Daily Prompt Warm Frozen Snow

No one on the East Coast is going to be thinking about anything but snow today.  I live out in the middle of Massachusetts where waste gets disposed into septic fields and water comes from a well that gets pumped into the house.

I love snow deeply.  What I dread when we have a massive blizzard as we’re expecting today is that our electricity will go off.  That means no water, food, heat, lights, Internet.  Sometimes we don’t lose electricity, sometimes we get quick brown-outs, but every once in a while we lose our electricity for a week and have to drag out our 5-gallon water jug to the local high school to fill and live on.  We have to exist under the covers, freezing, with 7 layers of clothing on, and flush the toilets sparingly.

Today I’ll be smart and fill up bathtubs and any spare water bottles before the storm starts.  That will at least give us spare flushing and drinking water.  I should dig up our camp stove.  The last time we lost electricity for a week, I had to drink freezing cold water as I had no way of heating it up.

The fortunate thing for me is that my neighborhood is the only one in town with buried cables, so we’re typically the last ones to lose power. And the power company re-layed the underground cable last year, so we might be ok.

Now is the time I wish we knew how to work the wood stove that’s in our fireplace.  We’ve never used it, and occasionally will ask for directions from someone cleaning the chimney (because we always say we’re going to start using it), but we’ve never written down the instructions, and in the 11 years we’ve lived here, we’ve never burned any wood in it.  It has a bunch of knobs and switches that are not terribly obvious to me.  I’d hate to burn down my house in the middle of a blizzard trying to figure out how to use my wood stove for the first time.

I remember as a child living on an air force base in Okinawa during the Vietnam War.  We’d get typhoon warnings and school would be called off.  We’d have to batten down the windows and we’d always lose electricity, so it would be gaming, candle, and treat time.  It was great fun as a kid.  I looked forward to it.  It’s not so worry-free if you’re an adult, unfortunately, but still not bad if nothing goes wrong.

Hubby just came in and informed me his school is closing at 5, and it’s an hour’s drive away, and he starts his shift at 2, so he told his boss that he’d take the day off rather than driving an hour only to tutor a 3-hour shift and then drive back home.  Yay, we’ll continue playing The Struggle for Catan, which we started.  It’s one of the Catan games that we found sitting in our games unopened.  I was shocked because we’re both board gamers, and there’s rarely a game in our inventory that we haven’t played to death.

Yesterday Hubby pulled down all of his old (previous) family games like Uno and Backgammon as games for us to play next.  My preference is war games, but they’re indescribably tedious to play, you have to pay attention to everything going on, so one move typically takes as long as 45 minutes. We have never touched his old games before, we have so many of the newer style strategy games.

So that’s what’s on our gaming queue for the next couple of days:  The Struggle for Catan, Rack-o, Mille Borne, backgammon and Uno.

As for the storm, I think I’m a lot more excited than afraid.  Blizzards are both scary and wonderful.  When it’s all over, the snow will be too deep for cross-country skiing, so I’ll be snowshoeing and stomping down paths and in a couple of days we should be able to ski it if the weather cooperates and stays cold — unless the roof of my house caves in or the walls begin to leak or a pipe bursts or a tree falls right in the middle of my driveway or we have a medical emergency.  Then I’ll be preoccupied with other things.

Free Association

Daily Prompt Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home.

. . . soil.

. . . rain.

Use those words in the title of your post.

Daily Prompt Warm Frozen Snow

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Warm Frozen Snow

    1. Haha, everyone goes to the store for bread when it storms, whether they need it or not. It’s such a comfort thing to have a loaf of bread in your pantry when it’s storming. I told Hubby to buy me a loaf of French Bread and some fruit after his Tai Chi class. I purposely didn’t tell him he really doesn’t want to go to the grocery store at this point in time but he volunteered.

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  1. Here in southeastern PA, we’ve battened down the hatches and prepared to dive :) It’s not bad yet, but it’s supposed to pick up steam as the day progresses and snow all night and into the morning. My secretary already let me know she’s canceling and rescheduling my Tuesday appointments. That’s not happy for the paycheck, but I’m sure glad I won’t have to go out tomorrow.

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