Daily Prompt Need I say More?

Shaken and Stirred
Daily Prompt:  What’s the most elaborate, complicated meal you’ve ever cooked? Was it a triumph for the ages, or a colossal fiasco? Give us the behind-the-scenes story (pictures are welcome, of course).

Cooking…  yeh, I’ve tried that a couple of times.  Even tried to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.  Luckily I had a fire extinguisher close by when the sweet potatoes caught fire in the oven.  I cocked the trigger and was all ready to foam the smithereens out of our Thanksgiving food when hubby managed to put the fire out.  I was a little disappointed because I’ve never used a fire extinguisher before and thought it would be fun to foam up our kitchen.

On another occasion I tried to cook a really nice beef pot roast (or something really fancy).  For hors d’oeuvre I served a ton of cheese fondue.  After eating my heart out with my own fondue, I was too stuffed to worry about serving the rest of the dinner, and thus declared to our guests that dinner was over.

Any more questions about my cooking, Mr. Nosey?  :p

Daily Prompt Need I say More?

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