS on “Governor DAPL”

11/30/16 Large veterans group heads to #NoDAPL frontline in North Dakota

11/30/16 Standing Rock Water Protectors Vindicated as Another Pipeline Just Exploded

.@JordanChariton 11/30/16
African Americans, Native Americans Connect at Standing Rock

11/30/16 “The Violence at Standing Rock Must End” Nevada @SenatorReid Speaks out in Support

.@WinonaLaduke 11/30/16
The beginning is near: The deep north, evictions and pipeline deadlines

11/30/16 $1,000 fine for taking supplies to Dakota pipeline protesters

11/30/16 Standing Rock: Determining President #ObamaLegacy to All Americans

11/30/16 Al Gore: Dakota Access Pipeline is an “Absolute Atrocity”

11/30/16 #WaterIsLife: March & Rally for Standing Rock (DC)

11/30/16 Following Order To Evacuate, Veterans Vow To Act As Human Shields For Standing Rock Protestors

11/30/16 Morton County asks Red Cross to withold services to #NoDAPL

11/29/16 Girl Has Perfect Response To Offensive Assignment To ‘Dress Like An Indian’

11/29/16 Excessive Force Lawsuit Filed Against Morton County Sheriff for November 20 Bridge Assault

InsightNewsNetwork 11/29/16
Sheriff Offices Pull Back Support From Standing Rock

11/29/16 ‘From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock,’ Neil Young Calls on Obama

.@RodWebber 11/29/16
“Cyanide Pipelines” says oil whistleblower John Bolenbaugh at Standing Rock

11/29/16 Veterans Travel to Standing Rock to Join Protesters, Lend Aid

.@JoshFoxFilms 11/29/16
‘Alarming attack on journalism & the truth at Standing Rock’

#NoDAPL #FortLaramieTreaty
11/29/16 The Sand Creek Massacre Took Place More Than 150 Years Ago. It Still Matters

11/29/16 Obama’s comments on #NoDAPL

11/29/16 From Smallpox-Tainted Blankets to the #NoDAPL Evacuation: The Lie of Colonial Concern Tyranny At Standing Rock: The Government’s Divide-And-Conquer Strategy Is Working “When I joined the Marines I swore an oath to protect the country.”

Dozens of veterans are standing in solidarity w/ #NoDAPL demonstrators:

11/29/16 For the First Time Since Standing Rock Began, US Senator Calls for Investigation of DAPL Oppression

11/29/16 Standing Rock protesters hold out against extraordinary police violence

11/29/16 North Dakota officials to start blocking vital supplies to DAPL campsite – report

11/29/16 BREAKING: Law enforcement to block supplies to North Dakota pipeline protesters as winter sets in

.@BillMcKibben 11/29/16
Standing Rock is the civil rights issue of our time – let’s act accordingly

11/29/16 Dakota Access Pipeline ‘akin to cultural genocide’ – DAPL activist to RT (VIDEO)

11/29/16 Why the “Rule of Law” Is a Powerful Idea for Standing Rock

11/29/16 BREAKING: Lawyers sue Morton County, Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier for excessive force against water protectors

11/29/16 Congress finally begins to notice the Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock

11/29/16 Bernie Sanders on the Dakota Access Pipeline & Treaty Rights Violations by U.S. Government

11/29/16 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: ‘I’ll See You at Standing Rock’

.@JordanChariton 11/29/16
Jordan & Oil Police’s EPIC Thanksgiving Clash

11/29/16 @HumanistReport
#NoDAPL Update: North Dakota Governor Orders Evacuation of Standing Rock Protest Site

11/29/16 Law Enforcement Will Try to Starve Dakota Water Protectors

.@RodWebber 11/29/16
Former oil worker Payu Harris explains dangers of oil at Standing Rock

.@Claudia_Stauber 11/29/16
Standing Rock: where spirituality and love meet

11/29/16 Law Enforcement Are Blocking Food and Supplies from #StandingRock Camp

.@JordanChariton 11/29/16
Big Oil Not Only Storm Assaulting Standing Rock

11/29/16 Tyranny at Standing Rock

.@JordanChariton 11/29/16
Water Protector Wants To EDUCATE Oil Police

11/18/16 BREAKING: ND Governor orders MANDATORY IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of #StandingRock main camp. #NoDAPL

11/28/16 Neil Young Begs Obama To Step In And End The Violence At Standing Rock

11/28/16 National Lawyers Guild Files First Standing Rock Class Action Suit!

11/28/16 4 US Senators: Ask the Army Corps of Engineers to Rescind Standing Rock Eviction: Heinrich, Booker, Sanders and Franken

11/28/16 Water Protector Legal Collective Files Suit for Excessive Force against Peaceful Protesters

11/28/16 Army Corps Clarifies Eviction Notice to Standing Rock

BobTV 11/28/16
Pres. Obama Turn His Back The Water Protectors At DAPL

11/28/16 First-Hand Report from Magdelion Moon regarding first all-women led action at #StandingRock

11/28/16 Today 17 former members of Obama’s Administration issued a letter urging him to block or reroute DAPL. #NODAPL

11/28/16 Case closed, case opened #FreeRedFawnFallis

11/28/16 Actor James Cromwell on DAPL — The Police are ‘Thugs’ Being Shielded By Corporate Media

11/28/16 Post-conference with Dallas Goldtooth and Kevin Gilbert. #NoDAPL

11/28/16 Army Corps changes course and closes land to #NoDAPL encampment

11/28/16 Dave Matthews Supports #StandingRock During Livestream Concert – Social Media Erupts

11/28/16 Water Protector Hit In Eye By Tear Gas Grenade And Others Injured Sue Police

11/28/16 The Lakota Prophecy is coming true. It is very SAD times we live in when Money is more important than clean water. #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

11/28/16 The Latest: Authorities Won’t Use Force to Remove Protesters

.@msainat1 11/28/16
.@TulsiGabbard to Join Veterans at #StandingRock to Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

.@JordanChariton 11/28/16
Frances Fisher Slams Obama On Broken Promises To Natives

11/28/16 How Indigenous Activists in Norway Got the First Bank (DNB)to Pull Out of the Dakota Access Pipeline

.@JordanChariton 11/28/16
Jordan’s IMPASSIONED Standing Rock Rant

11/27/16 Dear Chase Bank. It’s Over.

.@RodWebber 11/27/16
Didi Banerji sings about Standing Rock/ Sioux Z update

11/27/16 Arrests of #journalists at #StandingRock test the boundaries of the #FirstAmendment

11/27/16 Dalrymple’s eviction notice Oceti Sakowin Camp

11/27/16 After A Month of Conflict, Mass Media Arrives in Force at Standing Rock

.@Jimmy_Dore 11/27/16
Silent On DAPL: Will Sen. Warren Stand Up For Anything!?

11/27/16 @ShaileneWoodley on How to Be an Indigenous Ally (Video)

11/27/16 Uncovered Emails Raise Suspicions of Oil Company Paying Police for DAPL Crackdown

11/27/16 Sheriffs Across US Refusing to Send Police and Equipment to DAPL as Outrage and Costs Grow

11/27/16 Army Corps to Evict Oceti Sakowin Camp on December 5

.@JordanChariton 11/27/16
Actor James Cromwell Blasts Oil Police “Thugs”

11/27/16 Arrests of journalists at Standing Rock test the boundaries of the First Amendment

11/27/16 Sioux Tribe Leaders Respond To Army Eviction Notice Of #NoDAPL Camp, Refuse To Give Up

11/26/16 Documents Show Details of Wisconsin EMAC Assistance to Morton County Sheriff  

11/26/16 Update: West Dakota SWAT Team implicated in critical injury of #SophiaWilansky #NoDAPL

11/26/16 Veterans for Standing Rock .. #NoDAPL

11/26/16 Thanksgiving at Standing Rock: Native Americans and protesters locked in a standoff with police.

.@Jimmy_Dore 11/26/16
Cops Blow Off Arm Of Dakota Access Pipeline Protestor Then Lie About It

.@Jimmy_Dore 11/26/16
CNN Lies About Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

11/26/16 Thanksgiving on #StandingRock

11/26/16 Dalrymple requests Federal Law Enforcement (what, Air Force bombers?)

11/26/16 #NorthDakoka governor: The feds made the Dakota Access mess, they can clean it up

.@JordanChariton 11/26/16
Standing Rock Chairman Responds To Army Corps Eviction Threat

11/26/16 This Is How Construction Of The DAPL Will Adversely Affect Wildlife

11/26/16 Governor calls for federal help in eviction of camped protesters

Chris Hedges 11/26/16
Standing Rock Resistance (On Contact special episode)

11/26/16 #NoDAPL Eviction Announced: Will You Keep Fighting With Us?

11/26/16 This veteran is shocked by the militarized police force used against #NoDAPL protesters.

11/26/16 @ShaileneWoodley Tells The True History Of Thanksgiving In New #StandingRock Video

11/26/16 Indigenous Resolve ‘Stronger Than Ever’ as Feds Order DAPL Protest Camp Shut Down

11/26/16 Press Release: Army Corp Closes Public Access to Oceti Sakowin Camp on Dec. 5th

.@Claudia_Stauber 11/26/16
Veterans are heading to North Dakota, the government is criminal

.@HAGoodmanAuthor 11/26/16
President Obama Forcing Standing Rock Sioux Off Land. Apache Warrior Might Lose Eye From Tear Gas

11/25/16 How the Dakota Pipeline Fight Is Digging in For a Brutal Winter

Bill Bunting 11/25/16 #ClimateChange
Today #StandingRock… Tomorrow you

11/25/16 Another Major Norwegian Investor Divests From Dakota Access Pipeline

11/25/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe official response to ACOE saying it plans to close #NoDAPL camps:

11/25/16 In keeping with long tradition, Army marks Thanksgiving by telling native Americans to pack up and leave. #NoDAPL

11/25/16 Official Police Account on Abuse at DAPL is ‘Completely Fictitious’ and Outright Laughable

11/25/16 Oregon Community Just Donated Tiny Homes and Solar Energy to DAPL Water Protectors

11/25/16 BREAKING: Army Corps Announces Eviction of Water Protectors, Corps-Managed Land to Be Emptied

11/25/16 Army Corps Of Engineers To Evict Water Protectors Fighting Dakota Access Pipeline

11/25/16 It’s cowboy cops cavalry against peaceful Indians and their Anglo supporters at Standing Rock

11/25/16 From Anonymous to Morton county sheriff

11/25/16 Army Corps Sends Eviction Notice to #StandingRock

11/25/16 Army Corps Of Engineers Tells Pipeline Protesters To Leave Camp By Dec. 5

11/25/16 U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich Calls on President Obama to Reroute Dakota Access Pipeline

11/25/16 BREAKING: Army Corps of Engineers Says It Will Close Down Standing Rock water protectors camp as of December 5th #NoDAPL

.@JordanChariton 11/25/16
🌹@ShaileneWoodley On Taking Responsibility For White Supremacy

11/25/16 ALERT! @OmahaUSACE has given an eviction notice to the Oceti Sakowin camp!! Confirmed. #NoDAPL

11/25/16 Sheriffs refuse to send troops to Standing Rock as public outrage and costs mount

11/25/16 Wounded Knee III in the Making?

11/25/16 Embracing A New Normal (Not of the Trump Variety)

11/25/16 Follow along LIVE
#Baltimore in solidarity with Standing Rock.

.@JordanChariton 11/25/16
EXCLUSIVE: DAPL Builds Razor Wire Wall On Native Burial Ground

11/25/16 Exclusive: Jane Fonda at Standing Rock: ‘I’ve Rarely Seen So Much Love’ [Video]

.@AnomalyMusic 11/25/16
Barack Obama Doesn’t Care About Native Americans

11/25/16 Water Protectors Expose Moles in Their Ranks, Infiltrating DAPL Protests, Provoking Police

.@JordanChariton 11/25/16
EXPOSED: Oil Police Lies About Maiming Sophia Wilansky’s Arm

11/24/16 Who is #SophiaWilansky

11/24/16 An open letter to TD Bank on their investment in the DAPL

11/24/16 These Are The Protesters Fighting For Their Rights At Standing Rock

11/24/16 Standing Rock Special: Unlicensed #DAPL Guards Attacked Water Protectors with Dogs & Pepper Spray

11/24/16 Giving To The Water Protectors Fighting The Dakota Access Pipeline

11/24/16 No Pilgrims No Pipelines No Prisons No Problems North Dakota 112416

11/24/16 ‘They will kill if necessary’: Historian scolds crackdown Of DAPL protest

11/24/16 “We will not go silently into the night” – Why Americans need to support #StandingRock

11/24/16 Giving Thanks: 5 Ways to Help Standing Rock Heroes

11/24/16 Standing Rock points the way forward for indigenous people and the Left.

.@LetMadnessBegin 11/24/16
Stand With Standing Rock For Thanksgiving

11/24/16 Standing Rock Special: Dakota Excess Pipeline? Media & Water Protectors Face Strip Searches, Jail

11/24/16 Historian Says Dakota Access Co. Attack Came on Anniv. of Whitestone Massacre

11/24/16 Standing Rock Special: Dallas Goldtooth on Police Violence & Repression of Movement Against DAPL

11/24/16 #WellsFargo Quietly Trying To Screw Customers It Scammed

11/24/16 This Weekend: Standing Rock Ceremonies & Monument Quilt for Survivors of Rape & Abuse

11/24/16 Redcorn: An Oil and Natural Gas Thanksgiving

11/24/16 @ShaileneWoodley DEBUNKS #Thanksgiving as Celebration

.@JordanChariton 11/24/16
Dakota Access Goons Shoot Down Water Protector Drone

11/24/16 Thanksgiving, Oceti Sakowin Style: Shailene Woodley, Jane Fonda and 500 Water Protectors

11/24/16 Seattle doctor at Standing Rock: ‘People had sheets of ice hanging off them’

11/23/16 North Dakota Nice: Police Chiefs Kick Women Out of Restaurant

11/23/16 From Rep. Kevin Cramer ND to Barack Obama:
“Approve pipeline, Support law enforcement”

11/23/16 #NorthDakota authorities claim rocks and ‘improvised weapons’ used at standoff

11/23/16 Showdown at Standing Rock Is Not Just About the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/23/16 Father of Activist Injured at Standing Rock Calls on Obama to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Drilling

11/23/16 “Veterans Organizing ‘Like a Military Unit’ to Defend #NoDAPL” (+ @TulsiGabbard)

11/23/16 Seattle doctor at Standing Rock: ‘People had sheets of ice hanging off them’

11/23/16 Sheriffs Refuse to Send Troops to Standing Rock as Public Outrage and Costs Mount

11/23/16  Non-violent protesters do not deserve to be shot in the face

11/23/16 Don’t Be Passive Observers Of Last Night’s Terrorization In Standing Rock

.@msainat1 11/23/16
Buying Silence: Why So Many Democrats are Mute About Standing Rock

11/23/16 ‘People Are Going to Die’: Father of Wounded DAPL Activist Sophia Wilansky Speaks Out

11/23/16 Thank you @Frances_Fisher for telling #barackobama to stop the violence! #peacegiving #nodapl

11/23/16 War Has Broken Out in North Dakota

11/23/16 Police Order #NoDAPL Protesters to Leave Restaurant Under Threat of Arrest

#FreedomOfThePress #NoDAPL #ClimateChange
11/23/16 Filmmaker Facing 45 Years for Covering #NoKXL Protest Wins Suspension of Prosecution

.@JordanChariton 11/23/16
Standing Rock Medic Fearful That REAL Bullets Are Next

11/23/16 On #Thanksgiving Week, #NativeAmericans Are Being Tear-Gassed in #NorthDakota

11/23/16 ‘Don’t make police scapegoat’: Chief blasts Port of Olympia who kicked out DAPL-related protesters

.@JordanChariton 11/23/16
Standing Rock Water Protectors Aren’t Going Anywhere

11/23/16 ‘We’re Not Going to Go to War’: The Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Preaches Peace and Patience

11/23/16 Veterans to deploy for Standing Rock

11/23/16 Currently #NoDAPL water protectors praying on north side of blockade on Highway 1806. Morton County Sheriff blocking press from the area.

