Daily Prompt: Go With the Flow

I just got back from Mr. Chiropractor.  I stopped doing yoga a week ago because I was trying to push through a sprained wrist that I got after slipping on the ice three weeks ago.  My body has been stiff and painful after stopping the yoga.  Mr. Chiropractor suggested I continue to do the yoga, except with fists and a straight wrist instead of putting so much strain on my wrist.

I have to constantly remind myself that life is all about going with the flow and listening to what my body is telling me.  My wrist was screaming for me to stop the yoga, but yoga is so important to my pain relief that I refused to listen to it.  I thought I could push through the pain.  It might have taken a few days to heal if I’d given it a rest.  Now I’ve probably made the problem worse.  If I’d only listened to what my body was telling me…

Anyway, today I will start doing yoga with fists and see how that works.

I had to chuckle to myself when a man who was leaving the office turned around to go back to the coat rack to get his coat muttering, “Oh yeh, I forgot.  Spring’s not here yet.”  Moi, however, in spite of “Scattered showers, wintry mix in store for Wednesday” in the headlines, insisted that, no, it’s spring dammit, and I refused to put a coat on.

Naturally I froze my ass off going from the office back to my car.  The important thing is, though, do you think Old Man Winter got my point?  “Go home already!”

That’s my lesson for today.  Go with the flow.  Just like my wrist, going with the flow of life is all about listening, paying attention, being mindful, and then being able to bend with the wind…. and the rain… and the wintry mixes… and greeting Old Man Winter as he continues to hang out instead of pretending that if I ignore him he’ll go away.

Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.
Ripped from the Headlines

Daily Prompt: Go With the Flow

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Go With the Flow

  1. Every single yoga pose has modifications that can be taken when a part of the body is injured. There are so many wrist modifications for many poses! Check the internet. Or try and take a class from a teacher who can be mindful of your wrist and who can give you modifications while teaching!

    Good luck, and don’t push yourself!

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