Daily Prompt The Captive’s Island Menu

Let’s see….  protein, carbs, and fat. Hm.

The prompt doesn’t say what’s on the island.  Since I have captors, do we all live in a mansion on the island?  If we don’t will I have access to fire?  Oh well, I’ll assume I have a kitchen of some sort.

1) Fresh fish – protein, and probably pretty good if I’m on an island
2) Papaya – islands = papaya
3) Lettuce – some salad stuff
4) Marijuana – extra carbs. for salad garnish :p
5) Coconuts – and whatever it takes to open the damned things

Now that we’ve gotten the menu out of the way, I think we should get onto the second part, which is WHY AM I HERE?  Are pot-smoking retiree hermits outlawed for some reason?  Is it the anti-pot coalition that has me imprisoned?  Or have all of us reefer-loving potheads been rounded up so that we don’t infect the purity of the rest of the world.  Or…. gulp, has medical marijuana been repealed??!

Maybe I’m in Hell.  Is this pothead hell?  It smells like stale pot smoke and dirty bong water, and the ground is covered in ashes, filthy pipe cleaners, and bits of used organic hemp wick.  There are only flea-infested, weather-worn broken down couches to sit on.  Oh wait, that’s my current life.

Or maybe it’s Heaven — all of the best weed to smoke, fresh fish, etc. and everyone is sitting in a circle, passing a bong, meditating “Ommmmmmm”, and munching away happily on raw fish and papaya.

Speaking of eating, I thought I was doing Pup a favor yesterday when I gave him a bully stick for a present.  Now there are piles of vomit all over the house, and he had several bouts of diarrhea this morning when Hubby walked him.  Lesson:  don’t give new stuff to a dog with a sensitive stomach, stick with the old tried and true treats.

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?
Five a Day

Daily Prompt The Captive’s Island Menu

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