Daily Prompt: An Announcement By LivingonChi’s Brother


I’m saddened to announce that LivingonChi passed away late last night.

A kind but eccentric soul, Chi spent her entire life fighting to be different.  Was she meant to live on this Earth?  Anyone who has ever witnessed her driving would say “no”.

She was a lover of animals, especially dogs except mine, who she claimed were “untrained”.  I guess she drew the line when my lab knocked her down and dragged her down the sidewalk lunging at other dogs a couple of times.  That’s what dogs do, sheesh.

She was an introvert and I sense she preferred being alone than sitting with me watching Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly on Fox News all night long.  Still, fuck it, she could have gone into the bedroom if she’d wanted.

My sister was generous and full of compassion — to the point where it took a toll on her health.  She didn’t have to do all that sitting with Mom, but she chose to.  And I heard that she was very fond of her mother-in-law.

Chi worked hard and chose well.  She had common sense.  She retired successfully, lived in a nice house, and married a wonderful man, Hubby.

In the end, though she’d fought depression and chronic pain for years after her cancer, she apparently was quite happy when she died.  Her official cause of death was asphyxia due to over-cannachinnation .  The coroner said two alleged marijuana joints were found stuck up her nostrils.  These are undergoing forensics.

She leaves behind a loving husband, devastated dog, a family who loved her very much, and a shit load of pot.

May you rest in peace, Sis.

Memorial services will be held today from 3 PM to whenever at the house.  Free booze, pot, and munchies will be served.  BYOB (Bring Your Own Bongs).  At some point, we will find a nice tree to spread her ashes under, and we’ll have a moment of quiet, reflecting on where she might have ended up.  Let’s pray she made it to the good place.

Write your obituary.
In Loving Memory

Daily Prompt: An Announcement By LivingonChi’s Brother

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: An Announcement By LivingonChi’s Brother

  1. I came over here to investigate the comment you left on my blog: “the circumstances of one’s birth does not make who you are, and that’s a constant struggle for me,” not realizing the very first post I see would give me a great clue. Hmm.. well done.

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