Daily Prompt: Display? C’mere, Lemme Explain Something to Yus

Aside from my seven white boards, the wall closest to my computer is(was) covered with dry erase paint.  I have notes written all over that wall from ceiling to floor.  Unfortunately, it only lasted a season and then began ripping apart, and now it’s half curled up, ripped paint.  I keep telling myself I should take advantage of it and scribble all over what’s left since there’s no salvaging it.  I do collect larger pieces of dried up, curled up paint sheets.  Why?  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be inspired to make a curled-up-paint statue.

In addition to financial and legal notes all over my white boards, I have a list of Internet lingo that I use to translate gamer talk to real English:  “imma”, “c’mere”, “moar”, “idk”, “hai”, “ofc”, “lemme”, “kthxbai”, “evar”, “yus”, and “XD”.  It’s not a full list.  It’s a neverending chore to keep up with the current linguistic state of people under 30.  When I’m gaming I mostly shut up and laugh if I think someone just made a joke.  It’s a guessing game.

I also have one of the few drawings I’ve ever made hanging on my white board to give it a little color.  It’s a green curly-cue tree with a bunch of red and orange curly-cues in the sky and an unbelieving sun staring up from the bottom left, I guess shocked and pissed off that I put him at the bottom instead of the top.

The rest of my walls are filled with picture hooks.  I moved them from the bedroom into my office because I’d like to start framing my photos for the first time.  I already have a handful framed and hanging in the hallway outside.

When I was going through one of my percocet episodes, I hung rows of string across my bedroom, about 2 feet apart, and dangled origami birds and suns from it.  Somehow I thought they would bless my pathetic life.  When I finally overcame the addiction, I tore them all down so I could move my life forward.  I left the picture hooks, so there are about 30 picture hooks on my bedroom walls.

Oh, I do have a photograph on my white board too.  It’s lopsided, tacked on by a magnet on a corner.  It was taken when we were visiting Hawaii for my grandmother’s 100th birthday (22 years ago).  Hubby and I had our picture taken, and my little niece stuck her tiny head in at the bottom.  It was very cute, and we didn’t know until afterwards that she had done that.  She followed me around everywhere that trip.  She even climbed Diamondhead with Hubby and me.  She was only about 7 years old, barely big enough to carry her backpack, but she never complained once during the entire hike.  She’s grown up now, an intelligent, beautiful woman.

In the kitchen and dinette area I have hung coat hangars all along the walls.  We also have a coat rack.  In spite of that, all of the chairs in the dinette are still covered with coats and various forms of scarves and rain gear.  On the floor lies scattered about a hundred pairs of boots and shoes and showshoes, and dirty clothes spilling out of our laundry area.  On the kitchen floor is a stack of food.  Hubby hates putting food into the cupboards, because things get buried and then you don’t know what you have and what you need.  Imagine how thrilling it was when my geriatric 85-pound dog walked through the kitchen into the dinette while letting loose about 3 gallons of pee.

In another life, maybe I’ll have more of a sense of Feng Shui.  In this life, clutter and practicality are the words of the day.

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?
Wall to Wall

Daily Prompt: Display? C’mere, Lemme Explain Something to Yus

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