MFtS: New Frontiers Towards Wealth

Photo credit: Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.”

“Roger that.” Charlie said into the mic.

“We’re finished here, Joe. Let’s go.”  They changed into their dry clothes and left the deck, battening down the hatch.

Three bulkheads and an underwater tower marked the location of the underwater facility.

Joe flipped a switch. Diesel fumes spewed from the top of the submarine as the engine sputtered to a start.  “Where to now, Charlie?”

“Back to the ship… ”  Charlie lifted a finger.  “Wait!  Let’s cruise around and look at fish and stuff first!”  He giggled, putting an arm around Joe.  “How does it feel to be filthy rich, buddy?”

Joe rubbed his temples, sighing. “We’re not rich yet, Charlie. Let’s just hope those dna-modified marijuana seeds will grow in ocean water.”

–122 words —

Thank you Barbara Beacham for our photo prompt this week and for hosting Monday’s Finish the Story Challenge. Barbara gives us the first sentence to our story and approximately 150 more words with which to write our story

Everyone is welcome to participate in Monday’s Finish the Story by writing your story and connecting it with the blue froggy button on the challenge post.

MFtS: New Frontiers Towards Wealth

20 thoughts on “MFtS: New Frontiers Towards Wealth

  1. You met my friends Joe and Charlie? Was that at the marina in Sausalito? :) Loved this story, and no, I do not know either one of these people! This was funny and engaging! Thank you Onchi for contributing and I hope that you stick around…there is a lot more fun to happen with the opening lines and photos! :) Be well… ^..^

    Mondays Finish the Story

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  2. Dhammic Writer says:

    Another great story.

    I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before but my brother-in-law (my wife’s brother) is married to a Californian girl and works on a legal, medical marijuana farm over there.

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