SPP: The Game

Photo Credit:  Garry Armstrong
Photo Credit: Garry Armstrong

Harriet turned to Susan, “I can’t BELIEVE he said that to her!”

Susan shook her head sadly, “Me neither, sister, me neither.”

“I KNOW he’s cheating on her! Jesus Christ, everyone knows that.” Harriet was fuming, and her hands balled up in fists as she cried, “I’m never going to watch any of his movies ever again!”

“Very true,” Susan said thoughtfully, and then wagged her finger at Harriet. “But she’s not innocent either, though, I can tell you THAT. Remember three years ago when…”

Barry kept watching the game. It was a pretty crazy-good game, and he was glad he’d come. Still, it was too bad he couldn’t hear anything, though, since he was wearing earplugs.

–118 words–

Thank you to Marilyn Armstrong for sponsoring Serendipitous Photo Prompt #8 . We are asked to write a story without boundaries to her prompt (or anything else of our own fancy).

SPP: The Game

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