MFtS: Inspector Clousseau and the Clue

Photo Credit: 2015 Barbara W. Beacham

At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it.

“What eez zees!! A cleeew!!”  Clousseau announced, as he stooped to pick the sort-of-marble up.

“It could just be a broken marble,” George mused, tilting his head to look at it in Clousseau’s hand.

“A massaaje! from…. maybe Geud?”  Clousseau looked from the marble up to the sky.

George look up into the sky, shielding his eyes.

Clousseau squinted as he peered back into the object, then his eyes widened.  “Ewww there are things meawving in eet!”

George took the marble from Clousseau and turned it over in his hand.  “…or how about some sort of dragon egg?”  He sniffed it.  “… or maybe it’s transparent, and you’re looking through to the other side of it,” he said holding it to his eye.

“Let us geau, Jorjj, to find Geud!”  Clousseau marched off with his hand in salute position. George ran behind, following.

== 144 words ==

Mondays Finish the Story

Thank you Barbara Beacham for our photo prompt this week and for hosting Monday’s Finish the Story Challenge. Barbara gives us the first sentence to our story and 100 to 150 more words with which to write our story

Everyone is welcome to participate in Monday’s Finish the Story by writing your story and connecting it with the blue froggy button.

MFtS: Inspector Clousseau and the Clue

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