PiaW: The Evening Call

Treppe zum Bergfried von Altweilnau ©2005-2015 Kaeros-Stock
Treppe zum Bergfried von Altweilnau
©2005-2015 Kaeros-Stock

She stepped out onto the grating and looked down. The drop was three floors. “How easy it would be to end it all right here,” she thought to herself. “No more problems, no worries, no pain, forever at peace…”

She looked up. The last of the sunset was peaking out through a curtain of cumulus clouds, beckoning her.

The sky was soooo beautiful, more beautiful than she had ever seen it. She took a deep breath, embracing the cool, fresh, and healing air.  An owl called to her in the distance.

She turned and went back inside. Tomorrow maybe.

— 98 words —

Thank you to Ermiliablog for hosting Picture it & Write.   We are given a photo prompt and asked to write a story or poem.  Everyone is welcome to participate by writing your story and connecting it with the Picture it & Write button below.Photobucket

PiaW: The Evening Call

12 thoughts on “PiaW: The Evening Call

  1. I hope you explained that three stories isn’t going to get the job done, not for sure. I know several people who cured their suicidal tendencies by jumping, only to wind up with broken limbs and large casts, giving them lots of time to reconsider their decisions, priorities, and reasoning. Not the best way to deal with life. Getting some help might be less painful.

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    1. Oh too bad, I thought 3 floors was sufficient. I suppose that either way, she survives in the end which is, maybe good. One way she goes back through the door, and the other way she goes to the hospital and has even more chronic pain than she could imagine. Life is full of conundrums, isn’t it?


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