MFtS: Frodo and the Cape

—© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

He thought he found the perfect hiding spot

Frodo huddled under his invisibility cape. “Is this thing working?” he wondered. He could see out perfectly, but could they see him? He stood up and headed towards the entryway.

“Harriet, our blender is running away!” Frodo looked back at the shrill male voice that belonged to Herb and began running.

“Herb, don’t you dare use that ‘blender running away’ excuse with me today! You’re not getting out of breakfast duty!”

Frodo raced to the front door, opened it, and ran to where Gandalf waited. “What took you so long?”

Frodo took off his invisibility cloak “I don’t think this is working.”

Gandalf saw Herb racing across the yard towards them and held his staff up, uttering a spell. Herb screamed, “Come back here, you motherfuckin’ blender!” just as they disappeared with the cookies.

== 134 words ==

Thank you Barbara Beacham for our photo prompt this week and for hosting Monday’s Finish the Story Challenge. Barbara provides the photo and opening line, and asks for stories about 100 to 150 (not including the opening line) words.

Everyone is welcome to participate in Monday’s Finish the Story by writing your story and connecting it with the blue froggy button.

Mondays Finish the Story

MFtS: Frodo and the Cape

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