11/23/16 Standing Rock Medic: Shame on You, @POTUS @BarackObama

Standing Rock – Drone Footage 11/22/16 – Water Cannon Site – North Dakota’s Infamous Law Officials

11/22/16 Police Unleash Military-Style Assault on Standing Rock Protesters

11/22/16 Police at Standing Rock Are Using Life-Threatening Crowd-Control Weapons to Crack Down on Water Protectors

ACLU Water Cannon Information

11/22/16 We’re Missing 90 Percent of the Dakota Access Pipeline Story

11/22/16 Reality of Standing Rock

11/22/16 Bone and Muscle in Woman’s Arm ‘Blown Away’ As Hundreds Injured on Backwater Bridge

11/22/16 This 21-year-old woman may lose her arm after the most recent #NoDAPL standoffs.

11/22/16 Water Cannons, Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, and Concussion Grenades Unleashed on Activists at Standing Rock

11/22/16 Talking to father of injured DAPL demonstrator Sophia Wilansky

11/22/16 Here Comes The Cavalry: Meet The Veterans Getting Ready To ‘Deploy’ To Standing Rock

11/22/16 Veterans ‘Deploy’ To Standing Rock To Engage The Enemy — The US Government

.@realTimBlack 11/22/16
Obama, Media No Help on Dakota Access Pipeline

11/22/16 300 Injured At Standing Rock: “He just smiled and shot both my kneecaps”

11/22/16 Actress @ShaileneWoodley in Solidarity at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

11/22/16 Anonymous Just Took Down Website of Company that Sells Concussion Grenades to DAPL Cops

11/22/16 How Many Law Enforcement Agencies Does It Take to Subdue a Peaceful Protest?

291 oil spills were hidden from #NorthDakota residents – in less than two years!

11/22/16 Activist faces arm amputation, DAPL police accused of firing grenade

11/22/16 Morton County acting like they are testing weaponry on us – Standing Rock medic

11/22/16 From the Sioux to the Sault: Standing Rock spirit spreads to #Michigan’s upper peninsula

.@JordanChariton 11/22/16
Standing Rock Protector’s Arm Mangled By Oil Police

11/22/16 Hundreds of water protectors injured after riot police fire water cannons and rubber bullets

11/22/16 #PoliceState Tactics Against Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

.@HAGoodmanAuthor 11/22/16
TRUMP WILL NOT JAIL HILLARY: Trump Refuses to Jail Clinton for Email, Clinton Foundation Scandals

11/22/16 Police State Tactics Against Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

11/22/16 The History of Dakota Resistance, The Crimes Committed against America’s First Nations (1492-2016)

11/22/16 CNN, Mainstream TV News Continues Ignoring Dakota Access Pipeline

11/22/16 Standing Rock Police Targeting Heads With Rubber Bullets

11/22/16 @abowersock: I’m horrified my bank is using my money to fund this carnage.tag your bank & share. @simple #nodapl

11/22/16 Three Hundred Injured Following Police Attack On #NoDAPL Water Protectors

Dallas Goldtooth at #NoDAPL Gathering in Chicago

60 Days Out From Inauguration: On Standing Rock, DAPL Protests w Arn Menconi

.@msainat1 11/21/16
Sen. Warren Turns Her Back on Native Americans After Exploiting Them

11/21/16 Medics describe how police sprayed Standing Rock demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons

11/21/16 Photos: Dakota Access Pipeline standoff: Police use force against protestors

11/21/16 Police Launch Hours-Long Attack On Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance, Injure Three Hundred

11/21/16 180 DAPL protesters injured in altercations with N. Dakota police

11/21/16 Water Protectors try to Clear 1806 Bridge met with Water Cannons, Tear Gas, Concussion Grenades & Rubber Bullets

Chris Hedges 11/21/16
“We’ve been through so much from a government that wanted to terminate us”

11/21/16 Veterans are planning a ‘deployment’ to Standing Rock to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/21/16 DAPL company files lawsuit to finish pipeline and bypass “political interference”

11/21/16 Live video from CNN Building Dakota Pipeline protest in Los Angeles. No media coverage. No word from President! #NoDAPL

11/21/16 Standing Rock protest: hundreds clash with police over Dakota Access Pipeline


This is best video of #StandingRock 11/20 attack

11/21/16 Jeremy Scahill: TigerSwan Security, Linked to Blackwater, Now Coordinates Intel for Dakota Access

11/21/16 What’s behind the Dakota pipeline protests?

11/21/16 Water Cannons Fired at Water Protectors in Freezing Temperatures, Hundreds Injured

.@realTimBlack, @HAGoodmanAuthor 11/21/16
Progressive Media Ignores #DAPL | No Sell Outs!

11/21/16 High Cost of Human Rights Corrodes DAPL Financing

11/21/16 Amnesty International USA Derides ND for Subfreezing Water Onslaught

11/21/16 Mainstream Media MIA as DAPL Action Is Met With Water Cannons and Mace

11/21/16 Vi Waln: Water protection walk urges forgiveness amid #NoDAPL crackdown

11/21/16 Lakota Country Times: Crow Creek Sioux Tribe breaks with state over #NoDAPL crackdowns

11/21/16 Dakota Access Pipeline continues legal push as frontline hit by assaults in North Dakota

11/21/16 😡Water Protector in Critical Condition After DAPL Police Grenade Blew Apart Her Arm

.@Claudia_Stauber 11/21/16
Call all the networks and demand coverage of the North Dakota pipeline!

.@Claudia_Stauber 11/21/16
Dakota is a war zone!

11/21/16 Who is Being Violent?

11/21/16 Medics describe how #police sprayed #StandingRock demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons

11/21/16 Exclusive Video: #noDAPL Protestors Share Experiences of Police Repression

.@JordanChariton 11/21/16
Media Ignores State Sponsored ABUSE Of Water Protectors

11/21/16 Standing Rock Protectors Speak Out After Oil Police ASSAULT

11/21/16 Dakota Access pipeline: 300 protesters injured after #police use water cannons

11/21/16 Drone dodges water cannon to capture Dakota pipeline protest

11/21/16 Dispatch from #StandingRock, #NorthDakota

11/21/16 We will not go silently into the night. We must stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and defend the rights of water protectors at Standing Rock.

11/21/16 Police teargas Water Protectors during Highway 1806 standoff. (Photo: Elizabeth Hoover via Instagram @lizhoover.)

11/21/16 Police Blast #NoDAPL Activists With Water Cannons in Sub-Freezing Temps

.@HAGoodmanAuthor 11/21/16
WIKILEAKS BREAKING NEWS: Clinton Foundation Donation Down 90% and Drying Up After Hillary’s Loss

11/21/16 DAPL’s Worst Nightmare: Big Oil EXPOSED By Whistleblower

.@JordanChariton 11/21/16
BARBARIC Dakota Access Oil Police Cause Mass Hypothermia

11/21/16 When law enforcement labels a peaceful protest a riot – everyone should be concerned.

11/21/16 Kevin Gilbertt: Live by the blockade on 1804 by Oceti Sakowin

11/21/16 Standing Rock protest: hundreds clash with police over Dakota Access Pipeline

*LIVE* Feeds

11/21/16 DAPL protesters ‘trapped on bridge’ as police fire tear gas, rubber bullets – reports

11/20 Water Cannon used on #NoDAPL Protectors
Phone Interview with Angela Bibens

11/20/16 UPDATE FROM OCETI SAKOWIN MEDIC – Standing Rock EMT on the ground, medics working hard to keep Water Protectors warm & treat wounds #NoDAPL

11/20/16 Kendrick Eagle Message to Obama

11/20/16 #NoDAPL video. When is this ever ok? Bismarck didn’t want this pipeline but they will force Standing Rock to accept it?

11/20/16 UPDATE FROM OCETI SAKOWIN MEDIC – Standing Rock EMT on the ground, medics working hard to keep Water Protectors warm & treat wounds #NoDAPL

11/20/16: Burnt military truck left by police to block Hwy 1806 removed by water protectors using semi & chains. #NoDAPL

11/20/16 Drone footage showing water cannons being used on water protectors
At the end of the clip, they try to shoot drone w/ water cannon

.@HAGoodmanAuthor 11/20/16
#NoDAPL BREAKING NEWS: Protesters, Standing Rock Sioux, Police Standoff Ongoing. Obama, HRC Silent

.@LeeCamp 11/20/16
Crazy Major Update On #TPP!

11/20/16 What Standing Rock needs @POTUS(@BarackObama) to do quickly—Before Trump takes over

11/20/16 VIDEO: Veteran Severely Beaten by Multiple Riot Cops at DAPL After Offering Police a Flower

11/19/16 #Chicago Citibank Branch Blockaded By Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

.@RealProgressUS 11/19/16
Truth Before Parties

11/19/16 North Dakota again ranks 2nd in most hate crimes per capita

11/19/16 @JordanChariton
Dakota Access CEO LIES About Digging Up Native Graves

11/19/16 #NoDAPL Hold Solidarity Events for Arrested Leader in North Dakota (Video)

.@JordanChariton 11/19/16
Dakota Access CEO COVERS UP His Environmental Racism

11/18/16 Activists call for Nebraska officers to leave Standing Rock

11/18/16 Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh tears up explaining Standing Rock’s importance

11/18/16 Worldviews Clashing at Standing Rock

11/18/16 #NorthDakota lawmakers punish tribes for taking #NoDAPL stand

11/18/16 Standing Rock Visited by Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

.@JordanChariton 11/18/16
DEBUNKING the LIES From Dakota Access Pipeline CEO

11/18/16 Norwegian Bank sells 10% stake in North Dakota Pipeline plus Video of Beating of Protester at Wells Fargo in Bismarck–by-Stephen-Fox-Bank-Investment-In-The-Dakota-Access-Pipeline_Norwegian-Bank-Ends-Dapl-Investment_Standing-Rock-Defenders-161118-52.html

11/18/16 Norway’s Largest Bank Sells Assets in Dakota Access Pipeline Company

11/17/16 UN Denounces Abuse of Free Assembly Rights for Water Protectors Standing Against DAPL

11/17/16 Dakota Access is in financial jeopardy

11/17/16 Police bloody NoDAPL veteran for picking flowers/ put bag on head

#DakotaAccessPipeline company offering BRIBE to ND cops 2 keep illegally assaulting peaceful protectors #NoDAPL
11/16/16 ETP CEO Kelcy Warren Says They Have Offered to Pay Protest Related Expenses

11/17/16 Robert F. Kennedy explains exactly why the Dakota Access Pipeline is being pushed so hard. Very enlightening words. #NoDAPL

11/17/16 Tyler Falk of @ndgov Corrections: “oil company is going to want all the paperwork for reimbursement” for #NoDAPL
11/17/16 Despite @NDDES denial, Tyler Falk’s expectation to be paid by DAPL seems to be affirmed in comments by CEO

.@JordanChariton 11/17/16
Oil Police Assault Water Protector Holding PRAYER STICK

11/17/16 Largest bank in Norway (DNB) pulls its assets in Dakota Access pipeline–401768696.html

11/17/16 Suddenly Time—And the Oil Market—Are On the Side of the Standing Rock Sioux

.@JordanChariton 11/17/16
HEROIC Veteran Stands Up To Heavily Armed Police

11/17/16 Drone captures DAPL overnight construction despite Army decision to halt work

.@JordanChariton 11/17/16
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On Obama’s “No Brainer” DAPL Choice

11/16/16 New Front Line for #NoDAPL Attorneys: Criminal Courts

11/16/16 U.N. experts call for halt in #DAPL pipeline, blast “excessive force” against protesters

#KelcyWarren #NoDAPL
11/16/16 CEO behind Dakota Access to protesters: ‘We’re building the pipeline’

11/16/16 Challenging Environmentally Destructive Dakota Access Pipeline Construction

11/16/16 Standing Rock Resistance: Something to Teach Us About Living Well

11/16/16 As 50 states & globe rallied to #StandWithStandingRock #Nov15 Indigenous youth led human mural symbolizing unity of the 4 directions #NoDAPL

.@JordanChariton 11/16/16
Jordan Confronts Oil Police Over Pepper Spray

11/16/16 Stand Up for Creation

11/16/16 Lakota Country Times: #SouthDakota county criticized for role in #NoDAPL crackdown

11/16/16 Despite Army Corps Statement DAPL Moves Horizontal Drill to Missouri River Crossing

.@JordanChariton 11/16/16
Brave Police Officer QUITS After Witnessing DAPL Brutality

.@JordanChariton 11/16/16
Drone Pilots EXPOSING Oil Police Violence

DemocracyNow 11/16/16
Indigenous Activist Zip-Tied & Locked in Dog Kennel for 6 Hours for Protesting Dakota Pipeline

11/16/16 #NoDAPL Protests Loudly Declare: ‘We Are Not Going Silently Into the Night’

.@JordanChariton 11/16/16
Bernie Sanders Ally Exposes DAPL Environmental #Racism

11/16/16 Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Spread to 300 Cities as Pipeline Owner Sues to Continue Construction

11/16/16 Worldwide Protests Demand U.S. Army Reject Dakota Access Pipeline

11/16/16 BREAKING: DAPL Drill Brought In Overnight

11/16/16 New: “No More Stolen Sisters” Demonstration Blockades DAPL Man Camp; 25+ Arrests

.@abowersock 11/16/16
#NoDAPL vigil in #Seattle Recap

“#NoDAPL (Page 1 of 8)” by @MaxKingsleyEh

11/15/16 One #Treaty Could Change the Fight to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/15/16 Abt 100 riot police are attacking #NoDAPL water protectors who are blocking pipeline equipment

11/15/16 Dakota Access Pipeline excavator seen digging this afternoon, visible across the river from Sacred Stone Camp. #NoDAPL

.@JordanChariton 11/15/16
Pres. Obama Kicks DAPL Can Down The Road

.@JordanChariton 11/15/16
.@POTUS, @BarackObama: Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline

.@JordanChariton 11/15/16
DAPL Security Threatens “Scum of The Earth” Water Protectors

11/15/16 DAPL Security Threatens “Scum of The Earth” Water Protectors

11/15/16 Dakota Access Pipeline protesters hold national ‘Day of Action’

11/15/16 What Standing Rock Tells Us About Civil Disobedience

Reuters 11/15/16
Dakota Access pipeline protests spread, firms fight back

11/15/16 Energy Transfer seeks court intervention on Dakota pipeline

11/15/16 rally is growing larger-thousands here! @SusanSarandon asks the crowd: “Where are Dems on #StandingRock?” #tuesdaymotivation #NoDAPL

#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #NativeLivesMatter
10/15/16 Mni Wiconi – Water is Life

11/15/16 Update: today’s announcement from the Army Corps didn’t change anything with the illegal roadblock across hwy 1806. #NoDAPL

11/15/16 *TODAY* #NoDAPL Day of Action

11/15/16 #NoDAPL Day Of Action!
Bill McKibben: What’s Next? Solidarity With Standing Rock, November 15

#DAPL aircraft crop dusters spraying chemicals

11/14/16 Rod Webber
DAPL tries to run down Water Protectors with Truck

11/14/16 Rod Webber
DAPL use baseball bats to intimidate Water Protectors

11/14/16 Rod Webber
Beaten by DAPL/ arrested/ devices stolen

.@JoshFoxFilm 10/14/16
Shot in the Back at Standing Rock

11/14/16 Army Corps to Engage Standing Rock Sioux on Dakota Access Pipeline

11/14/16 #BigOil will put longest river in N. America at risk, one that 17 million people rely on, just to make a profit. #NoDAPL #UnlikelyMotivation

#ObamasLegacy: Turning his back on the Standing Rock Sioux after pledging to protect them

11/14/16 Mississippi Stand Goes Inside Pipeline and Shuts Down DAPL Construction

11/14/16 #BigOil will put longest river in N. America at risk, one that 17 million people rely on, just to make a profit

11/14/16 Pipeline Safety Expert Says Environmental Assessment Of Dakota Access “Seriously Deficient”

.@JordanChariton 11/14/16
Chase Iron Eyes On What Obama Is Missing

.@JordanChariton 11/14/16
Standing Rock Struggle Inspires New Independent Journalists

11/14/16 Youth and elders lead prayer at federal building in Bismarck, ND.

