Daily Prompt: The Planet of Nozz

My planet is called Nozz.  The elders hold the highest positions of respect and honor.

Nozzians are people of all colors, shapes, and abilities.

Meditation and tai chi are people’s main sustenance.  Plants are grown for beauty as well as to feed the various animals, all who live in peace with people.

There are no walls or fences between people.  They reach out to each other in need and share.

People spend their days running, swimming, playing, and crafting stories to tell one another.  Art is everywhere in every possible shape and form.

The cycle of life is accepted and not shunned, there is no fear of death.  There is no concept of artificially extending lives.  People embrace those people who are sick or injured.  Illness is not locked away in hospitals.  It’s kept outside, with fresh air and the beauty of nature.  The only medicine is that which helps people live their lives free of pain.

Animals offer their skins for shelter and protection when they die, and their remains are offerings as food for other animals.

There are no cars, cell phones, computers, or TVs.  There are no houses or electricity.  There is no war, killing, or hatred.  There is no religion.  When people have differences, they both bend, and from there they find a middle ground with which they can continue to live in harmony and respect.

Each person, animal, plant, and breath of wind is teacher, and each person, animal, plant, and breath of wind is student.  Even the tiniest creatures are teachers sometimes and students sometimes.  This way every creature is understood, respected and honored as an individual.

You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.
Interplanet Janet

Daily Prompt: The Planet of Nozz

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