Daily Prompt A Visit to the Chiropractor

Picture #1:
I’m sitting in a two-person chair.  Mr. Chiropractor straddles behind me, evaluating my spine up and down.  He’s one of those people who’s probably 55 years old but looks 35.  You know the type:  always happy and present and very fit.  He’s a wealth of information, but you have to pry it out of him, he doesn’t offer unsolicited advice.  He would have more customers if he were more pushy, but as it is, the 10-minute appointment is usually an hour wait.

I have on a dark blue tee shirt that says “Chicago, Illinois” and purple sweat pants.  My hair sits on top of my head behaving itself.  It’s only about an inch long and usually sticks out all over the place because of the caps I’m always wearing at home.  For my chiropractic appointment, though, it has been washed, combed and pressed down flat.

Picture #2:
I’m lying on the treatment table on my side.  It has levers, knobs, and joints all around so you can practically position it any way you want.  My arms are crossed in a particular way and Mr. Chiropractor is hovering over me, his knee on my lower back.  He’s reaching down to flip a lever.  The lever drops the table just under my back.  After doing that, he instructs me to breathe, and then I hear a “crack!” as he artfully throws his weight into my back.

Picture #3:
Mr. Chiropractor is grinning from ear to ear and I hear him say “Ahhhhh nice!”.  He’s patting me on the back with a look of satisfaction and tells me “All done.  See you in three weeks?”  I sit up testing my neck and back tentatively and then smile.  “See you in three weeks!”  Now my day is made.

Take a subject you’re familiar with and imagine it as three photos in a sequence. Tackle the subject by describing those three shots.
Three Perfect Shots

Daily Prompt A Visit to the Chiropractor

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt A Visit to the Chiropractor

  1. The Compassionate Gardener says:

    I have used chiropractic a number of times with extraordinary success. In 1976 I was told that I needed back surgery immediately to correct a slipped disc laying against a sciatic nerve. I literally could not stand straight to walk to use the bathroom… I crawled in tears. A friend suggested chiropractic. No surgery. The disc bothers me about once every 2 or 3 years… usually literally from turning at the waist the wrong way or bending down. I return for an adjustment and smile on my way out. I don’t understand it. But I am here to testify that it works for me. Cool post.

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