.@Jimmy_Dore 11/14/16
Sheriff CAVES! Brings Cops Home From Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

11/14/16 Riot Police appear @ Bismark #NoDAPL march

11/14/16 Army Statement Regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/14/16 Statement Regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/14/16 VIDEO: As Standing Rock Protesters Block the Road, Pipeline Worker Plows Through Them Firing Gun

11/14/16 Armed swat police blocking a busy street in Bismarck from water protector #FourDirection march – WATCH http://www.
Armed swat police blocking a busy street in Bismarck from water protector #FourDirection march – WATCH http://www.

11/14/16 Water protectors march through streets of Bismarck after #FourDirections convoy converged at ND capitol. Watch #LIVE

11/13/16 Company Behind DAPL Rounds Up Wild Buffaloes, Keeps Them Without Food Or Water [Watch]

11/13/16 We bring u back to the beginning of the #NoDAPL water protectors encampments in & around #StandingRock – [4.1.16]

Today a DAPL worker aimed a gun at peaceful water protectors, pistol whipped people & fired several shots into the air. #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

11/11/16 Expert Investigation Reveals Government and Energy Transfer Partners Covered Up Dangers Of #DAPL

.@Claudia_Stauber 11/13/16
😡The (anti-Trump) protests are an absolute joke! I’m seriously pissed off right now!!! #NoDAPL😡

.@JordanChariton 11/13/16
Jordan On Calm Before Standing Rock Storm

.@HAGoodmanAuthor 11/13/16
CLINTON BLAMES FBI WIKILEAKS: Democrats Say America Hates Women and Ignore Dakota Access Pipeline

11/12/16 Trump’s personal investments ride on completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

11/12/16 Why Understanding the #NativeAmerican Perspective Is Essential for Resolving the #NoDAPL Crisis

11/12/16 Olympia, WA: North Dakota Fracking Equipment Blocked, Train Tracks Barricaded

.@Claudia_Stauber 11/12/16
The US has cancer and treating the symptoms won’t help!

11/12/16 Standing Rock: New Arrests as Key Obama Admin Decision Looms


11/10/16 @JordanChariton
Standing Rock Horsemen Protect Against SHADY DAPL Infiltrators

11/11/16 Last Stand at Standing Rock

.@JordanChariton 11/11/16
Jordan LOSES IT On Obama’s DAPL Cowardice

11/11/16 Standing Rock pipeline protesters dig in for long fight, cold winter

11/11/16 Dakota Access Challenges Army Corp on Hold Requests

11/11/16 Nurses, Vets Lend Support Against Dakota Access Pipeline

11/11/16 Video: #NoDAPL water protectors stop Dakota Access Pipeline work site off Hwy 6 south of Mandan, ND. Police arrive ~1hr later, make arrests.

11/11/16 I Couldn’t Go to Standing Rock, So I Closed My Bank Accounts Instead

11/11/16 Marching in Madison in solidarity with the water protectors at Standing Rock.

Here’s the (quietly) fixed Politico article
11/11/16 Administration denies green light coming for Dakota Access

11/11/16 No, President Obama did not green light Dakota Pipeline

11/11/16 Betraying Water Protectors, Obama Set to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline

11/11/16 #Veterans Head To #StandingRock To Support #WeThePeople

11/11/16 Police Fire Tear Gas On DAPL Protestors As Pipeline Nears Completion

11/10/16 Protesters halt pipeline work by crawling into pipe

11/10/16 DAPL Ignores 2nd Army Corps Request to Stop Construction for 30 Days

.@CenkUygur 11/10/16
Pipeline Owner Laughing In Obama’s Face

11/10/16 Dakota Access builds militarized construction site w/ hesco walls & razor wire to protect oil pipeline from water protectors. #NoDAPL

Is your bank funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Here’s how to find a new bank

11/10/16 Protests are Working! — Major Bank Considers Pulling Funds from DAPL if Violations Continue

11/10/16 The Standing Rock Protests Are About the Constitution

11/10/16 Responding 2 #DAPL saying they’ll drill w/ out permits,Army Corps tells me they expect them 2 follow fed law #NoDAPL

11/10/16 The Standing Rock Struggle For Clean Water: A Photo Essay

11/9/16 DAPL Going Ahead Full Throttle: Energy Transfer Partners

11/9/16 Obama’s Neutrality on Dakota Pipeline Will Ruin His Environmental Legacy

11/9/16 Susan Sarandon wants you to change banks to protest the DAPL

11/9/16 Bank Funding Pipeline Will Look Into Violations of Standing Rock Sioux’s Rights

11/9/16 .@barackobama-please explain why Army Corps says they’ve not given drilling permits 4 #DAPL, but DAPL says they have them? WAKE UP! #NoDAPL

11/9/16 #NoDAPL Spills Over: Musicians Boycott Dakota Access Pipeline CEO’s Record Label & Festival

Rod Webber 11/8/16
Militarized police confront Megan Ritzi (an amputee) at DAPL

11/8/16 Dakota pipeline operator to defy Obama and prepare for final phase of drilling

11/8/16 Police Departments Refuse Participation In Dakota Access Pipeline Crackdown

11/8/16 Dakota Access Announces Plan to Drill Under Missouri River Within Weeks

#DAPL denied recent claims from the Army Corps that they had agreed to a slowdown in pipeline construction.

11/8/16 How a company with ties to a Dakota Access Pipeline owner flew over protests in the no fly zone

11/8/16 Pipeline Police Strip Search Native Girl, Then Leave Her Naked In Jail Overnight

.@JordanChariton 11/7/16
Female Water Protectors BRUTALIZED By Oil Police

11/7/16 The President’s ‘Proclamation’ for #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth vs. how Natives are really being treated #NoDAPL

11/7/16 Deputies From Wisconsin And Elsewhere Leave North Dakota, Refuse To Return As Millions Join Movement

11/7/16 It’s Happening: These Cops Left Standing Rock and Refuse to Return

11/7/16 Governor Dalrymple Opposed Pipeline for Bismarck, Doug Good Feather of Standing Rock Explains Why

11/6/16 A Golden Eagle Lands On Standing Rock, Allows Water Protectors To Touch Him

11/6/16 Gisborne, New Zealand: Maori perform a rousing Haka in support of the #StandingRock Sioux protesting the #DakotaAccessPipeline. #NoDAPL

11/6/16 @HillaryClinton’s Silence on #NoDAPL Is a Moral Mistake—and a Political One

11/6/16 Drone Footage Shows Dakota Access Pipeline Company Ignored Request to Halt Construction on Disputed Land

11/6/16 Here’s the story behind this powerful Standing Rock photo

11/6/16 North Dakota law enforcement standing & parking cars on sacred burial grounds atop Turtle Island in Cannonball River earlier today #NoDAPL

11/6/16 Police Violence Escalates As Provocateurs Infiltrate Standing Rock, #NoDAPL Protests

11/6/16 This Land Is Our Land: All Sides Dig In as Pipeline Nears the River

11/6/16 Cast of the Avengers Heroically Comes Out in Real Life to Call Attention to DAPL Protesters

11/6/16 Over 500 Clergy from 20 Faiths Hold ‘Historic’ Ceremony Opposing DAPL & Centuries of Native Genocide

11/6/16 BOOM! Navy Petty Officer Joins DAPL Protest With Upside Down Flag – “Our Greatest Enemies Are Right Here”

11/6/16 I’m at #StandingRock. They are arresting & charging people w felonies not misneadeanors. They are taking DNA. This is breaking the laws

11/5/16 Dakota pipeline company ignores Obama’s order to halt pipeline construction

11/5/16 The Dakota Pipeline: The Human Right to Water at Standing Rock

11/5/16 Turning Point at Standing Rock? Resistance and Renewed Hope Against Dakota Access

11/5/16 DAPL: Footage of Military-Clad Officers Firing Rubber Bullets and Pepper Spray at Water Protectors

11/5/16 Police shoot rubber bullets at Dakota Access Pipeline protesters

11/5/16 The White Horse and the Humvees—Standing Rock Is Offering Us a Choice

.@LetMadnessBegin 11/5/16
Josh Fox Slanders Jill Stein

11/5/16 North Dakota’s public bank is funding police repression at Standing Rock

11/5/16 Dakota Access Pipeline Builder Ignored Obama Admin Request to Halt Construction

.@LeeCamp 11/5/16
Ways To help Standing Rock Even If You Aren’t There!

11/5/15 Convoy of Hopi approaching to join the #NoDAPL Oceti Sakowin encampment. #MniWiconi

11/5/16 Dear @POTUS,
Would you “let it play out” if it were your family being maced & shot? Your children being beaten & arrested?

11/5/16 2 traditions #standingrock #nodapl #StandWithStandingRock

11/4/16 #BankExit – Tell Big Banks to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/4/16 Joe Brusky: #DAPL and the future of clean water

11/4/16 Another pipeline bursts in PA, endangering the drinking water of 6 million people … same company behind Dakota Pipeline

11/4/16 Obama is NOT Saving Standing Rock

11/4/16 ‘Pipelines Leak’: Expert Finds Government Downplayed DAPL Impact on Tribe and Water

11/4/16 Image Gallery: 500 Interfaith Clergy and Laity Answered the Call to Stand With Standing Rock

11/4/16 Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt Hosting Standing Rock Benefit

11/4/16 Standing Rock and Beyond: Big Oil’s Corporate Dislocations and Extortions

.@JordanChariton 11/4/16
Jordan On CLUELESS Federal Government

.@LeeCamp 11/4/16
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Police SHOOT Reporter w/ Rubber Bullet DURING INTERVIEW At Standing Rock!

11/4/16 @SamuelLJackson: Do you know what’s going on in Standing Rock @POTUS ? Sign the petition!

11/4/16 Dakota Access Prophesy is for Worst to Come

11/4/16 Be the Change: 2 Cops Turn In Badges in Support of Standing Rock Water Protectors

11/4/16 A Journalist Accidentally Filmed Herself Getting Shot by DAPL Police

11/4/16 Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren should face the music

11/4/16 Veteran flies flag upside down in defense of the Sioux. Per US flag code this signals extreme risk to life & property #NoDAPL #FridayFeeling

11/4/16 Lobbyist for Dakota Access formerly led army’s “restore Iraqi oil” program

11/4/16 Canadian companies are involved with DAPL, yet the gov’t won’t acknowledge it. A newly formed coalition of indigenous groups seeks justice.

11/4/16 Army Corps Spokesperson tells me: “The company understands very clearly they can’t do the drilling w/ out the easement (permission)” #NoDAPL

.@JordanChariton 11/4/16
Jordan reports on interview with Army Corps of Engineers

11/4/16 A Prayer for People and Planet: 500 Clergy Hold ‘Historic’ Mass Gathering for Standing Rock

11/4/16 ‘Pipelines Leak’: Expert Finds Government Downplayed DAPL Impact on Tribe and Water

.@JordanChariton 11/3/16
BRAVE Standing Rock Medic Has Message For Police

11/3/16 DAPL Desecrated Sacred Sites, Took 10 Days to Tell State, as Human Rights Abuses Continue

11/3/16 Obama, Extortion and the DAPL: Joye Braun Explains Why “There Are No Acceptable Rerouting Options”

.@LeeCamp 11/3/16
Iowa Woman Arrested On Her OWN FARM Trying To Stop Dakota Access Pipeline! [36]

.@LetMadenssBegin 11/3/16
President Obama On #DAPL: “Let It Play Out”

11/3/16 If Dakota Access pipeline were to move, where would it move to?

11/3/16 The Standing Rock Victory You Didn’t Hear About

11/3/16 People vs. Big Oil: A Mosaic of Oil and Attack Dogs

11/3/16 #JusticeOrElse #NoDAPL

11/3/16 The Human Right to Water at Standing Rock

11/3/16 Building a Bridge to Turtle Island — Dispatch from Standing Rock

11/3/16 Surveillance plane that has been flying circles over #NoDAPL camps for months has recently started flying at night with its lights off.

.@JordanChariton 11/3/16
Jordan Reports While Standing Rock Prays

11/3/16 Obama Re-Routing DAPL? HOPE or HUSTLE?

11/3/16 Police stopped #NoDAPL activists from reaching sacred burial sites—with rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray.

11/3/16 .@POTUS you’ve asked #DAPL to cease construction, but your administration is working w/police hurting Native Americans. #NoDAPL #Hypocrisy

11/3/16 Hundreds of Armed #Police Descend On Water Protectors Trying To Reach #DAPL Site

11/3/16 Standing Rock Chair: Obama Could Stop the Dakota Pipeline Today & Preserve Indigenous Sacred Sites

11/3/16 The Indigo Girls Launch #NoDAPL Boycott to Protest Pipeline Owner Who Runs Major Folk Music Festival

11/3/16 “I Do Not Play for Oil Interests”: Jackson Browne to His Biggest Fan, the Billionaire Behind #DAPL

11/3/16 Who is Kelcy Warren, the Texas Billionaire and Folk Music Fanatic Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline?

DAPL EXPOSED #5: Lethal round fired at unarmed youth.

11/2/16 A #NoDAPL Map Everyone Should See

DAPL EXPOSED #5: Lethal round fired at unarmed youth.

11/2/16 Tday @POTUS rally for @HillaryClinton they BLOCKED our #NoDAPL signs by handing out Hill signs.Then intimidated us w/security. #StandingRock

11/2/16 I was shot by militarized police WHILE interviewing a man on camera at #StandingRock…and here’s the footage. #NoDAPL

11/2/16 Standing Rock, Flint, And The Color Of Water:

2003 Indian Trust Responsibility: Protecting Tribal Lands and resources through Claims of Injunctive Relief against Federal Agencies

11/2/16 Police Viciously Attack Peaceful Protestors at the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/2/16 RAW: Dakota Access Pipeline protesters maced during standoff with authorities

11/2/16 Police Attack #NoDAPL Water Protectors Defending Sacred Sites

Bill Bunting 11/2/16
We are the problem, yet we are the solution

11/2/16 A young water protector shot by a rubber bullet! Shot in the back! SS GOON KOPS ARE AGAINST THE PEOPLE.

11/2/16 SWAT in boats, unknown out-of-state police & chemical weapons deployed against #NoDAPL water protectors swimming across Cannonball river

11/2/16 Here. Now. Militarized Police taunt protesters with huge mace cans & shortly after this shoot rubber bullets. 1 hit media #NoDAPL #MniWiconi

11/2/16 #NoDAPL Update: Fresh paint splattered & mice droppings all over water protectors’ personal effects returned by Morton County Sheriff.

11/2/16 Sniper sitting atop burial land, gun pointed at water protectors. Police brutalize Native Americans to protect #BIgOil’s bottom line #NoDAPL

11/2/16 Dave Matthews Plays for Standing Rock Camp — Announces ‘Stand with Standing Rock’ Benefit Concert

11/2/16 Breaking: Emergency Call to Action at Standing Rock as Police Violently Attack Prayer Ceremony

.@Joshua4NPV1 11/2/16
Response: @JoshFoxFilm from Truthdig attempts @DrJillStein smear

11/2/16 Obama Breaks Silence, Suggests Dakota Pipeline Be Rerouted

11/2/16 BREAKING: Police used chemical weapons & fired less-lethal rounds at unarmed #NoDAPL water protectors. Triage overflowing ~100 injured.

11/2/16 Why police from 7 different states invaded a Standing Rock camp—and other questions

11/2/16 In Sign of ‘Overwhelming Support,’ Water Protectors Raise Over $3 Million to Fight Dakota Access

11/2/16 Report from Standing Rock—Fierce Resilience as the Black Snake Approaches the River

11/2/16 Public Servants or Corporate Security?: An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota

11/2/16 ‘Pray’: Armed Police Descend on Water Protectors at DAPL Site

11/2/16 As Pipeline Construction and Repression Grows, DAPL Protest is Looking More Like a Mass Movement

11/2/16 DAPL: Facebook Check-ins Show Support But Do Not Confound Authorities

11/2/16 Barrier of logs and rope has been constructed, placed the water by #NoDAPL water protectors. More officers arriving, lining up on the shore.

