Daily Prompt I Saved a Couple of Mice

Daring Do

Daily Prompt:  Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

I went through a stage where I was catching and releasing mice in my house.  I meticulously checked my mouse traps every day and drove the mice 5 miles away to the back of the parking lot at work to release them.  Sometimes I released them on the hiking path behind my house, knowing those would probably find their way back.  Every mouse had a different personality.  One even refused to leave until I reached into the trap and gave him his cracker.  Some scampered off.  One even scampered in the wrong direction and ran up my leg.

But eventually other things overwhelmed my life and then the mice started dying in the traps.  This is worse to their quality of death than if you’d just killed them.  Without some sort of mouse catching contraption, though, it’s easy for the house to be overrun by mice, and then the extermination business is really difficult.  I’ve lived with 30-40 mice in my house, I know.

At a previous house I got really clever in my house organizing and decided to put some shelves into the basement and create a pantry.  I didn’t realized until I went to sell the house that the mice had broken into crackers, bags of flour, and even beer bottles.  I went on a rampage and put out traps, and every day there were 3 or 4 mice.  The invasion didn’t stop until we sold the house.  There were dead drunk mice and mice nests with babies everywhere.

Now I’ve resorted to poison stations.  Until we can get some sort of control over the clutter in our house, I don’t want to add to our problems by having another mouse infestation, especially since we live in the woods and mice are all around.

So I did save a handful of mice in spite of the fact that this post has turned out to be all about how I’m killing them.  Mice are not actually mean, they’re pretty cute and nice, and in principle I have no issue with cohabitating with them.  It’s only their uncanny power of multiplying and the danger in their droppings that makes them scary creatures.

I can’t think of any other life I’ve saved, except that one turtle that I carried off the road.  Funny, he was crossing it exactly where the girl scouts had placed a “Turtles Xing” sign.  He must have known it was the turtle crosswalk.

Daily Prompt I Saved a Couple of Mice

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