Daily Prompt Screw It Let’s Get High (Unless the Bookcase Falls)

For Posterity

Daily Prompt:  Your blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything spectacular for anyone to go viral on, unless it just so happens my bookcase falls on me and I just have time to type “CALL 911!  Shit!” before the concussion on my head kills me, and those turn out to be my last words.

Lest anyone is reaching for their telephones, I’m still waiting for the bookcase to fall, so no hurry on that yet.

That bookcase is filled with Buddhist, photography, writing, and some other feel-good books.  I think I’ve read 2 of them from cover to cover.  I am so addicted to book ownership that even after several moves where I gave away boxes of books, I still have half an attic and a trunk packed with books.  Why?  I don’t know.  I recently even bought a couple of books that I discovered I already have.  Pens, notebooks, and books are the tools of my trade whether I use them or not.  My house is overflowing with them.  I often thought that was why I was so attracted to being a software engineer.  The idea of writing as a profession appealed to me, even if it was writing to a computer.  I loved the zen feeling of knowing exactly what I wanted to do.  I’d put a pair of earplugs into my ears, sit at my computer with a strong cup of coffee and type and type and type, from morning till night.  Once everything is organized in your head the rest is easy.  Getting the problem first understood is the hard part.  Diagramming, scribbling, sample programs for feasibility studies, consulting with other people is really 99% of the problem.  Creating and debugging the work is just a brain dump and then a logic puzzle.

But anyhoo, back to my viral post…  Oh, here’s a subject I have yet to see addressed in anyone else’s posts.  It’s the subject of the affect of pot on aging baby boomers.  I’m not talking about 80-100-year-olders who have never smoked before, I’m talking about people who smoked when they were younger and then stopped to have families and then careers and now they’re retired and their creaky bodies are starting to fall apart and they’re starting to wonder where their life has gone and if there’s any of it left.  Does pot have a valid, necessary place in society?

It has been easier and cheaper for me to get Percocet and any number of antipsychotics than it has to get a certification for medical marijuana.  But I’ve found that marijuana has helped me not only appreciate my days, it’s helped me cut down on the Ativan and has helped me cut out the need for any antipsychotics.  And there’s no hangover or sense of physical addiction, no constipation, no sleeplessness, no nothing.  I’m discovering I’m not spending any time in bed anymore.  I rarely skip my walk through the woods even though it’s treacherous now, with the path being icy and filled with icy footfalls.  I am playing around with my camera, doing my yoga and meditating religiously, and my back pain has disappeared for the most part because the pot has kept me active.

Can marijuana enlighten you?  Probably not, since it’s a mind-altering drug.  If I take my life, though, and assume I’m so far behind the ball on this nirvana thing I’ll never make it there before I die, then it makes sense for me to do whatever I need to do to make my life happy and worth living for the time that I have left.   Maybe by not being so stressed out and lashing out in anger I will die more at peace with the world and maybe it will help the next life start on the right foot.

I heard someone say or read in a blog that they believed we are reborn right into the same body over and over.  Same parents and family?  I don’t know.  If that’s the case, I think I’ll go ahead and keep smoking.

Daily Prompt Screw It Let’s Get High (Unless the Bookcase Falls)

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Screw It Let’s Get High (Unless the Bookcase Falls)

  1. LOL wish I could smoke (check about me section of my blog).
    On one hand, I could finish all the books I purchased and never finishes.
    That could spark more creative work.

    On another note, it would probably make me more paranoid than I already am.
    Give me the munchies.
    Then I’d be paranoid about eating Oreos instead of reading.
    Thus my blog would be awful.



  2. I smoked during my 20s and 30s and it opened up another way of experiencing that I liked and I then became a seeker. I don’t know if my main priority would have been spirituality if that window had not been opened.


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