11/2/16 Cost of Policing Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Swells to $10 Million

11/2/16 Obama: Army Corps Considering Rerouting Dakota Access Pipeline

.@AntoniaJuhasz 11/1/16
Inside the Battle Over the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/1/16 #BlackSnakeProphecy – #StandingRock #NoDAPL

11/1/16 ND hemorrhaging money because of the pipeline protest

11/1/16 Not Raising Hell in Standing Rock: “We’re Here to Stop a Pipeline”

11/1/16 Confirmed: The Temporary Flight Restriction (aka “no fly zone”) over #NoDAPL camps & DAPL construction area has been lifted by FAA

11/1/16 BREAKING: Dakota Access Pipeline Nearly Completed

11/1/16 Jordan Reports From Standing Rock’s Burnt Rubble

11/1/16 This woman spoke about the brutality of the DAPL arrests (via @joshfoxfilm)

11/1/16 POWERFUL Standoff Between Water Protector & Oil Police

11/1/16 Someone Just Donated $2.5 Million to Bail Out Everyone Arrested at Standing Rock

.@LetMadnessBegin 11/1/16
Dakota Access Pipeline Continues To Threaten Life

11/1/16 I’m at the Clinton rally in #FtLauderdale. They wouldn’t let any #NoDAPL signage inside. These two awesome people stood at the entrance 😇🇺🇸

11/1/16 ND Agency Requests $4 Million More to Police #NoDAPL Resistance

10/31/16 Allegations of rights abuses at Standing Rock draw international attention

10/31/16 WATCH: @ChelseaClinton’s EPIC Dodge of Dakota Access Pipeline Question

10/31/16 Dakota Access pipeline protester charged with attempted murder

10/31/16 Jill Stein Solidarity Message with Standing Rock Water Protectors

.@JohnLaurits 10/31/16
The US Media is as Guilty as the Police at Standing Rock

10/31/16 Civil Rights Leaders, Celebrities Show Solidarity at Front Lines of Standing Rock

10/31/16 10 Images That Perfectly Illustrate the Struggle Against the Dakota Access Pipelin

10/31/16 Allegations of rights abuses at Standing Rock draw international attention

10/31/16 Armed #DAPL contractor accused of trying to infiltrate Water Protectors

10/31/16 Internal Watchdog Blasts Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Regulators Over Safety Rule Delays

Abby Martin 10/31/16
Fighting at Standing Rock With AIM Founder Dennis Banks

10/31/16 Security Firm Running Dakota Access Pipeline Intelligence Has Ties to U.S. Military

10/31/16 As Media Gatekeeper, 70+ Groups Call on Facebook to End Censorship

10/31/16 As #DAPL Construction Approaches Missouri River, Water Protectors Stay Strong

10/31/16 Standing Rock: Dallas Goldtooth on Suspicious Fire Near Resistance Camp & Repression of Movement

10/31/16 Did #DAPL Security Worker Wielding an AR-15 Rifle Try to Infiltrate Native Water Protectors?

10/31/16 Why Oregon Standoff Verdicts Set Dangerous and Far-Reaching Precedent

10/30/16 Rank-and-File Union Members Speak-Out at Standing Rock Camp, Challenge AFL-CIO Leadership’s Support for Pipeline

10/30/16 ‘Anonymous’ Threatens North Dakota Governor After Pipeline Employees Caught Infiltrating Protests To Incite Violence

10/30/16 Standing Rock. Today via @UR_Ninja #Ferguson. Baton Rouge. American Tax-Payer Funded. Who is Next? #NoDAPL

10/30/16 After Two Wars, Standing Rock is the First Time I Served the American People

10/30/16 Currently “North Dakota Tactical Operations Center” police/military forces are roughly half a mile from the main Oceti Sakowin camp. #NoDAPL


.@JordanChariton 10/29/16
Jordan GOES OFF On Media’s FALSE Standing Rock Coverage

10/29/16 Truthdigger of the Week: Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II

10/29/16 The Great Bison Spirit and the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/29/16 The Malheur Occupiers Were Found Innocent. The Standing Rock Protestors Were Assaulted. What Does This Say About Our Country?

10/29/16 Real Video from Friday in North Dakota, for those who have strong stomachs and some sense of Justice

.@BillMcKibben 10/29/16
Why Dakota Is the New Keystone

10/29/16 The Injustice at Standing Rock Is an American Story

10/29/16 This Natural Disaster Assistance Law Is Why Other States Are Policing Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

10/29/16 The Same Day White Armed Occupiers Were Acquitted, Peaceful Native American Activists Were Tear Gassed

10/29/16 At DAPL, Confiscating Cameras as Evidence of Journalism

10/29/16 When Will It End? US Government Again Uses Militarized Response to Stand of Native Americans to Injustice

10/29/16 #NoDAPL: Native American Leaders Vow to Stay All Winter, File Lawsuit Against Police

10/29/16 Like a ‘Concentration Camp’ Police Mark DAPL Protesters with Numbers & Lock Them in Dog Kennels

10/29/16 Hillary Turns Her Back on Standing Rock Sioux: ‘Path Forward Must Serve Broadest Public Interest’

10/29/16 BREAKING : The United Nations is headed to Standing Rock!!!

Bill Bunting 10/28/16
The real news for Oct 28th 2016 #NoDAPL Special Edition

10/28/16 Today, we experienced police protecting & serving the interests of Dakota Access, LLC. #NoDAPL #PeopleOverProfits

10/28/16 Chief Arvol Looking Horse to Obama: Keep Your Word

10/28/16 Amnesty International USA to Monitor to North Dakota Pipeline Protests

10/28/16 The United Nations just made a major announcement on the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/28/16 Amnesty International just sent human rights observers to North Dakota to protect water protectors

10/28/16 Remember This When You Talk About Standing Rock

10/28/16 More astonishing images of courage and dignity emerging from Standing Rock #NoDAPL

10/28/16 They claimed that this Elder had a gun. She was holding a prayer stick. #NoDAPL #IStandWithStandingRock

10/28/16 Uncensored Truth: Here’s What Really Happened at #NoDAPL Protests Yesterday

10/28/16 Buffalo Show Up Out Of Nowhere 2 Show Solidarity W/Standing Rock Sioux & All The Other Natives Gathered To Protect #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife 🐻🌲🎆🐟

10/28/16 These are pellets shot out of shotguns by police at #NoDAPL protectors. Retrieved from leg of protector by medics.

10/28/16 North Dakota pipeline activists say arrested protesters were kept in dog kennels

10/28/16 ‘All-Out War’ in North Dakota as Police Arrest 141 Water Protectors

10/28/16 ‘What a Crock’: Clinton Breaks DAPL Silence With Statement That Says ‘Literally Nothing’

10/28/16 Filmmaker Facing 30 Years for Documenting Climate Action Stands Resolute, Determined

10/28/16 Bernie Sanders Demands a Stop to the Dakota Pipeline in Open Letter to President Obama

10/28/16 Standing Rock Water-Protectors Waterboarded While the Cleveland Indians Romped

10/28/16 ‘All-Out War’ in North Dakota as Police Arrest 141 Water Protectors

10/28/16 US Revives War on Native Americans in North Dakota

.@LetMadnessBegin 10/28/16
Militarized Police Arrest Over 100 People At Standing Rock

.@LeeCamp 10/28/16
BREAKING WEB EXCLUSIVE: Watch Police Attack Unarmed Standing Rock #NoDAPL Water Protectors!

10/28/16 Buffalo Child
People killed at #NoDAPL!!!

5/19/15 The founder of Energy Transfer Partners has built his $7.3 billion personal fortune by making smart moves during the industry’s ‘dark times.’

10/28/16 Mother Nature Shows Her Gratitude at #NoDAPL:

10/28/16 Indigenous Youth Occupy Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters to Demand She Take Stand on #DAPL

Quote from article above

10/28/16 Indigenous Youth Occupy Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters to Demand She Take Stand on #DAPL

10/28/16 North Dakota: Militarized Police Raid Anti-Pipeline Camp, Arrest 141

10/28/16 “A Shameful Moment for This Country”: Report Back on Militarized Police Raid of #NoDAPL Camp

10/28/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chair: DOJ Must Investigate Use of Force Against #NoDAPL


10/27/16 Standing Rock Medics Attacked by Police and Arrested

10/27/16 Clinton campaign declines to support Dakota pipeline protesters

10/27/16 North Dakota had 292 oil spills in 2 years–officials disclosed 1 to the public

10/27/16 Clinton Campaign Responds to DAPL Face-Off

theRealNews 10/27/16
Police Violently Clearing Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

10/27/16 This Natural Disaster Assistance Law Is Why Other States Are Policing Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

theRealNews 10/27/16
Jihan Hafiz Reports on the Brutal Police Crackdown at Standing Rock

.@JordanChariton 10/27/16
WOW! #NoDAPL: BRAVE Environmental Lawyer Explains Standing Rock Legal Issues

.@ProgrssvOutlet 10/27/16
Militarized police at the #NoDAPL against the people.

10/27/16 Mark Ruffalo Delivers Solar Panels to Camp Where Thousands Are Fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/27/16 #NoDAPL Drone Footage (before civilian drones were outlawed)

10/27/16 people have been maced, shot at, arrested, attacked, ceremonial sweat lodges have been torn down, tipis, this is heartbreaking.

10/27/16 Nurses Condemn Attacks on Water Protectors Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline Project

10/27/16 Clinton campaign declines to support #NoDAPL

10/27/16 The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s response to today’s raid. #NoDAPL

10/27/16 First Amendment Rights Must Be Protected for Those Peacefully Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/27/16 The scene about an hour ago on Hwy 1806 as policr attempt to force Oceti Sakowin Sioux tribes to allow DAPL on their treaty land. #NoDAPL

10/27/16 Armed Police Clash with Protesters as the Situation in North Dakota Intensifies

10/27/16 Dakota Access pipeline protesters occupy Hillary Clinton campaign HQ

10/27/16 They shot a horse

10/27/16 Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said no tasers were used today. We have video evidence that clearly proves tasers were used. #NoDAPL

10/27/16 Developing: 100+ Militarized Police Raiding #NoDAPL Resistance Camp Blocking Pipeline’s Path

.@LeeCamp @JordanChariton 10/27/16
Breaking WikiLeaks Revelations & #NoDAPL

10/27/16 This elder in ceremonial garb held a prayer for everyone gathered on Highway 1806 and was arrested shortly after. #NoDAPL

10/27/16 Here’s a water protector shot in the face by rubber bullets the police were using today. We stand with them! #NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock

10/27/16 Authorities from seven states have been called in to remove #NoDAPL Protectors #StandingRock

.realTimBlack 10/27/16
#NoDAPL Arrests and Forceful Removals, Julian Assange is Back!

10/27/16 Police Violently Clearing #NoDAPL Water Protectors

10/27/16 A member of the International Indigenous Youth Council who had her wrist broken by police last Saturday was maced today. #NoDAPL

10/27/16 Live videos:

#NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock #NativeLivesMatter
10/27/16 North Dakota cops remove pipeline protesters from private land

10/27/16 As police in ND seem poised to raid #NoDAPL camp, Standing Rock youth flood Clinton campaign HQ to demand she oppose Dakota Access pipeline

10/27/16 “you are going to get pepper sprayed if you are on the pick-ups”, cop to people.

0/27/16 Atsa E’sha Hoferer has been streaming a ways back from the front line
LRAD used / we are trying to resume live video

10/27/16 Hundreds of police and military move in to evict the #OcetiSakowin (Sioux) from 1851 treaty land as #DAPL actively digs. #NoDAPL

10/27/16 “We’re unarmed…we’re praying, and we’re being arrested.” ~Kandi Mossett on police at Dakota Access Pipeline. #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

10/27/16 The Pipeline and the Sexual Abuse of Native American Women


10/27/16 Pics from the livefeed of the camp

10/27/16 Happening now: 100+ Police in ND approaching #NoDAPL frontline resistance camp with multiple MRAPs, sound cannon, armored truck, bulldozer

10/27/16 LIVE FEED: Police & national guard with L-RAD sound cannons and humvees are attempting to evict #StandingRock camp

10/27/16 How To Talk About #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective

10/27/16 Flaming barricades as armored vehicles advance #NoDAPL

10/27/16 BREAKING: 100+ police in riot gear appear poised to raid #NoDAPL resistance camp directly in path of Dakota Access pipeline construction

10/27/16 Police making arrests

10/27/16 Watch “Update From The Frontline Blockades of #NoDAPL in North Dakota” @UR_Ninja

10/26/16 Fearing Escalation in Police Tactics, Standing Rock Asks Justice Department to Step In

10/26/16 “The more quiet and serene we are, in the depths of that violence, the faster we win.”
Mark Ruffalo stands with #NoDAPL protesters:

10/26/16 #NoDAPL fight a product of ignored rights

10/26/16 Trump Closely Tied to Energy Transfer Partners, Operators of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

10/26/16 Breaking: Probe Finds Guards Who Unleashed Dogs on Pipeline Protesters Were Not Licensed in ND

10/26/16 We just streamed an update: #NoDAPL Blockade Update 10/26/16
#DakotaAccessPipeline & spotting law enforcement on ATV

10/26/16 Beyond Dakota Access: Energy Transfer Partners Pipelines To Ferry Fracked Gas To Mexico

10/26/16 Actor Mark Ruffalo in North Dakota to oppose oil pipeline

10/26/16 The FAA has issued a no fly zone over Cannonball ND airspace (#NoDAPL camps) until Nov 4, 2016

10/26/16 Standing Rock Tribe sent AG General Loretta Lynch letter yesterday asking 4 investigation into civil rights violations by police #NoDAPL

10/25/16 Amy Goodman on Why the North Dakota Pipeline Standoff Is Only Getting Worse

10/25/16 Statement by Former Vice President Al Gore in Support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

10/25/16 Actor Mark Ruffalo visits ND to support opposition to DAPL, says Leonardo DiCaprio will also be joining

10/25/15 Video: Police viciously attacked peaceful protectors at #NoDAPL

10/25/16 Statement by Former Vice President Al Gore in Support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

10/25/16 ‘They Always Break!’ Latest Pipeline Leak #Oklahoma Underscores Dangers of DAPL

10/25/16 Iowa: Blockade Halted Dakota Access Drilling Under Mississippi River

10/25/16 Muslims Stand Firmly With Standing Rock

10/25/16 Fearing escalation in police tactics, Standing Rock asks Justice Department to step in

10/25/16 Broken Treaties Central to the Injustice of the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/25/16 Drone pilot and FAA comment on drone shooting at #NoDAPL

10/25/16 North Dakota ‘Water Protectors’ Reclaim Land, Build New Camps To Block Dakota Access Pipeline

10/24/16 Clinton’s Troubling Silence on the Dakota Access Pipeline

11/24/16 Thousands of Nigerian fisherman sue Shell for destroying their communities


10/24/16 The Craziest Story from the Dakota Access Pipeline Was Completely Ignored by the Media

.@LeeCamp 10/24/16
North Dakota Is Starting To Look Like A War Zone And Yet There’s No Mention From The Federal Government Nor The Pres. Candidates

10/24/16 [347] Indigenous Indignities at #DAPL & Rescinding Pay for Returning Vets

10/24/16 Tribal Chairman Says Peaceful Protestors Met with More Violence at #DAPL

10/24/16 Water protectors just blockaded Highway 1806 again for a bit this afternoon, (blockade has since been lifted-traffic can pass).

10/24/16 Dakota Access Oil Pipeline: Invite CEO to Lunch, Go to Jail

CNN 10/24/16
Drone shot, road reopens at Dakota Access Pipeline protest

10/24/16 Clinton’s Troubling Silence on #DAPL

10/24/16 Crossing the Fossil Fuel Industry Could Now Get You Locked Up – For Decades

10/24/16 North Dakota: Water Protectors Erect New Frontline Camp Directly in Path of Dakota Access Pipeline

10/24/16 Meet the Journalist Facing 45 Years in Jail for Filming Tar Sands Pipeline Protest in North Dakota

10/24/16 North Dakota: Police Arrest Over 100 Water Protectors

10/24/16 Josh Fox: Arrest of Journalists and Filmmakers Covering the Dakota Pipeline is a Threat to Democracy

10/24/16 NEW VIDEO: 80+ Water Protectors & Some Press (incl a Unicorn Riot journo) Mass Arrested During Prayer Walk

10/23/16 How Far Will North Dakota Go to Get This Pipeline?

10/23/16 Riot police cutting through a fence to get to the PEACEFUL water protectors, the only one trespassing is the police!

