Daily Prompt Pot-Friendly Geek-Friendly Retirement Home

The plot of land I’ve inherited just happens to be an expanse of flat land in a remote part of Massachusetts, perfect for building upon.  The lawyer has been instructed to give me have as much money as I need.

I build an active marijuana-friendly geek-friendly retirement home, hiring a staff of caring people, including a medical staff of some sort, who provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  Housecleaners clean the apartments every week.  Each apartment has an outdoor patio facing the woods.

The building is U-shaped, and inside the “U” is land for the residents to have their own growing plots, if they want.  In the summertime, maybe there is a fountain in that area, with some benches.

There is a hiking/running path through the woods, with picnic tables and benches.  Nearby is a small meditation temple for religious use.  Christians use it for Sunday services and Bible studies.  It is also used to have group meditations.  The home is on a private country road, so residents can walk or run on the road as well for exercise.  In the winter a crew keeps the home cleared of snow and ice and safe for the residents.

The retirement home has a shallow 50-meter lap pool, jacuzzi, and fully-stocked exercise room.  Classes are taught on things such as drumming, dancing, art, film, and even music, as well as the standard exercise classes.

A five-star restaurant makes anything from sandwiches and munchies to steaks 24 hours a day.  As a surprise, the chef occasionally makes special treats and place them on the bar for residents.

Lots of common areas are designed for social gatherings from gaming to puzzles to chatting in front of a fireplace in comfy couches.  A 24-hour computer room is filled with the latest models of well-maintained computers, and residents can use them any way they like, including playing multiplayer games together.  The library is filled with donated books on a give-and-take basis.  And of course pot is smoked anywhere on the property.

No alcohol is served on the premises, but residents can buy either joints or small bags of pot to use in their pipes at the bar, and bring their own alcohol to drink at the bar.

A van takes residents to doctor’s appointments and shopping, and of course to the pot dispensary.

There is a fenced-in dog run outside where resident dogs can poop and gather for dog play.

Basically, I would build the retirement home I would like to find when I’m ready to move out of my house.

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

A Plot of Earth

Daily Prompt Pot-Friendly Geek-Friendly Retirement Home

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