Daily Prompt: Ice Dams and How To Wipe Your Butt

My mind is preoccupied with ice dams today. I spent yesterday emptying bottles and buckets of water seeping across my kitchen ceiling through all of the fixtures. A contractor came and said he’s never seen an ice dam like this before . It’s always a good sign when you’re the first instance of something someone who does this for a living has ever seen. It means you’re the lucky winner for most expensive repair job. See how that ice dam is brown in color? That started last winter. There must be plumbing or some sort of metal up there that’s corroding.

AP1080329_edited (1)
Bottom center is the kitchen window. Small window on second floor is the bathroom that is leaking into the kitchen. The brown-colored ice dam is just sitting on the side of the house. What’s holding it up?

He’s on another job but is going to try to get his plumber to look at the leak from the bathroom into the kitchen. Even though it’s in a completely separate area of the kitchen as the ice dams, he thinks it’s suspicious that this particular ice dam sits right on the side of the house like a spider. The bathroom leak might have started seeping from the inside to the outside and triggered the massive ice dam.

The good news is the leaking seems to be slowing down.

AP1080329_edited (2)
Here’s the front of the house.

The world outside looks so completely innocent today.  The sun is out, and the cold weather has caused a lot of the snow outside to evaporate.  The four feet of snow is down to maybe one or two feet now.  Could the worst be over, finally?  I doubt it.  This is New England.  We have two more months of winter before spring finally struggles its way through.

Forcing myself outside to showshoe every day has kept my cabin fever at a minimum.  Still, winters where nothing goes wrong are good winters.  Winters where things fall apart are the a pain in the ass.

Speaking of pain in the ass, I’d like to uninvent Flushable Cleansing Cloths — those things that are like baby wipes but for adults and are supposed to be septic friendly.  My septic system pumper guy says they are not septic friendly, they just clog up the system and you end up with plugged pipes.

Just use toilet paper properly and you’ll have no need for Cleansing Cloths.  As my father instructed us when I was about 6:  Take four (not FIVE!) squares of toilet paper.  Wipe.  Look at the paper.  Is it dirty?  Then take FOUR more squares and wipe again.  Keep doing it until the paper is clean.  He was adamant about this process as he described it in our family meeting.  Good thing I had my Dad around to teach me how to wipe my butt properly.

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Thanks for the great idea, rarasaur!

Daily Prompt: Ice Dams and How To Wipe Your Butt

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ice Dams and How To Wipe Your Butt

  1. Wow, that is a whole lot of ice. Is it possible that all the storm went to the East coast this year. In my end of the country, everyone’s complaining about the lack of snow which means all the commercials this summer will be telling us to limit our water usage. I really hope spring will come soon like now would be nice.

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  2. Dhammic Writer says:

    All that ice looks beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like it in real life, but I’m guessing it’s a pain in the butt to live with. On another note, we’re expecting a cyclone and flooding to hit here tomorrow.

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  3. You folks in New England are having such a tough winter! I would’ve gone crazy.
    The ice looks magical on photographs but am sure the trouble it’s causing you is not magical in the least. I hope it gets sorted out without too much trouble. :)

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  4. I will try to keep my complaints about our Indiana weather to a minimum after seeing your ice dams! You will definitely have a mess once that all starts melting. Hope you can get things under control before then. As for the lesson on wiping. Sounds like your dad went to the same school of learning as mine! The complaints he made to us were terrifying then, but funny now! I’m sure you heard the same! Gotta love them! To this day however, I count the sheets. One number for #1′ a little more for #2!

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