10/24/16 Hundreds in Los Angeles protest #NoDAPL

10/23/16 This is the filthy 1% that has bribed n.dakota governor n law enforcement

10/23/16 Cops Out of Control at Standing Rock Using Spiritual, Mental and Physical Abuse

10/23/16 ‘Stakes Are Getting Higher’: 83 People Arrested, Maced in North Dakota

Police fire on drone near #DAPL site & Water Protectors erect blockade on hwy 1806 to protect new camp

(Article regarding shooting down drones)
4/15/16 It is a federal crime to shoot down a drone, says FAA

10/23/16 Law Enforcement Attack Private Drone as Water Protectors Erect Blockade & New Winter Camp

10/23/16 Woman, beaten by riot police in hospital #NoDAPL

10/23/16 Water protectors have declared eminent domain on DAPL owned land off Highway 1806 near Standing Rock- more structures going up #NoDAPL

10/23/16 declares eminent domain on site,assert it is 1851 treaty land, occupy the site & nearby piece of Highway 1806  :

10/23/16 The United States Has Still Not Acknowledged It Committed Genocide Against Indigenous Peoples

10/23/16 ‘Stakes Are Getting Higher’: 83 People Arrested, Maced in North Dakota

10/22/16 Red Lightning at Standing Rock – thank you Home Dome Landing Project

10/22/16 Water Protectors’ Prayer Walk Ends up with 127 Arrests, Including Unicorn Riot Journalist

CNN 10/22/16
83 arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline protest

TYT 10/22/16
.@ShaileneWoodley Says #DakotaAccessPipeline Protest Arrest Isn’t About Her

10/22/16 NEW VIDEO: 80+ Water Protectors & Some Press (incl a Unicorn Riot journo) Mass Arrested During Prayer Walk

10/22/16 This is Why They Protest — Pipeline Owned By People Behind DAPL Just Spilled 55,000 Gallons Of Gasoline Into Pristine River

10/22/16 80 arrests today including one Unicorn Riot journalist

10/22/16 North Dakota Police ‘Out Of Control’ In Crackdown On Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

10/22/16 Eyewitness reports of police macing and beating ppl w teargas launcher after surrounding group. Those with footage targeted/arrested

10/22/16 Heavily armed riot police w/ MRAP maced non-violent #NoDAPL water protectors and made ~30 arrests, including a Unicorn Riot journalist.

10/22/16 North Dakota now more conservative than parts of the deep south

10/21/16 The crackdown on Dakota Access Pipeline reporters shows the vital role of independent media

10/21/16 .@realTimBlack
Ajamu Baraka: A Green Party Vote is the Only Ethical Choice

Time 10/20/16
Shailene Woodley: The Truth About My Arrest

10/20/16 Cops Arrest Woman Who Was on her own property #NoDAPL

10/20/16 The Many Pernicious Myths About Native Americans That Need to Be Uprooted Now

10/20/16 Journalists Risk Legal Battles & Prison Time For Covering Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

10/20/16 Three Massive Mergers—Millions for One Bank and a Disaster for Food, Water, and Climate

10/20/16 Morton County Sheriff has confirmed using social media to politically profile people arrested during #NoDAPL actions

.@LeeCamp 10/20/16
Press Freedom Disappearing & New Wikileaks Dump! [34]

10/20/16 Actress Shailene Woodley Reveals She Was Strip-Searched After Her Arrest Protesting Dakota Pipeline

theRealNews 10/20/16
13 Officers Withdrawn from North Dakota Following Arrest of Madison Elected Official

10/19/16 Another Horse Found Dead Near #NoDAPL Protest Site Bringing Total to 6 Livestock Dead, 2 Injured, 30 Missing

10/19/16 Someone Set $2 Million in Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Equipment on Fire

10/19/16 The rebellion at Standing Rock has forced labor officials to choose which side they’re on: fossil-fuel companies’ or the planet’s.

10/19/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chair: #Obama’s Legacy Rests on Whether He Stops #DAPL

10/18/16 Why Is North Dakota Strip-Searching Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Charged with Misdemeanors?

10/18/16 Labor Leaders Support the Dakota Access Pipeline—But This Native Union Member Doesn’t

10/18/16 Out-of-control North Dakota prosecutors still pursuing reporter Amy Goodman, even after judge dismisses riot charge

10/18/16 Where Has the Waste Gone? Fracking Results in Illegal Dumping of Radioactive Toxins

10/18/16 Standing Rock Sioux Pediatrician: Threat from Fracking Chemicals is “Environmental Genocide”

10/18/16 ‘I Was Doing My Job’: Climate Reporter Facing 45 Years Speaks Out

10/18/16 Native Students from UCLA came to Standing Rock & brought $14,000 that they fundraised. They cut wood too. #NoDAPL

10/18/16 “We’re Going to Call That a Win”: Water Protectors Promise More Protests as Felony Charges Dropped

10/18/16 Standing Rock Sioux Pediatrician: Threat from Fracking Chemicals is “Environmental Genocide”

10/18/16 Why Is North Dakota Strip-Searching Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Charged with Misdemeanors?

10/18/16 Midwives at Dakota Access Resistance Camps: We Can Decolonize, Respect Women & Mother Earth

10/18/16 #SacredStoneCamp welcomed a new human being to the world! #WaterIsLife #NoDAPL

10/18/16 Voices and Images from #NoDAPL Standing Rock Action

10/17/16 Why Is North Dakota Attempting to Mandate Who Should Report on Pipeline Protests?

10/17/16 Is Standing Rock the Oil Industry’s Last Stand? It’s Up to Us to Make It So

10/17/16 Four Unicorn Riot Journalists Face Charges For Covering #NoDAPL

10/17//16 Environmentalists: Make Your Stand Like Standing Rock

10/17/16 ‘Rioting’ Charges Dismissed against Journalist for Exposing State Repression Of Standing Rock Sioux

10/17/16 Dakota Excess Pipeline? Standing Rock Protectors Strip-Searched, Jailed for Days on Minor Charges

10/17/16 Part 2: Winona LaDuke & Tara Houska on the Indigenous Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/17/16 VIDEO: #NoDAPL organizer Cody Hall describes being strip-searched & held for three days without bail or bond at Morton County Jail

10/17/16 North Dakota judge REJECTS “riot” charges against Amy Goodman

10/16/16 Interview with #MississippiStand #NoDAPL Water Protector in Iowa

10/16/16 Standing Rock Protectors’ Peaceful March Met By The Police State #NoDAPL #DakotaAccessPipeline

10/16/16 Amy Goodman Explains Her Decision to Turn Herself In to North Dakota Authorities (Video)

10/16/16 Filmmaker Facing 45 Year Prison Sentence For Reporting On Pipeline Protests

10/16/16 Police have taken the protectors’ drum.

.@JordanChariton 10/16/16
Native Woman Falsely Arrested & Tossed Naked in Jail

10/15/16 Breaking: ND Prosecutor Seeks “Riot” Charges Against Amy Goodman For Reporting On Pipeline Protest


.@JordanChariton 10/15/16
Jordan Reports From Cannonball River #NoDAPL

10/15/16 Amy Goodman Is Facing Prison for Reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline. That Should Scare Us All.

10/15/16 Senators along with Bernie that try to protect the protectors water, sacred sites and way of life:
Bernard Sanders, Patrick Leahy, Edward J. Markey, Dianne Feinstein, Benjamin L. Cardin

10/15/16 The prosecutor admits he can’t meet the standard for trespass so he’s going to go after Amy Goodman for ‘riot’ charges

10/15/16 Happening right now. Look at all the police. Water protectors are unarmed. Please pray for them.

10/15/16 Breaking: ND Prosecutor Seeks “Riot” Charges Against Amy Goodman For Reporting On Pipeline Protest

10/15/16 Deia Schlosberg Freed, but Her Footage Confiscated

10/14/16 What? Army Corps Suddenly Decides Coal Trains Won’t Harm Salmon-Filled Columbia River

10/14/16 Breaking: Journalist Amy Goodman May Be Charged with ‘Participating in a Riot’ for Covering North …

10/14/16 #NoDAPL Rally in Mandan, North Dakota

10/14/16 Standing Rock Sioux Protectors Intensify Fight Against Dakota Pipeline Construction

10/14/16 FOCUS: Journalist Amy Goodman Shouldn’t Be Arrested for Covering Dakota Pipeline Story

10/14/16 Breaking: Journalist Amy Goodman May Be Charged with ‘Participating in a Riot’ for Covering North …

.@LeeCamp 10/14/16
Mind-Blowing New Leaks, Journalists Arrested, Activists Shut Down Oil Pipeline

Water Protector locked down: “as part of the broader #BlackLivesMatter movement I want to extend this” #NoDAPL

10/14/16 Bulldozers continue destroying sacred land

.@SaneProgressive 10/14/16
Update Wikileaks & Journalist Arrest/ Oil Protest Facing Facing Felony Conspiracy

10/14/16 Standing Rock Sioux Protectors Intensify Fight Against Dakota Pipeline Construction

10/13/16 ROLLING STONE’S TAIBBI: “Journalist Amy Goodman Shouldn’t Be Arrested for Covering Dakota Pipeline Story”

10/13/16 Putting Their Bodies on the (Pipe)line

.@Jimmy_Dore 10/13/16
Militarized Police Arrest Shailene Woodley Protesting DaKota Pipeline

#NoDAPL #FreeDeiaSchlosberg
10/13/16 Documentary Filmmaker Faces Up to 45 Years in Prison for Covering Pipeline Protest

10/13/16 Sanders among five senators asking Obama to order Dakota pipeline review

10/13/16 Bernie Sanders called for a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Why won’t Hillary Clinton?

10/13/16 Iowa: Woman Locks Herself to Excavator, Delaying #DAPL Construction

10/13/16 Treaties, Pipelines and the Election

10/13/16 The Power Behind the Pipeline

10/13/16 Bernie Sanders Just Asked President Obama to Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/13/16 Sanders, Other Senators Urge Obama to Halt DAPL for ‘Imperative’ Review

10/13/16 Amy Goodman to Turn Herself In, Will Fight ‘Clear Violation’ of Press Freedom

10/13/16 From Flint To Standing Rock To Upstate NY, Organizing To Save Our Water

10/13/16 Filmmaker Deia Schlosberg Arrested

10/13/16 Journalist Amy Goodman to Turn Herself in to North Dakota Authorities

10/12/16 The Financial Powers Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline Must Be Confronted (G4S, a UK-based security multinational is the company, long known for its human rights abuses, providing the mercenaries)

10/12/16 Climate Activist Heroes SHUT DOWN Entire Tar Sands Pipeline [Exclusive Video]

10/12/16 Actor Shailene Woodley: A High-Profile Target in the Fight Over the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/12/16 Dane County sheriff pulls deputies back from North Dakota pipeline deployment

10/12/16 #DAPL declines voluntary halt. Bulldozing sacred sites today

10/11/16 #nodapl, John Bolenbaugh Trailer. Help him change this world.

10/11/16 #NoDAPL: Water Protectors Call for Reinforcements as ND Calls in Out-of-State Sheriffs

10/11/16 Shailene Woodley puts up bail for all who were arrested with her (I think 27 is correct number)

10/11/16 Concert by Dave Matthews for Water Protectors

10/11/16 ‘This Is My Act of Love’: Climate Activists Shut Down All US-Canada Tar Sands Pipelines

10/10/16 ‘Historical Trauma’ Brought Native Americans to Standing Rock

10/10/16 Dakota Access Pipeline Police Celebrate Columbus Day by Continuing Brutal Tradition

10/10/16 Army Corps holds off on resuming Dakota pipeline work

10/10/16 Ground Boring Resumes Today

10/10/16 27 People Arrested Today along with Shailene Woodley

.@realTimBlack 10/10/16
Indigenous People Day Destroyed By #NoDAPL Arrest Shailene Woodley Water Protectors

BBC 10/10/16
Actress Shailene Woodley arrested during pipeline protest

10/10/15 Michael Horse Message to Morton County Sheriff

10/10/16 Indigenous Peoples Day Sweeps Nation as Battles Intensify for Native American Rights

10/10/16 After Court Lifts Injunction, Government Once Again Calls for Voluntary Halt to Dakota Access

10/10/16 The Surveillance State Descends on the Dakota Access Pipeline Spirit Camp

10/10/16 Iowa: Unicorn Riot Journalist Arrested Covering #NoDAPL Protests

Janice Rogers Brown 202-216-7220
Thomas B. Griffith 202-216-7170
Cornelia T.L. Pillard 202-216-7120 #NoDAPL Ruling

10/10/16 ‘Snowden’ actress arrested while filming Dakota Access Pipeline protests live

10/10/16 Shailene Woodley arrested for trespassing

10/10/16 Shailene Woodley Arrested for “Engaging in a Riot”

10/10/16 Shailene Woodley being Arrested

10/10/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sees setback as court lifts injunction in #NoDAPL case

10/10/16 Riot Police Arriving

10/9/16 Appeals court dissolves work freeze on pipeline

10/9/16 Court denies tribe’s request to halt pipeline construction

10/9/16 Previously unreleased footage shows un-arrest of water protector from attempted security arrest at Friday’s #NoDAPL action in Lee County, IA

10/9/16 In the last 2 days, around 15 have been arrested during actions to stop #DAPL construction in #Iowa – #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #MIssissippiStand

10/8/16 Arrests as water protectors block entrance to DAPL Mississippi river drill site in Lee County, Iowa

10/8/16 Water Protector at lockdown extracted and arrested

10/7/16 Voices from The Front Lines in Standing Rock V.2: Alayna Eagle Shield and Educating a New Generation of Revolutionaries

10/7/16 McLean: Christopher Columbus, a Rapist, a Murderer, Deserves No Holiday

10/7/16 VIDEO: #NoDAPL DC Rally – Sioux Leaders, Dallas Goldtooth, NCAI’s Cladoosby Speak

10/7/16 National Guard at Standing Rock conjures images of Guard–led repressions

10/7/16 Extra Police Ready to Crack Down on Dakota Pipeline Protesters–20161007-0013.html

10/7/16 Water protectors enter DAPL drill site by Mississippi River near Sandusky, Iowa & lock down to equipment

10/6/16 Native Americans Need Hillary to Actually Be An Ally Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/6/16 Why Standing Rock Is a Test for Obama—and All Climate Choices Ahead

10/6/16 D.C. Appeals Court Hears Suit Seeking to Block Dakota Access Pipeline

10/5/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. Army Corps of Engineers (audio)

10/5/16 #NoDAPL upside-down flag signals distress

10/5/16 With Dakota Access Back in Court, Activists Ask (Again): Where’s Clinton?

10/4/16 Dakota Access Pipeline ‘Water Protectors’ Block Construction Despite National Guard Blockade, Police Harassment & Arrests

10/4/16 To the Standing Rock Sioux, Who Are Singing for Water

10/4/16 How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/4/16 #NoDAPL: Land Defenders Disrupt Gubernatorial Debate, Shut Down 5 Construction Sites

10/3/16 UPDATE: Peaceful Protest Turns Violent with Introduction of Attack Dogs and Pepper Spray! #NoDAPL #NoDAPL dogs

10/3/16 The Pipeline

10/3/16 Unity, love, we are not protesters, we are protectors. Defenders of the sacred. #

10/3/16 Despite a massive police mobilization the camp continues to disrupt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

10/3/16 What are the Ties Between Dakota Access Pipeline Company & North Dakota’s Attorney General?

10/2/16 @WesleyStudi Stands with Standing Rock

10/2/16 Feds say they won’t evict sprawling North Dakota pipeline protest camp

10/2/16 Standing Rock Joins the World’s Indigenous Fighting for Land and Life

10/2/16 Bakken Oil Fracking Monster

10/2/16 God Bless America

.@LeeCamp 10/2/16
JAW-DROPPING: Militarized Police RAID Peaceful Dakota Pipeline Protesters!

10/1/16 Dakota Access Pipeline protests could change how the US government works with Native Americans

10/1/16 Op-ed: Lesson of Standing Rock is indigenous people should be included

9/30/14 DAPL meeting with SRST where objections to #DAPL were raised

9/30/16 The Meaning of Armored Vehicles Rolling Toward Standing Rock

9/30/16 More than 90 Scientists Say Dakota Access Pipeline Threatens Biodiversity and Clean Water

9/30/16 Citing Environmental Risks, Scientists Back Tribes in Dakota Access Fight

9/30/16 .@LeeCamp
Censored Topics In Pres. Debate, DNC Admits Rigging, Dakota Protesters Raided

.@realTimBlack 9/30/16
Wells Fargo Rips Off America, Standing Rock Gets Scarier!

