What Asians are NOT

Listen up, I’m here today to tell you that not all Asians look alike. Only some of us do. We’re not all Chinese, or even “the same diff”. Some of us actually do speak English and, yes, our American husbands do understand us. And, no, our fathers didn’t work for foreign governments, some of our fathers actually, amazingly, served in the AMERICAN (meaning OUR side) military and worked for the AMERICAN CIA. Yes, even as far back as WWII!  That’s in addition to having brothers that served in the (AMERICAN) military during the Vietnam War.

Asians are not ethnically protected against breast cancer. Does that surprise you? Living in Asian might, I wouldn’t know about that.

No, the native language for an Asian is NOT Puerto Rican. And on that topic, no, the native language for a third generation Asian-American is not Chinese. I’ll leave the correct answer up to you to figure out.

Not all Asians are new to this country in spite of the fact that we look like we are (whatever that means) so stop asking me how I like YOUR country or how I learned to speak YOUR language so well.

Not all Asians were responsible for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, I’m sorry to have to inform you.  There were plenty of Asian-Americans living in Hawaii (my parents being amongst them) at that time.

Not all Asians are super-smart, although in general maybe we are a little :p

Not all Asian families are well adjusted and nurturing.  There might be some out there that are.  Raise your hands.

Asian women are not born knowing how to cook.  They ARE born knowing how to eat, however, so cooking for them would be a really nice gesture.  Just sayin’.

Written in response to today’s Daily Prompt Doubters Alert : What commonly accepted truth (or “truth”) do you think is wrong, or at least seriously doubt? Why? Thanks for the intriguing prompt suggestion, BibleScienceGuy!

What Asians are NOT

15 thoughts on “What Asians are NOT

  1. No, I never thought any two individuals look alike, much less two different ethnicities. Except that doppelganger of myself I bumped into in Jerusalem. That was just creepy.

    May I assume the native language of an Asian depends on where they come from and which language they grew up speaking?

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      1. It is a very unsettling experience to meet someone who looks just like you. I knew about the person because my kids had said they seen HER and she looked just like me … even right up close. I thought they were kidding with me. They weren’t.

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    1. Most of the time it’s not intentional, it’s ignorance (just like most racial stereotyping). Doesn’t happen too often, but when it does it surprises me at how even highly intelligent people think of Asians as aliens from another planet.


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