Daily Prompt The Magic of Life and Mother Nature

A Moment in Time

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

(Thanks for the prompt suggestion, Hannah Haynes!)


When we have ice storms, Every plant and branch is covered with ice.  The weight of the ice on the tree branches forces them to bend across the path through the woods and you have to hike around them.  A typical winter in New England consists of snow and ice storm, then a little rain, then a little warmth to make everything nice and soggy, then frigid temperatures to turn all of that melt into pure ice.  On good winters all that is followed by a couple of 6-8 inch snow storms, and then we have skiing and snowshoeing fun.  On sucky winters the pure ice stays all winter and you can’t go anywhere without cleats.

Pup and I were rushing through our icy hike, and I was snapping pictures with a little point-and-shoot camera as quickly as I could.  I worry about keeping Pup out too long if it’s really cold.  He doesn’t have the tolerance for cold that my lab had.  The lab would wallow in icy ponds as though it were the middle of the summer.  It was weird to watch, but water and cold weather are labrador retriever specialties.

This picture was taken just after an ice storm.  It’s funny at how life manages.  In spite of the hardships that the forest must go through, there is always a steadfast drive for life.  I expect everything to die, the weather being so cold and icy.  But every day there is some new pro-life development.  As Pup and I were trying to make way through the icy thickets covering the path, this little plant, maybe 1 1/2 inches in radius, had started to grow right smack in the middle of the path where at least 20 people and their dogs hike every day.  No one had bothered to step on it, pee on it, or leave a friendly pile of shit on it.

Mother Nature provides not only the ice that covers everything and creates hardship, but She provides the conditions where life can go on.  I think of plants as being authentic.  They’re like my meditative mind.  Their lives flow with the wind and the rain and the cycles of the seasons.  There’s no struggle.  Are we not also part of Mother Nature’s children?  If so, why shouldn’t we, in a fundamental, pure sense, be able to flow with our hardships and thrive without letting life stomp and pee and shit on us?

Daily Prompt The Magic of Life and Mother Nature

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt The Magic of Life and Mother Nature

  1. Love the picture! And reading your thoughts within an icy New England. It’s true that Mother Nature and life provide that gumption to go on when “iced over,” to employ an analogy. And I hope that lil’ plant survives not so much the winter but people passing.

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  2. Such a moving post. I live in Australia and it is currently the middle of summer and most days you could fry an egg on the road (strangely I’ve never tried this!!) so I become quite fascinated by snow and ice images and tales I encounter through blogging. There is amazing tenacity in nature and in ourselves if only we have a little faith. xx Rowena
    Congrats on the Premio Dardos award by the way.

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