9/30/16 VIDEO: Militarized Police Turn Peaceful Native American Protest Into a War Zone

9/30/16 Dakota Access Pipeline and the Future of American Labor

9/30/16 Bill McKibben
Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Powerful Enough to Overwhelm Fossil Fuel Industry

9/29/16 Tensions Over Dakota Access Pipeline Intensify in Wake of Police Raid

9/29/16 Oil CEO Says Bribing Native Americans Will Stop Dakota Protests

9/29/16 Water Protectors in MN bring #NoDAPL to #DAPL financier Enbridge #NoLine3

9/29/16 Dakota Access enlists big name law firm ahead of court hearing

9/29/16 Water Protectors Rounded Up After Prayers at DAPL Construction Site


9/29/16 Mainstream Media Still Silent As Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Spread, Construction Blocked In Iowa

9/29/16 #NoDAPL Solidarity Action at MN Enbridge Office

9/29/16 Standing Firm at Standing Rock: Why the Struggle is Bigger Than One Pipeline

9/29/16 Over 20 Arrested After Militarized Police Raid #NoDAPL Prayer Ceremony

9/29/16 BREAKING: State Police Use Tear Gas, Point Loaded Weapons At Peaceful DAPL Protestors

9/28/16 Standing Rock Stand off

9/28/16 Six Nations ceases talks with Enbridge, signs historic treaty to resist pipelines

9/28/16 Oil Company Lied About Safety Of DAPL – Report Exposes Thousands of Spills in Last 6 Years Alone

9/28/16 House approves national water bill without #NoDAPL amendment

9/28/16 Militarized Police descending on #NoDAPL

9/28/16 Militarized Police Arrest 21 Water Protectors in DAPL Work Stoppage

9/28/16 Breaking News

9/28/16 Police move massive army on protectors

9/28/16 Military-Style Raid Ends Native Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline

9/28/16 Plane dropping tear gas on children

9/28/16 State Terrorism at Standing Rock Protest

9/28 Law Enforcement draws loaded weapons:

9/28 #NoDAPL Arrests (21 so far)

9/28/16 Water protectors pray as helicopters swirl overhead

9/28/16 Oil Refinery Merger in California Underscores Risks of Petro-Economy Nationwide

9/27/16 House Democrats Call for New DAPL Permitting Process After 2-Hour Forum in DC

9/27/16 UN Experts Validate Standing Rock Sioux Opposition To Dakota Access Pipeline

9/27/16 Hired DAPL Security Officers Violently Attack Native Americans with Dogs and Pepper Spray

Bill McKibben 9/27/16
A Strategy to Stop the Funding Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline

9/27/16 Native Youth Demand A Senate Hearing On Dakota Pipeline Impact

9/27/16 The Tribal Fight for Nature: From the Grizzly to the Black Snake of the Dakota Pipeline

9/26/16 Robert Redford: I Stand with the Standing Rock Sioux

9/26/16 President Barack Obama at White House Tribal Nations Conference

9/25/16 Rockefeller descendant joins camp, protests oil

9/25/16 UN Experts to United States: Stop DAPL Now

9/24/16 After Tricking Public Into Thinking He Stopped DAPL Obama Just Gave The Green Light To Dakota Access Pipeline Company To Build Two More Pipelines On Native Land

9/23/16 United Nation Experts Validate Standing Rock Sioux Opposition To Dakota Access Pipeline

9/23/16 With Attention on Dakota, Obama Quietly Approves Two New Pipelines

9/23/16 Sunoco, behind protested Dakota pipeline, tops U.S. crude spill charts

9/23/16 Sacred Stone Camp LaDonna Brave Bull Allard at #BlackLivesMatter rally

9/23/16 The Super Twisted History Of The Dakota Access Pipeline

9/23/16 Federal Agencies Seek Input on Infrastructure Decision Making Following DAPL

9/23/16 Archeologists: Dakota Access Pipeline Will Destroy Ancient Artifacts

9/23/16 Standing Rock Stakes Claim for Sovereignty: Eyewitness Report From North Dakota

9/23/16 Archeologists: Dakota Access Pipeline Will Destroy Ancient Artifacts

9/23/16 Dakota Access Blackout Continues on ABC, NBC News

9/23/16 United Nation Experts Validate Standing Rock Sioux Opposition To Dakota Access Pipeline

Bill McKibben 9/23/16
Faced With Massive Opposition to Dakota Access, Banks Could Still Pull Out

9/22/16 #NoDAPL Noise Demo Demands Freedom for Jailed Water Protector Olowan Martinez

9/22/16 Afghanistan: Kabul River and Standing Rock Sioux Solidarity

Bill McKibben 9/22/16
Standing Rock Is a Two-Front War—Big Oil and Big Banks—But Maybe That’s Good News

9/22/16 Amid Tribal Pipeline Fight, Internal AFL-CIO Letter Exposes ‘Very Real Split’


9/22/16 LIVE: Taking a Stand: Protecting Water and Native American Sacred and Cultural Resources at Standing Rock

9/22/16 Hundreds Call for Release of Olowan Martinez, Arrested Blocking Dakota Access Pipeline

9/21/16 AFL-CIO to Planet Earth: Drop Dead

9/21/16 DAPL is Just the Beginning — Federal Bill Seeks Largest Native American Land Grab in 100 Years

9/21/16 The Solidarity Grows: Over 1,200 Historians, Archaeologists, Museum Directors Denounce DAPL

9/21/16 “Is This America?” Co-Founder of Sacred Stone Camp Recalls Dog Attack on Native Americans

9/20/16 Statement on Recent Censorship of #NoDAPL Coverage

9/20/16 Native American Standing Rock Protectors Proven Right As Three Oil Pipeline Spills Pollute U.S. Rivers In Only One Week

9/20/16 Stop DAPL

9/20/16 Indians and Cowboys: The 2016 Version of an Old Story on a New Planet

9/20/16 What’s Behind The Surge In US Pipeline Construction?

9/20/16 Standing Rock Sioux Chairman asks the United Nations for protection of the tribe’s sovereign rights

9/20/16 Dakota Access’s owners got over $650 million from taxpayers last year

9/20/16 What’s Behind The Surge In US Pipeline Construction?

9/20/16 Where are the Cowboys in the Standing Rock Standoff?

9/19/16 Ak-Chin Tribal Members Join North Dakota Pipeline Water Protectors

9/19/16 Big Bank ‘Greenwashing’ Exposed as Major Climate Week Sponsors Fund Fossil Fuels

9/19/16 The Big Lie Going Around About a Tribe, a Pipeline, And Too Much Federal Regulation

9/19/16 10 Photos That Show the Magnificent Light Shining on Standing Rock

9/19/16 Neil Young Releases ‘Indian Givers’ NoDAPL Video

9/19/16 Have You Heard the Whopper of a Tale About a Pipeline, a Tribe, and Overzealous Regulation?

9/19/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Wins Expanded Halt to Pipeline Construction

9/18/16 Protestors gather at State Capitol to support Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrators

9/18/16 DAPL Leaves Climate Change & Polluted Water for Future Generations

@notaxiwarrior 9/18/16
They said we are no longer a camp, we are a community. 7,000 strong!

9/17/16 Learning from the Standing Rock Sioux

9/17/16 Federal Appeals Court Halts Dakota Access Segment as Solidarity Protests Spread Nationwide

9/17/16 Native Americans Document HUNDREDS of Pipeline Leaks and Oil Spills Kept Secret by North Dakota Government

9/17/16 This Moment at Standing Rock Was Decades in the Making

9/16/16 An Unprecedented Diversity in Representation

9/16/16 In Negotiations With Feds, Can Standing Rock Change U.S.-Tribe Relationships?

9/16/16 On Solidarity with Standing Rock, Executive Clemency and the International Indigenous Struggle

9/16/16 In Negotiations With Feds, Can Standing Rock Change U.S.-Tribe Relationships?

9/16/16 Climate Justice Meets Racism: This Moment at Standing Rock Was Decades in the Making

9/16/16 Nurses Union Slams AFL-CIO’s Endorsement of Dakota Access Pipeline

9/16/16 Statement from Frost Kennels

9/16/16 Solar panels in place at #NoDAPL

9/16/16 Appeals court freezes construction in contested area

9/16/16 Several Oklahomans travel to Standing Rock

9/16/16 Neil Young
🎶Indian Givers

9/16/16 Judge throws out #DAPL restraining order against protectors

9/16/16 The Latest: Judge drops injunction against tribal leaders

9/16/16 At Standing Rock, a Sense of Purpose: “This Is How We Should Be Living”

.@LeeCamp 9/16/16
Chase Iron Eyes – Firsthand Account Of Dakota Pipeline Protests

9/15/16 Those Fighting To Preserve Native Land Are Protectors, Not Protesters

Unicorn Riot 9/15/16
Dakota Access Pipeline Riot Police

9/15/16 The Native American and the Palestinian: A Spirited Fight for Justice

9/15/16 North Dakota vs. Amy Goodman: Journalism is not a crime

9/15/16 White House to respond to #NoDAPL petition with 203K signatures

9/16/16 That viral photo allegedly from the North Dakota protest is actually from Woodstock

#NoDAPL campsite photo 9/15/16  (debunked, see article above “… viral photo…”)

.@LetMadnessBegin 9/15/16
Cenk Uygur Takes A Non-Progressive Position Dakota Access Pipeline

9/15/16 North Dakota Asks For $6 Million Loan to Police Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

9/15/16 Senate passes water bill but fails to include #NoDAPL amendment

.@LeeCamp 9/15/16
Greg Palast Reveals Massive Election Scam [28]

9/15/16 Peaceful Dakota Access Protesters Face Felony Charges, Escalating Police Action

.@DrJillStein 9/15/16
Standing Rock Sioux on the front lines of the climate emergency

9/15/16 ‘Our Ancestors Are Here With Us’: Water Protectors Halt DAPL Construction, Arrests Made

9/15/16 North Dakota vs. Amy Goodman: Journalism is not a crime

9/15/16 8 People Arrested Blocking Dakota Access Pipeline Construction

9/14/16 At Standing Rock, a Sense of Purpose: “This Is How We Should Be Living”

9/14/16 Courageous stand by tribes, allies commended

9/14/16 What Amy Goodman’s Arrest Warrant Means for the Dakota Access Pipeline and Free Speech

9/14/16 Bernie Sanders Joins the Front Lines of Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

9/14/16 The Struggle to Defeat Dakota Access Pipeline Goes Global

9/4/16 A handy little housekeeping tip.  How to break ties.

9/4/16 Rep. Grijalva stands with #NoDAPL

9/14/16 Rep. McGovern stands with #NoDAPL

9/14/16 One person arrested for giving protesters a ride

9/14/16 Far From Over: Four Lessons Non-Natives Can Learn From #NoDAPL

9/14/16 Pipeline construction continues

9/14/16 Reporters out of jail after detention on 9/13

9/13/16 Water Protectors Arrested by Militarized Police (full video)

Rocky Hall 9/13/16
D.A.P.L removes their equipment

9/13/16 Unarmed Water Protecters Face Riot Police as #DAPL construction destroys

9/13/16 Bernie Sanders Speaks at #NoDAPL rally at the Whitehouse

9/13/16 North Dakota’s Governor Declared a State of Emergency to Deal With Peaceful Oil Pipeline Protesters. We Call It a State of Emergency for Civil Rights.

9/13/16 The $3.7-billion pipeline that became a rallying cry for tribes across America

Ed Schultz 9/13/16
Bernie Sanders Says He Does NOT Want To Talk About Hillary Clinton Campaign!

9/13/16 Dakota Access Construction Will Continue, Says Pipeline Company CEO

9/13/16 The Big Difference at Standing Rock Is Native Leadership All Around

9/13/16 Sanders joins protesters against ND pipeline project

9/13/16 Security Firm Guarding Dakota Access Pipeline Also Used Psychological Warfare Tactics for BP

9/13/16 Breaking: Riot Police Begin Mass-Arrests at Dakota Access Pipeline, FB Censors Video

9/13/16 Today’s action was deployed while pipe was being laid in the ground. #NoDAPL

9/13/16 Standing Sioux Media Statement:

9/13/16 #NoDAPL Construction Lockdown

9/13/16 Hawaiian Indigenous leader Pua Case & her ‘ohana travelled from the Big Island to the :

9/12/16 The Dakota Access Pipeline will lock-in the emissions of 30 coal plants

9/12/16 Charge against reporter ‘raises a red flag’

9/12/16 Running for their lives: Native American relay tradition revived to protest Dakota Access Pipeline

.@TimBartender 9/12/16
Hillary Clinton Health Issues, Amy Goodman Warrant, NFL Anthem Protest

9/12/16 Lakota Activist Debra White Plume from Pine Ridge: Why I am a Water Protector at Standing Rock

9/12/16 In Dramatic Reversal, White House Halts Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Under Missouri River

9/12/16 Native American Activist Winona LaDuke at Standing Rock: It’s Time to Move On from Fossil Fuels

9/11/16 Dakota Access Solidarity Actions Everywhere! Tuesday, 9/13/16 Bernie joins Native speakers @ White House

9/11/16 NoDAPL Social Media Explosion: Celebrities, Musicians and Politicians Worldwide

DeleteYourAccount 9/10/16
Oil and Water #NoDAPL

9/10/16 Energy Transfer Opposed in Texas, Too, As Celebs and Landowners Fight Local Pipeline

9/10 New York City supports #NoDAPL

9/10/16 Erased By False Victory: Obama Hasn’t Stopped DAPL

9/10/16 @Jimmy_Dore
Dakota Access Pipeline Halted For Now

9/10/16 North Dakota issues arrest warrant for Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman

9/10/16 Standing Rock Pipeline Protesters’ Message To Obama: You Promised To Help Us

9/10/16 General says North Dakota National Guard working with law enforcement to identify “agitators” at #NoDAPL protests.

9/10/16 Our Greatest Organizers Win Big At Standing Rock, But The Fight Goes On

9/10/16 North Dakota issues arrest warrant for Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman

9/10/16 Warrant issues for Amy Goodman, Cody Hall arrested: Standing Rock defends the sacred

9/10/16 Still no CNN ABC CBS NBC

9/10/16 Erased by False Victory: Obama Hasn’t Stopped DAPL

9/10/16 ND Files Charges on Amy Goodman

9/10/16 A Message from the Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

.@LeeCamp 9/10/16
The Dirty TRUTH About The Dakota Pipeline Protests!

