Oh Ick!

Today is my fifth day of Ativan reduction. Thinking I was being clever, I woke Pup up at 2:30 AM to take him out to poop so I could sleep in. He STILL woke me up at 7, wide awake, licking me with his morning breath, and ready to start his day. I couldn’t convince him to shut his eyes for just another hour. Anyway, I just wanted you to know the reason I’m only half present and cranky this morning.

I dread sitting next to chatty people. I don’t mind them at social events, but being cocooned in an airplane for 6 hours, shoulder-to-shoulder with a complete stranger, both competing to get the majority of the 2-inch-wide armrest and then topping that scenario with having to chat with their face and onion-mixed-with-alcohol breath 6 inches away from my face is, well, a nightmare scenario for my introverted self. It’s a personal space violation in every way that’s legal. That’s another reason I hate flying. Unfortunately for Mr. Onion-Breath (fortunately for me), I hate it so much, I stick earplugs in my ears so they know I don’t want to talk.

Sometimes being an introvert means being a bit of an asshole, but I can’t help the revolting thought of flash intimacy with an extrovert.

Response to WordPress Daily Prompt:  Middle Seat

Oh Ick!

10 thoughts on “Oh Ick!

    1. Sometimes chatty people don’t get the hint. That’s why earplugs work well. If they talk to me, I make a huge production of pulling my earplugs out to answer their question and then reinserting them. Oh god, I sound so rude :p


  1. I totally agree with you about sitting next to annoying chatterboxes, Onchi. I love having my flying time to read, as I get so little time for reading as a rule. We once flew to Australia (from the UK) and the woman sitting next to me rarely shut up all the way. I’m not particularly introverted, but I do like my own space. And anyone who smells of alcohol, or any other pungent delight, is definitely OH ICK to me! :)

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