Daily Prompt: Be Me

The code that I live by is:

To live my life in relative peace.  That means no temper tantrums when I lose to Hubby at Settler’s of Catan, and no gloating (out loud) when I beat him at Battlelore.

Take care of my body by insisting that Hubby cook some vegetables and buy fruit for me.

Never face a bad situation head-on.  Run like hell from all things with forked tongues that slither.  Well, even the non-forked-tongue slitherers.  On the other hand, respect all things cute and cuddly.

Gaze up at the peeling write-erase paint on my walls and patiently wait for it to fix itself.

Keep bathing to a minimum — uh, to conserve Earthly resources.

Pray for Winter to end here in Winterfell.

Pay someone $350 to do my taxes on time.  Don’t lie or cheat the government or thou will get caught and sent to the pentitentiary where prisoners live out the rest of their lives processing 1040 forms looking for more cheaters.

Speaking of which — buckle my seatbelt almost always, even if it means driving down the street with no hands while I struggle with the straps and search for cops at the same time.  I alternate between praying not to get pulled over and forgiving myself on days when I just don’t give a shit enough to even do that.

Use no more than 4 toilet sheets at a wipe, and then inspect them after each wipe.  Ask myself: Is that next sweep REALLY necessary?  Again, I think this has something to do with conservation — who knows, maybe it’s anal retentiveness in the most literal sense.  Or maybe it’s the earnestness with which Dad instructed us in this technique.  If it was important to him, it’s important to me.  The actual reason is irrelevant.

Does anyone remember the book by Richard Wright called Black Boy?  There was a story in this book where young Richard brings a kitten home.  His father, who is a cruel alcoholic tells him to take the cat outside and kill it.  So the boy does.

That story always reminded me of an incident that happened when I was a child.  My father told my brother to brush his teeth until his gums bled.  So my brother did.

Anyway, I bring myself back to the present from that digression with a sigh.

Oh speaking of the present, be 100% present as I watch the pile of bills on my desk grow.  Oh yes, I love that Buddhist being present thing, it gets me out of so much work.

I think my code can be summarized as follows:  Be me and no one else.  Except for the toilet paper thing.  That would be Dad.

 Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?
I Walk the Line

Daily Prompt: Be Me

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