9/10/16 #NoDAPL and the Invisibility of Native Americans in Mainstream Media News

9/10/16 Arizona Rep. Grijalva Heading to Standing Rock in Solidarity Against DAPL

9/9/16 Joint Statement from the Department of Justice, the Department of the Army and the Department of the Interior Regarding Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

9/9/16 Who Is Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo

Sane Progressive 9/9/16: National Guard Being Brought Into Standing Rock As Corporate Profit Defended Over Climate

9/9/16 In Photos: Northwest Canoe Tribes Arrive at Historic Gathering at Standing Rock

9/9/16 Private security licensing board opens investigation into use of dogs

9/9/16 Do No Harm Coalition UCSF Stands with Standing Rock

9/9/16 Who’s Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo

9/9/16 Dozens protest North Dakota pipeline on the Las Vegas Strip

9/9/16 Latest Louisiana Oil Pipeline Rupture #NoDAPL

9/9/16 The Obama Administration Temporarily Blocks the Dakota Access Pipeline

9/9/16 Here’s What It’s Like At The Standing Rock Pipeline Protest In North Dakota

9/9/16 Dakota Access Pipeline Builder Spends Millions To Influence Elections

9/9/16 Links to court decision and DOJ press release

.@LeeCamp 9/9/16
Polls Are False, Bernie’s “Our Revolution” Sells Out, DAPL Protests Get INSANE

9/9/16 This Is Why He’s Silent on Protests — Trump & Co. Poised to Reap Massive Profits on Dakota Pipeline

9/9/16 Armed Troops Deployed Ahead of Court Ruling on Pipeline, Holding Militarized Checkpoints

9/9/16 Sanders offers amendment to require environmental statement for DAPL

9/9/16 Joint Statement from the Department of Justice, the Department of the Army and the Department of the Interior Regarding Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

9/9/16 Breaking: Justice Department Overrules Court, Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Halted

9/9/16 5 Times the National Guard Was Used (& What It Means for the Pipeline Protesters)

9/9/16 What You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

9/9/16 ‘Whose Side Are You On?’ Dakota Access Emerges as Pivotal Battleground

9/9/16 National Guard on Standby in North Dakota Before Court Ruling on Dakota Access Pipeline

9/9/16 Justice Dept., Army & Interior Dept. Temporarily Block DAPL Construction under Missouri River

9/9/16 U.S. seeks halt to Dakota oil pipeline, after judge’s ruling

9/9/16 The Legal Case for Blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline

9/9/16 6 Indigenous Activists On Why They’re Fighting The Dakota Access Pipeline

9/9/16 A History of Native Americans Protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline

8/12/16 #NoDAPL Indigenous Economics Part 1: Native Americans and Environmental Protest

9/9/16 Dakota Access Pipeline, Part 2: Legal Encounters of the Second Kind

9/9/16 ‘Obama, Hear Our Cry’: Lakota Women Call on President to Stop Violence

9/9/16 A Message from a Warrior About Protecting Our Sacred Lands: Why Standing Rock Matters

9/9/16 Why the White House Needs to Get Involved in the Standing Rock Dispute

9/9/16 National Guard on Standby in North Dakota Before Court Ruling on Dakota Access Pipeline

9/9/16 Who Is Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo

9/9/16 Standing Rock Litigation FAQ

.@LetMadnessBegin 9/9/16
Dakota Access Pipeline Threatens Water, Land, and Sovereignty

9/8/16 The DAPL Lies and Why I Stand with Standing Rock

9/8/16 North Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police

9/8/16 ND Governor Jack Dalrymple Open to Host Meeting w/ Tribal Leaders and Protestors

9/8/16 NM Delegation Calls Escalation of Violence Against Native Protestors In ND ‘Deplorable’

9/8/16 North Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police

9/8/16 A Lot of People Aren’t Fans of This Pipeline in North Dakota

9/8/16 Sacred Stones Camp at Standing Rock – Photos & Update

9/8/16 Second Native Tribe Sues over Dakota Access Pipeline Permit

9/8/16 Standing Rock: The Biggest Story That No One’s Covering

9/8/16 Weeks Before Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Intensified, Big Oil Pushed for Expedited Permitting

9/8/16 Weeks Before Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Intensified, Big Oil Pushed for Expedited Permitting

9/8/16 #NoDAPL: A History and Future of Resistance

9/8/16 President Obama dodges #NoDAPL question as Native youth question his commitment

9/8/16 Major Security Multinational (G4SP) Guards the Dakota Pipeline Where Native American Protesters Get Attacked

9/8/16 ND Gov. Jack Dalrymple open to host meeting w/ Tribal leaders and Protestors (someday)

9/8/16 ‘If We Don’t Lead This Fight, Who Will?’ Tribal Leaders Demand Army Corps Stop Pipeline

9/8/16 Dakota Access Company Attack Comes on Anniversary of Whitestone Massacre

9/8/16 .@msainat1
Interview With Susan Sarandon: Obama and Clinton ‘Silent’ on Dakota Pipeline

9/8/16 North Dakota National Guard to provide backup to law enforcement

10/23/16 Self Flying Drones Equipped With Tasers Coming Soon To A Police Department Near You

9/8/16 North Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police

Reuters 9/8/16
North Dakota pipeline fight gives spark to Native American activism

9/7/16 Trump’s Connection to Dakota Access Pipeline

9/7/16 Vicious Dogs and Coercion Unleashed on Original Free Nations

9/7/16 Oil Pipeline On Native American Reservation In North Dakota Spills 1,000,000 Gallons of Fluid

9/7/16 Eminent Domain? Iowans Sue to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline, Say It Provides No Public Service

9/7/16 Eastern Cherokees contribute $50K to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to support #NoDAPL fight

9/7/16 Bill McKibben: Hillary Clinton needs to take a stand on the Dakota Access Pipeline

.@TrendyAsDabbers 9/7/16
Are “Sacred Sites” a good enough reason not to build more pipelines? NO! Let’s “GO THERE!”

9/7/16 Standing Rock: Who let the dogs out? ( Frost Kennel Ohio ( Security-for-hire attack dogs)

9/7/16 Vicious Dogs and Coercion Unleashed on Original Free Nations

9/7/16 Obama’s response to #NoDAPL question

CBS 9/7/16
Warrant out for Jill Stein’s arrest for tagging a trespassing bulldozer. Clinton goes free.

9/7/16 ‘The Wild West Of Money In Politics’: Dakota Access Pipeline Builder Spends Millions To Influence Elections

9/7/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Lawyer: Judge’s Ruling Allows Dakota Access to “Desecrate” Sacred Ground

9/7/16 Water Protectors Lock Their Bodies to Machines to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Construction

9/7/16 Standing Rock: The bitter standoff many people have not heard about

9/7/16 Jill Stein: Indigenous voices from the frontline. People over profit
#NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock

Democracy Now 9/7/16: Top U.S. & World Headlines — September 7, 2016

Democracy Now 9/7/16: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Lawyer: Judge’s Ruling Allows Dakota Access to “Desecrate” Sacred Ground

9/7/16 Arrest warrants filed for Green Party presidential, vice presidential candidates Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka

9/7/16 Eminent Domain? Iowans Sue to Stop Dakota Access PIpeline, Say It Provides No Public Service

9/7/16 As Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Grows, Where Are Obama and Clinton?

9/7/16 Judge halts North Dakota pipeline contruction temporarily after protests

@abowersock 9/6/16
“The Open Space of Democracy” by @TempestWilliams

9/6/16 North Dakota Pipeline To Halt Temporarily After Tribe’s Protest

9/6/16 Charges to be filed against presidential candidate Jill Stein

9/6/16 New Investigation Names Wall Street Banks Behind $3.8 Billion Dakota Access Pipeline

9/6/16 Who’s Investing in the Dakota Access Pipeline? Meet the Banks Financing Attacks on Protesters

9/6/16 Who’s Banking on the Dakota Access Pipeline?’s-banking-dakota-access-pipeline

9/6/16 Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Calls for Investigation of Dog Attacks on Native American Protesters

9/6/16 Tribes Secure Limited Victory with Partial Halt on Dakota Pipeline

9/6/16 Dakota Access fires back at tribes and #NoDAPL movement ahead of hearing in federal court

9/6/15 Emergency Federal Hearing After Destruction of Sacred Native Sites

Amy Goodman 9/6/16: Canine Expert decries “Egregious” & “Horrific” Dog Attacks on Native Americans Defending Burial Site

Amy Goodman 9/6/16
9/6/16 Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Calls for Investigation of Dog Attacks on Native American Protesters

Amy Goodman 9/6/16
Did the Dakota Access Pipeline Company Deliberately Destroy Sacred Sioux Burial Sites?

9/6/16 ‘And Then the Dogs Came’: Dakota Access Gets Violent, Destroys Graves, Sacred Sites

9/6/16 Another #NoDAPL action shuts down pipeline work today

9/5/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Seeks Temporary Restraining Order Against Dakota Access Pipeline

9/5/16 DAPL Destroys Sioux Nation Sacred Artifacts: Women and Children Attacked By Dogs

9/5/16 Army Corps backs restraining order against Dakota Access Pipeline

9/5/16 Tribe files emergency request to stop Dakota Access Pipeline

9/5/16 Guards accused of unleashing dogs, pepper-spraying oil pipeline protesters

9/5/16 Amy Goodman on MSNBC

9/5/16 ‘Is That Not Genocide?’ Pipeline Co. Bulldozing Burial Sites Prompts Emergency Motion

9/5/16 Dakota Access Pipeline, Part 1: Legal Encounters of the First Kind

9/5/16 Hearing ordered after Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reports destruction of sacred sites

9/5/16 Unarmed Dakota Pipeline Protesters Withstand Dogs and Mace, Drive Back Enbridge Security Forces

9/4/16 Ashley Nicole Welch

Ashley Nicole Welch
12401 Snow Rd.
Burton, OH 44021

9/4/16 #NoDAPL: Photographer Matika Wilbur Captures Video of Pepper-Sprayed Water Protectors

9/4/16 Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Protesters With Dogs and Mace

9/4/16 Dakota Access Pipeline: Native American protesters ‘attacked’ with pepper spray and guard dogs

9/4/16 @TimBartender’s Call to Action against Energy Transfer Partners #NoDAPL

9/4/16 On #NoDAPL and Paying Attention: They Sicced Dogs On My People Today

9/4/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe condemns destruction and desecration of burial grounds by Energy Transfer

9/4/16 Manning: ‘And Then the Dogs Came’: Dakota Access Gets Violent, Destroys Graves, Sacred Sites

9/4/16 A Test of U.S. Climate Leadership Will Be How We Treat the Standing Rock Sioux

9/4/16 VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray

9/4/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Condemns Destruction and Desecration of Burial Grounds by Energy Transfer Partners

9/3/16 AP
Oil pipeline protest turns violent in southern North Dakota

9/3/16 Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs & Pepper Spray

9/3/16 The largest Native American protest in history is happening right now and you need to know about it!

9/3/16 Tribal Dakota Pipeline Resistance the Start of Something Bigger

9/3/16 Tim Mentz 1: Dakota Access Pipeline Rally

9/3/16 Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre

9/3/16 Eight Arrested After Water Protectors’ Direct Action Against DAPL on Wednesday

9/3/16 Native Americans Hold Largest Gathering in a Century to Oppose Oil Pipeline

9/3/16 Frost Kennel Ohio ( Security-for-hire attack dogs attacked water protectors #NoDAPL  (William Edward Frost, 1 of the handlers registered sex offender in Ohio.) Most aggressive dog handler: Ashley Nicole Welch

Ashley Nicole Welch
12401 Snow Rd.
Burton, OH 44021

9/3/16 Dogs, Pepper Spray and Guards: Water Protectors Report Violent Encounter

9/3/16 Mercenaries just attacked Dakota Pipeline Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray

9/3/16 Attack dogs on the front line

9/3/16 Dennis Banks of the American Indian Movement speaking at Standing Rock.

9/3/16 Oil Company uses Violence against the Indians

9/3/16 Whatever It Takes: Another Day on the Front Lines of #NoDAPL

9/3/16 Clinton, Democrats and Strengthening Indian Policy

9/2/16 A Test of U.S. Climate Leadership Will Be How We Treat the Standing Rock Sioux

9/2/16 UN Permanent Forum Rebukes U.S. for Ignoring Standing Rock and Other Tribal Nations

9/2/16 ‘World Watching’ as Tribal Members Put Bodies In Path Of Dakota Access Pipeline

9/2/16 Senator Promoting Dakota Access Pipeline Invests In Bakken Oil Wells Named After Indian Tribe

.@LHFang 9/1/16
Though Promised for Domestic Use, Dakota Access Pipeline May Fuel Oil Exports

9/1/16 Senator Promoting Dakota Access Pipeline Invests In Bakken Oil Wells Named After Indian Tribe

9/1/16 Navajo Nation Lends Support to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Against Dakota Access

9/1/16 Native American Pipeline Protest Brings National Attention to ND Standoff

9/1/16 Fate of Dakota Access Pipeline Rests in Hands of Federal Judge

9/1/16 Though Promised for Domestic Use, Dakota Access Pipeline May Fuel Oil Exports

8/31/16 Bakken pipeline protesters arrested blocking construction site

8/30/16 Dakota Pipeline Was Approved by Army Corps Over Objections of Three Federal Agencies

8/30/16 Native Protesters Proven Right: No Written Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline

8/29/16 Army Corps of Engineers Confirms Native Protesters Are Right — There Is No Written Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline

8/29/16 Native American Calls Out TYT’s Cenk Uygur on his DAPL Coverage

8/29/16 The Stream – Pipeline standoff at Standing Rock

8/28/16 Why There’s a #MediaBlackout on the #NativeAmerican Dakota Oil Pipeline Blockade

8/26/16 Important Message from Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

8/25/16 Open Letter to President Obama: Halt Construction and Repeal Permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline Project

8/25/16 Why There’s a Media Blackout on the Native American Oil Pipeline Blockade

8/23/16 Standing Rock Sioux Chairman: Dakota Access Pipeline “Is Threatening the Lives of My Tribe”

8/20/16 @WinonaLaDuke
Dakota Access Pipeline Purchaser Looking Like Enron

CNN 8/19/16
Hillary Clinton must stand with Native Americans

8/19/16 Rise up in solidarity with Standing Rock

8/18/16 Dakota Pipeline Would Make Water the New Oil, Devastating All but the Rich

8/18/16 Indigenous Protesters Shut Down Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL

8/18/16 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Chairman Responds to Lawsuit filed by Dakota Access Owners

8/18/16 Native Americans Are Barred From Disrupting Oil Pipeline Construction

8/18/16 Stopping the Snake: Indigenous Protesters Shut Down Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

8/18/16 The Dakota Access pipeline threatens our sacred ground

8/17/16 Who’s Banking on the Dakota Access Pipeline?

11/17/14 The Final Indian War In America Is About To Begin

8/12/16 #NoDAPL Indigenous Economics Part 1: Native Americans and Environmental Protest

8/14/16 Oil Is Seeping From A North Dakota Hillside

8/11/16 Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against the #DakotaAccessPipeline

8/14/16 These Kids Ran 2,000 Miles To Stop Corporate Destruction Of Their Homes

8/13/16 Lakota Lead Native Americans, Ranchers and Farmers in Fight Against Dakota Access Pipeline

8/1/16 ‘Divergent’ Star Joins Native Youth Running to Protest Oil Pipeline

8/12/16 14 Arrested as Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Protest N. Dakota Pipeline

8/9/16 Iowa pipeline construction crew stumbles upon what could be a Native American burial site

7/28/16 An Oil Pipeline Nearly As Long As Keystone XL Has Been Fully Approved

.@RobertKennedyJr 2/22/16
Why the Arabs Don’t Want Us in #Syria

Reuters 10/19/15
North Dakota oil well spewing after weekend blowout

11/30/16 Audio: Tribe objected to pipeline nearly 2 years before lawsuit

1/24/15 Fault Lines – Death on the Bakken shale

9/30/14 Sept 30th DAPL Meeting with #StandingRockSiouxTribe

End Articles

Heads up!! This December, every single day is a #NoDAPL day of action ✊🏽✊🏾

.@MyronDewey 12/14/16
Dear Morton County Commissioners and Sheriff Kirchmeier:

Please call and RT RT RT
Call the Army Corps and Demand Env. Impact Study NOW

#StandingRock Daily Video Updates

URGENT: Comments on petition Petition:
Please comment by 4PM Fri 12/30/16
Keyboard warriors for the water!! Public comment invited by ND Supreme Court on #noDAPL water protectors right to trial lawyers

The North Dakota Supreme Court has decided to take public comments on whether to allow out-of-state lawyers to represent Water Protectors for their trials.
Comments are due by FRIDAY, DEC 30, 2016 by 4 PM.

Written comments may be e-mailed to
Penny Miller, Clerk of the Supreme Court
600 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismark, ND 58505-0530


Support Water Protector Legal Collective

12/17/16 #Lawyers for Standing Rock water protectors are pleading for More Help

Definition of Due Process

One Tribe Movement for #NoDAPL (

Company Info Energy Transfer Partners L.P.

12/13/16 Secret #DAPL recording. listen at 6:30

StandingRock 12/9/16
Latest Drill Update – Footage of the west drill pad

Join the Indigenous Environmental Network


10/3/16 What are the Ties Between Dakota Access Pipeline Company & #NorthDakota’s Attorney General?


6/13/14 President Obama visits Standing Rock


Report blockade incidences to ACLU
Have you been pulled over by police or given a fine for bringing goods/deliveries to Standing Rock?
Email us: #NoDAPL

First Amendment reminder to @POTUS @BarackObama


9/13/16 North Dakota’s Governor Declared a State of Emergency to Deal With Peaceful Oil Pipeline Protesters. We Call It a State of Emergency for Civil Rights.


10/3/16 What are the Ties Between Dakota Access Pipeline Company & #NorthDakota’s Attorney General?

