Life is a Work in Progress

I’m cutting down on my Ativan. Spirit Wave suggested yesterday that Ativan might be contributing to my depression, and I believe there’s some truth in that.  It’s so easy to pop a pill and let it get out of control, especially when you’re preoccupied with other things.  Thank you for the suggestion.  It makes total sense.

In the meantime, I’m struggling to pick myself back up, so I will go back to blogging about anything to keep myself connected to the world and to keep my writing up.  Maybe it’s back to the joys of the WordPress Daily Prompt confessionals.

Life throws curve balls, but that’s because we’re all part of a single, huge living organism.  It’s a dynamic universe we live in, and weaving our way through life means that we have to be vigilant, re-evaluating and re-adjusting our strategies constantly.

I feel like life is a work in progress — some of it may be our own creation, but some belongs to the way our universe works.  It’s a work that never ends.  Whether you call the entire process fate or controlling your own destiny, I think we’re unique individuals.  On the other hand, there’s a commonality we all have with each other, a certain knowledge that we’re all somehow mysteriously connected.  Maybe the universal connection is none of our business, but the business of some massive, superior being or race of beings somewhere, who knows.

I read a news article yesterday about a tribe somewhere that believes that each member decides when it’s time to die, and stops eating.  The government is trying to make that a suicide crime, but the tribe’s belief is that dying isn’t the end of life, it’s the beginning of a new adventure.  I like that.  We spend so much of our lives grieving and worrying about the process of dying or losing people we love, when we know absolutely nothing about death and whether it’s a good or bad thing.  We just assume it’s a bad thing because it’s unknown.  Why can’t it be a good thing?  I mean, we just don’t know, so why do we worry about it?

Que Sera Sera

Life is a Work in Progress

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