12/1/16 Call @EPAJustice 202-564-2440 @EPA Enforce&Advance Our Nations ENVIRONMENTAL Laws&Justice #DAPL #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife 1epa


11/30/16 Dear white people at Standing Rock, this is not about you

It’s not too late, help stop the #DakotaAccessPipeline! Keep up with what’s happening

11/29/16 The Many Ways to Help #StandingRock

Sign Petition:
Call the White House 202-456-1414
Protest Sunoco
Protest Phillips66
Tell Wells Fargo Bank to Divest
Support LakotaLaw

11/22/16 How You Can Help The Standing Rock Sioux Fight The Dakota Access Pipeline


11/22/16 CNN, Mainstream TV News Continues Ignoring Dakota Access Pipeline


11/21/16 Police teargas Water Protectors during Highway 1806 standoff. (Photo: Elizabeth Hoover @lizhoover.)


11/16/16 #NoDAPL Winter Supplies urgently needed!

bankfundingThis document is separated into three sections:

  • Additional Information
  • Petitions
  • Articles

Introductory videos

11/27/16 Livestream of Standing Rock benefit concert at Fort Yates #noDAPL
Text “Water” to 82623 to donate to Standing Rock!

#NoDAPL Solidarity

12/4/16 Native Artists Have United to Make a Song for Standing Rock

Top Ten Protest Albums Of 2016

11/16/16 We are Water Protector, Not Protestors

“Water is Life” by Shaun Beyale

.@mrcpoggio 12/7/16
“Different Names for Bullying” by Marco Poggio

12/28/16 20 Photos: My Seven Months of Living at #StandingRock

12/31/16 Electronic Billboard In #TimesSquare #NYC!

11/17/16 #DAPL Corruption Exposed | #StandingRock | Knights-bridge Risk Management

🎶1/2/17 When your prayers are peaceful and filled with powerful action, you will always win. Wocekiye

🎶12/22/16 #StandingRock Mannequin Challenge, with Akicita warriors standing like rocks in accordance with their method of protest #NoDAPL

🎶12/30/16 Oceti Youth Media #StandingRock

🎶12/28/16 Defend The Sacred Concert For #StandingRock: #Minneapolis-#HonorTheEarth1

🎶Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part I – RISE (Full Episode)

🎶12/24/16 Christmas Eve at #StandingRock: Music & Teachings By Honor The Earth

🎶12/7/16 Dee Snider’s Standing Rock Music Video “So What” (UNCENSORED)

🤗.@An0malyMusic 12/4/16
🎶”Clean Water” – An0maly (Official Music Video) [HQ]

🎶12/20/16 Meet the protesters who aren’t leaving Standing Rock.

🎶12/10/16 Filmmaker Josh Fox witnessed activists getting injured at Standing Rock — and the sheriff’s dept. is lying about it

🎶12/15/16 Wider Circles – #StandingRock

🎶12/15/16 On the Anniversary of Sitting Bull’s Death, Meet His Great Great Granddaughter, Brenda White Bull.

🎶12/13/16 Standing Rock Stories: Self Sufficiency

🎶Cry Freedom {Native America}

👏🤗🎶12/10/16 Indigenizing Music at Standing Rock: By Myron Dewey, Prolific TheRapper and William Jerome

🎶OIL or WATER? Where do you STAND?

🎶Stand with Standing Rock: a Song for Red Fawn

🎶12/7/16 Red Fawn has become a political prisoner of Standing Rock. We are demanding her immediate release.

🎶Stand With Standing Rock by Breqfest via #soundcloud

.@0rf 12/4/16
🎶The Fight for Clean Water (#NoDAPL)

TYTPolitics 12/5/16
🎶The #NoDAPL Fight Is Not Over

🎶12/5/16 The fight continues and we are winning.

🎶12/4/16 Dedicated to Standing Rock Front line Warriors and Veterans
🎶10/28/16 Trevor Hall – Standing Rock

🎶12/2/16 Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video)

💧Water Is Life💧
Without It We Die…
#NoDAPL #StandingRockSioux #WaterIsLife #ProtectorsNotProtesters #Solidarity

Stand with Standing Rock

🎶Indigenous Rapper Frank Waln Is The Sound Of #NoDAPL Struggle

🎶11/26/16 Obama Please Say No (to the Dakota Access Pipeline, NOW NOW)

“99 Percenters” (2012)

🎶6/16/16 A Tribe Called Red Ft. Black Bear – Stadium Pow Wow (Official Video)

🎶Very Powerful Video! We Are Power!

🎶11/11/16 STANDING ROCK a Dark Reality  #StandingRock

10/21/16 Dakota Access Pipeline – Honest Government Advert

12/12/13 N.D. code talkers given medals (Posthumous WWI/WWII Honors to the Standing Rock Sioux)

#BlackLivesMatter #NativeLivesMatter #NoDAPL
9/25/16 Victims of Americanism

Additional Information

#NoDAPL Very informative Documentary
12/27/16 Standing Rock and the Battle Beyond – Fault Lines

12/1/16 Interactive timeline map on pipeline route change. #NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock


10/27/16 This Natural Disaster Assistance Law Is Why Other States Are Policing Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

11/18/16 BREAKING: ND Governor orders MANDATORY IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of #StandingRock main camp. #NoDAPL

Gov Dalrymple gave #DAPL goons unlimited powers using this act
Chapter 27-17.1 ND Emergency Services

11/29/16 Maps 1 & 2= MSM lies
Map 3 = IRL
TREATIES SUPERSEDE State & Fed Laws per Constitution

#IntergenerationalTrauma: Understanding #NativeAmericans’ Inherited Pain

#NoDAPL #LearnAmericasRealHistory
Howard Zinn: A People’s History of the United States

11/22/16 Contact the UN and request medical and humanitarian aid to Standing Rock

Sam Tripoli 11/25/16
To The Police at Standing Rock

Meet your #DAPL Police

9/12/16 Long-secret Stingray Manuals Detail how Police can spy on Phones

12/1/16 Contractor Tied to Blackwater Mercenary Group Leads DAPL Protest Surveillance

#NoDAPL #SophiaWilansky
1/12/15 Hotter Than Lava #FlashbangGrenades

11/1/16 #NoDAPL: Updates, resources, and reflections

10/29/16 #NoDAPL Drive to Camp and Walk to Frontlines

10/27/16 Call, tell them you are seeing whats happening on the live feed and the world is watching!

11/30/16 How to protect yourself from tear gas in Standing Rock


Official and only website for OCETI SAKOWIN CAMP

Democracy Now #NoDAPL coverage:

Antimedia Dakota Access Pipeline Articles

Indigenous Environmental Network Standing Rock Resources

Yes! Magazine Native Leadership :

Uprising Media Youtube Channel

Kevin Gilbertt’s livestreams from #StandingRock

Rod Webber Videos

Rocky Hall Videos

ValleyForgeNetwork Drone Footage

TYT #NoDAPL Coverage:

UprisingTV Archives:

Documentation from John Bolenbaugh, Pipeline Whistleblower

12/1/16 How Obama’s #ClimateChange legacy is weakened by US investment in #DirtyFuel

10/26/16 Beyond Dakota Access: Energy Transfer Partners Pipelines To Ferry Fracked Gas To Mexico

List of pipeline accidents in the United States in the 21st century

11/30/16 We mapped the last 30 years of pipeline accidents. Red dots indicate fatal accidents. #DakotaAccessPipeline

Pipeline Accidents since 1986

7/31/13 America’s Dangerous Pipelines

12/6/16 Oil Pipeline Shut Down After Spill, Just 200 Miles From Standing Rock

10/26/16 220 ‘Significant’ Pipeline Spills Already This Year Exposes Troubling Safety Record

#Enbridge #NoDAPL
8/11/15 The Dirty Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes: Oil & Water

.@AbbyMartin 8/15/16
Empire Files Investigates Chevron’s Environmental Damages in Ecuador

.@AbbyMartin 8/24/16
Empire Files: Chevron’s Environmental Damages in Ecuador, Part 2

.@AbbyMartin 8/30/16
Empire Files: Chevron’s Environmental Damages in Ecuador, Part 3

#NoDAPL #NoTPP (TransPecosPipeline)
12/9/16 Standing Rock’s Civil Disobedience Reaches West Texas

#pipelines #ExxonMobil
12/13/16 Fiery Accidents and Toxic Pollution: Louisiana’s Environmental Woes Offer a Warning to Trump

#NoDAPL #NoLine3
Winona LaDuke 12/10/16
Native View: #Enbridge must be held accountable in northern Minnesota

11/29/16 Two oil sands pipelines approved, tanker ban on track

#ClimateChange #OilPipelines
.@AbbyMartin 1/19/16
#NorthDakota #NoFracking #NoDAPL

12/12/16 Not Just #StandingRock: #Pipelines Threaten #NativeAmerican Lands Across The Country

.@AbbyMartin 9/13/16
#Chevron #Texaco’s Dirty History

#NoDAPL #NoDiamondPipeline #Courage
Arkansas Rising has just begun!

#NoSTPL #NoSabalTrail #NoDAPL
12/17/16 Methane bubbles coming up in Suwannee river after drilling begins

12/12/16 Not Just Standing Rock: Pipelines Threaten Native Lands Across The Country

12/8/16 Thousands Demand Florida #StopSabalTrail Pipeline as #NativeAmerican Leader Speaks Out

.@RobertKennedyJr 2/22/16
Why the Arabs Don’t Want Us in #Syria

12/19/16 Why Trans-Pecos Pipeline Exposes Selective Conservatism

.@JordanChariton 12/20/16
Man Sued For Refusing To Let Greedy Oil Company Steal His Land

.@JordanChariton 12/20/16
Pro-Oil Texans Reevaluate Industry After ‘Eye Opening’ Pipeline

.@JordanChariton 12/23/16
Why Money In Politics Is RAVAGING America With Pipelines

12/21/16 10 States Where Citizens Are Fighting #Pipeline Projects

.@Claudia_Stauber 1/16/17
Interview: John Bolenbaugh is the #BigOil Whistleblower—

9/16/14 Grass Fire Catches Bulldozer on Fire (THIS IS *NOT* #NoDAPL)


Dakota Access Pipeline public comment period open — take action

Please donate and RT
Help Pay Medical Expenses for Live Streamer Jon Ziegler

Please sign and RT
Tell the Trump Administration to stop Big Oil from Completing the Dakota Access Pipeline

Please donate and RT
Legal Fund for @USBankStadium #NoDAPL Activists

Please sign and RT
EPA Start Env. Impact Study NOW

John Bolenbaugh Needs Our Help!
Donate at

Please donate to this Warrior’s Medical Fund and RT

LastRealIndians #NoDAPL Aid for Frontline and Camps

12/10/16 is the STAND YOUR GROUND #NYC Benefit for #StandingRock! #NoDAPL

Army Corps @USACEHQ: don’t shut down Oceti Sakowin Standing Rock camp. #NoDAPL

Please donate to @VeteranStand #NoDAPL #VeteranStandingRock$VeteranStand

Please donate to provide #StandingRock a wi-fi bridge & interference-free communications. #NoDAPL #WaterProtectors

#NoDAPL Donate to independent media Insight News Network

Support Mississippi Stand: Water Protector Travis was arrested today outside the IUB office!

!!#StandingRock urgently needs donations to maintain drone communications. Please help and RT
#NoDAPL #WaterProtectors

12/1/16 day of action, kicking off a month of action

Please donate to support Tow Truck Mike Fasig, the tow truck driver at #StandingRock

#NoDAPL #HumanRightsViolations #TheWorldIsWatching #WaterIsLife #standingrocksioux #SacredLand
How to contact North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple
State Capitol
600 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismark, ND 58505-0001

.@SenatorHeitkamp of North Dakota (701-258-4648) won campaigning on the #NativeAmerican vote, then sold them out to big oil

December 2016: Global Month of #NoDAPL Action

Support The @MniWichoni school at camp which takes care and educates the little ones

11/27/16 Red Fawn has become a political prisoner of #StandingRock. We demand @NDGov immediately release her. #FreeRedFawn

#FreeRedFawn Call Morton Cty Sheriff: 701-667-3330

Stand Up for the #StandingRock Sioux
Phone Call Blitz
Mon Nov 28
11 am – 5 pm EST
#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife v @held_space

Medical fund for Vanessa (Sioux Z)

Dear @POTUS: Will you honor your commitment to protect the people of #StandingRock? #NoDAPL

Please support Mni Wiconi Health Clinic Partnership at Standing Rock

11/21/16 Don’t Be Passive Observers of Last Night’s Terrorization in Standing Rock: Here’s What You Can Do

11/21/16 🎶‘Water Is Life’ – New Song Raising Funds for Sacred Stone Legal Defense

Please donate generously to help this brave protector
Medical Fund for Sophia Wilansky

URGENT CALL for medical supplies from #StandingRock Medic & Healer Council

Demilitarize Standing Rock

Stand with Standing Rock

11/2/16 How to Contact the People Who Sent Militarized Police to Standing Rock

US Army Corps of Engineers: 202-761-0010
ND Gov Jack Dalrymple: 701-328-2200
White House Phone Number: 202-456-1111

Owners of Drill: Michels Co.
DoJ main switchboard 202-514-2000
US Army Corps of Engineers, Chief of Public Affairs 202-761-0014
US Army Corps of Engineers, Main number: 202-761-0011
White House main switchboard 202-456-1414

Energy Transfer Partners. main Offices: 8111 Westchester Drive Dallas, TX 75225

Owners of Drill
Michels Co. owns the drill

Write to Red Fawn Fallis

Please help fund #NoDAPL – Tents for the Winter

#NoDAPL: Native Americans and our Constitution are under assault

#NoDakotaAccess #NoDAPL #RezpectOurWater Donate and Follow

Please sign petition and RT
Pres. Obama Please use Exec Privilege and stop #DAPL

NRDC: Pres. Obama, Stand with #NoDAPL

#VeteranStandingRock #NoDAPL

Please Support Unicorn Riot

10/17/16 Protect Freedom of The Press: Drop Charges Against Journalists for Covering ND Pipeline Protests

10/5/16 UM hosts supply drive for Standing Rock reservation

12/1/16 7 Ways to Make an Even Bigger Impact When You Divest From DAPL

Tell Big Banks to Divest from Dakota Access Pipeline

Banks need to stop financially supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline now!

11/30/16 Global call on banks to halt loan to Dakota Access Pipeline

12/1/16 Is Your Bank Funding DAPL? Here’s How to Find One That Isn’t

10/4/16 How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Please help
Standing Rock Emergency Suppies
Needed ASAP
Sub Zero Sleeping Bags
Tawasi, PO Box #1011
Fort Yates ND 58538
#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

Please donate to #NoDAPL and RT–dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/

Please Donate to help Johnny Dangers at #NoDAPL and RT

Sen. Barrasso: Hold Indian Affairs hearing NOW on Dakota Access Pipeline

9/21/16 AFSCME 3937 Stands in Solidarity with Standing Rock

#texas Big Bend stands with Standing Rock, Fri 9/30

#NoDAPL Needs

#NoDAPL Needs. Plus wood, strong tents and sleeping bags

9/19/16 North Dakota Water Protectors prepare for long winter camping out, IEN needs a rolling Media-Com Van

Legal Defense Fund for Sacred Stone Spirit Camp

Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Stand with Standing Rock Sioux Against the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Disbar Morton County ND States Attorney for Arresting Protectors and Protecting Aggressors

#NoDAPL Solidarity Global Action Support

Sign the Bakken Pipeline Pledge of Resistance

Stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

How to Help Standing Rock #NoDAPL

Call The White House today @ 888.369.5791 between 9-5pm ET & ask @POTUS to keep his promise & stop the pipeline now.

Please call & Tweet @NDGovDalrymple (701) 328-2200 to call off National Guard #NoDAPL

Red Warrior Camp Legal Fund #NoDAPL

President Obama: Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline

Calling for the removal of Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, of the Morton County Sheriff’s Office

Tell President Obama: Stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline. #NoDAPL

Please support Sacred Stone Camp and RT

Please support @UR_Ninja for their work on #NoDAPL and RT

Please sign, verify email, and RT
Stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

North Dakota Pipeline #NoDAPL Articles

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  1. Wonderful timeline and article archive! I am wondering if you will let me copy this whole page – with credit and reference to the page, and I will update it over time… to add to ? You have done a great job keeping up with all of this, it would be great to have it on the archive to fill in some of what we missed! You can email me at Thanks!


    1. Hi there! Feel free to copy whatever you want from this page. No need to worry about crediting me or referencing my page. I’m pleased someone is helping to spread this information! :-)


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